Monday, August 30, 2010


Just finished watching the 'reimagining' of Battlestar Galactica.

Better than I thought and the acting is great.

Rather than go into a review per se, I'd like to offer a thought about where the show went.

I always find scifi shows dealing with time travel/dimensions etc fun and fascinating.

What has been and what can be are constants in man's thought. Such scifi can stir thought about where we are now and where we can go.

First, as for the message given is a mixed one.

I like the idea that we are not alone in the universe. There must be others out there somewhere.

And, throw in that some are fighting for survival against inhuman (literally-or is it?) tyranny, that there is a remnant that seeks others with whom to bond ie humanity seeking humanity.

In this rendition, hard choices are made when the Colonies (12 that came from a planet called Kobol) are mostly annihilated by a race of cybernetic beings called Cylons, who btw, were originally invented by humans.

A group of survivors led by a battlestar/carrier called Galactica form a convoy insearch of a place to resettle. In particular, they seek a seemingly mythic planet, a 13th colony called 'Earth'.

Along the way they battle pursuing Cylons and each other.

Many are shown to be less than saints and quite a few are sinners. But most do their parts to find a new home.

The predominant theme is that humans have a destiny, in spite or because of Cylon infusion. No matter how many times we fall, we rise again. If I recall the latest Robin Hood has something to say about that. I'll have to check it out.

That theme is one of the reasons I like Babylon 5. Now Battlestar Galactica joins it.

And the soundtrack by Bear McCreary is as outstanding as Christopher Franke's.

Balanced action and suspense with questions about behavior and fate, it has a little bit of everything it seems.

My particular beef is the 'oh technology is evil' crappola at the end. 38,000 people all decide to ditch everything into the Sun and go back to nature. That is bs. For me, I'd have said no thnaks and used said tech teaching the kids what to do in terms of self sufficiency and republican ways.

Human nature is what gets us into trouble. Will we ever learn?

Our roles in what could be ensuing, come to mind. Saints and sinners coming together to reestablish Liberty.

That will be quite a show.


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Made for entertainment also.

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