Saturday, February 28, 2015

Big Eagle

Had a dream that John Wayne shook my hand. 

Now, one can make of a dream what one wants, but it was positive for me.  I felt encouraged.  Wish I'd met him in person.

My brother had a friend who actually did.  He said John Wayne was down to earth and was what you would expect.  Honest, straightforward, a man of his word.

I was doing some research and came across the statement collectivists, still in fear of Duke, love to dredge up.  It had to do with responsibility.

It was from a '71 Playboy interview.  I won't repeat it here.  The reason is simple, in that I've alluded to it and you may find it yourself.  And, I don't want some collectivist dweeb snatching at it to add rhythm to the dance of abuse.

It was of course in reference to people being educated, on all levels I believe.  You need to be in the know.  He never said anyone should be kept down.  Rather, he pointed to the fact no one can pull you up but yourself.

I've noticed Mr Wayne had a way of being provocative.  I think it was simply because of who the opposition was and is. 

Collectivists tend to run with something.  They rely on emotion and half truths to drive home their subversion. 

My take is he tried to get people to think.  And he wasn't some dumb hunk cluck.  He was educated, erudite and a rollicking man who loved life.

Decide for yourselves.  I will always love him (Imagine the collectivists running with THAT lol.).  His work is nonpareil.  A character?  Hell yeah!

He was emotional.  Never exactly saw him cry on film but he conveyed the emotions which bring tears.  That's artistry.  Just go study the guy and see what you think.

Open mind you will see he cared.  Closed mind, he was some kind of 'reactionary'  Love btw his excoriation of that term in McLintock -s-.

Perfect?  Who is and what is that, save for a guy 2,000 years ago?  That's a topic for another time lol.

During the filming of The Searchers (A film that is so textured, I may write a book on it someday -s-), one of the Navajo children who were playing Comanches in the film, became seriously ill.  Wayne had her taken to a hospital in his private plane, otherwise she might have died.

The Navajo folks gave him the name, 'The Man With The Big Eagle'.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Time Nicked

The Twilight Zone TV show had an episode called Nick of Time, starring William Shatner and Patricia Breslin as a young couple on a road trip.  Their car needs repair, so they stop in a small town.  The couple grab a bite to eat at a small on the square diner and to wait.

At the table is a small fortune telling machine.  For a penny one can ask a yes or no question about the future. 

He first asks if he is getting a promotion.  He finds out he is.  Then he gets carried away and seems transfixed asking questions.  His wife urges caution and eventually they leave, after he declares they are going to do what they want.

As they leave, a timorous couple enter and sit, asking the 'seer' if they might leave town.  They seem dejected, enslaved to every word from the mesmerizing device.  On top of the machine, a horned devil's head with glittering eyes and a fanged grin, seems to mock them.

Now, I actually advise caution with such things.  They are gateways to negativity and can lead to trouble previously described in my recent post Fear Or Caution.

There are many snares in life.  Some are seemingly simple, like asking 'harmless' questions as above.  Some are distracting like celebrity who's who and what's what.  The can even be about a treasonous president and his machinations.

All of it is intended to throw us off track.  It's smoke and mirrors.  When some kind of stink or controversy is raised, look behind the event for what's really going on.

Also, it is so easy to fritter away our gift of time.  We think we have plenty of it.  'Oh, I have all day, week, month, year' etc is often our impression.  Then little things and occasionally major ones get in the way.  Barring for accidents, health etc most time can be eaten up getting side tracked. 

My advice is be aware, as much as you can, what you are doing.  Self awareness is the enemy of waste.  It is the foe of those who would hijack our lives, just to keep us from doing what we nee to do.

A friend in showbiz said don't let time be a trap. 

I say concentrate on our tasks and they will get done.

Don't let time be nicked.  We may only have the nick of time as it is.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Familiar Tune

 Santa Anna wrote to the U.S. minister to Mexico, Joel R. Poinsett:

"A hundred years to come my people will not be fit for liberty...a despotism is the proper government for them, but there is no reason why it should not be a wise and virtuous one.

We're in the midst of the 179th anniversary of the Siege of the Alamo.  The story speaks for itself.  !3 days of cannonade and the climax with around 200 patriots dying at the hand of the above quoted megalomaniac's troops.

What he said may well be true.  Mexico went through instability and today teeters on outright despotism and corruption.  However what the Generalissimo said about despotism has never worked, certainly not under his murderous regime.

Did GW Bush channel him with some of his actions and quote?  Was he kidding?  What do you think?  And more, is the current occupier of the Oval Office not seeking to make this work?

Despotism never works.

Many are and will be sacrificed to reestablish the Republic.

You know the drill.  Study and learn.

We are surrounded.  But we have history as experience. 

Let's play our own tune that the enemies foreign and domestic will never forget.

Fear Or Caution

I don't often speak of spiritual things here.  I have and faith/spirit/religion played an overwhelming part in Founding the Republic.

I'm going to preface this next bit by saying I'm not promoting this book.  Get it if you want or don't  Believe or don't. 

I've been reading a book.  It's called Beware the Night.  Ralph Sarchie is a former NYPD Sergeant who was stationed in the Bronx.  And yes, it's a nasty part of the city.  He is also a demonologist, who participates in exorcisms and associated activity.

I'll skip anything else and just say read or no read: up to you.

What strikes me is how evil is detailed and what it tries to do to human beings.  Sarchie says there are two kinds.  Secondary is what people do to one another such as robbery, rape, street crime.  I think most crime falls here, including 'high crimes and misdemeanors' (though some bleeds literally into the other type).  Primary is demonic activity, the ultimate hatred and rejection of God, all that's good, actual infestation, oppression and possession.

Now There is plenty of bleeding over as I said, but there is a callousness and hatred of humanity that one can sense if not see it.

The obvious course of the fallen is to destroy God's Creation and make it in its own likeness.  I believe part of that plan is evident in collectivism of all kinds. It's the commixture.  I've pointed to this before and am again reminded of that thing Alinsky dedicating his rules for radicals to Lucifer, 'the first radical' as he calls it.  I call it the first psychopath.

As usual, I leave it to you all regarding research, soul searching and faith.  But the parallels are evident to me.

The Founding of the Republic was based in Light, faith in God, in Jesus.  Our enemies are based in dehumanizing enslavement.  That is certainly the M.O. of the demonic.

A couple of primary tools are the installation of fear and isolation, where there is debilitating self doubt and eventually giving up, surrendering.

I have said many times don't let fear get you down. 

The word can of course mean frighten.  It can mean to fill with awe.  The former is darkness' goal.  The latter is the goal of Light.

We can turn the table on evil.  We can instill fear ie frighten it.  It is afraid already,  Thus the darkside's manic attempts at possession and destabilizing people and gov.    Whether it's the machinations of fallen angels, their disciples or those in gov (Where there are an abundance methinks.  Just look at history especially currently.). 

Be cautionary.  Angels don't fear to tread.  They, like we, plan.