Thursday, February 26, 2015

Time Nicked

The Twilight Zone TV show had an episode called Nick of Time, starring William Shatner and Patricia Breslin as a young couple on a road trip.  Their car needs repair, so they stop in a small town.  The couple grab a bite to eat at a small on the square diner and to wait.

At the table is a small fortune telling machine.  For a penny one can ask a yes or no question about the future. 

He first asks if he is getting a promotion.  He finds out he is.  Then he gets carried away and seems transfixed asking questions.  His wife urges caution and eventually they leave, after he declares they are going to do what they want.

As they leave, a timorous couple enter and sit, asking the 'seer' if they might leave town.  They seem dejected, enslaved to every word from the mesmerizing device.  On top of the machine, a horned devil's head with glittering eyes and a fanged grin, seems to mock them.

Now, I actually advise caution with such things.  They are gateways to negativity and can lead to trouble previously described in my recent post Fear Or Caution.

There are many snares in life.  Some are seemingly simple, like asking 'harmless' questions as above.  Some are distracting like celebrity who's who and what's what.  The can even be about a treasonous president and his machinations.

All of it is intended to throw us off track.  It's smoke and mirrors.  When some kind of stink or controversy is raised, look behind the event for what's really going on.

Also, it is so easy to fritter away our gift of time.  We think we have plenty of it.  'Oh, I have all day, week, month, year' etc is often our impression.  Then little things and occasionally major ones get in the way.  Barring for accidents, health etc most time can be eaten up getting side tracked. 

My advice is be aware, as much as you can, what you are doing.  Self awareness is the enemy of waste.  It is the foe of those who would hijack our lives, just to keep us from doing what we nee to do.

A friend in showbiz said don't let time be a trap. 

I say concentrate on our tasks and they will get done.

Don't let time be nicked.  We may only have the nick of time as it is.

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