Saturday, December 31, 2016

Spinning Grains

Round and round they go.  They swirl and spin and almost seems to linger as the last grans of sand fall into the bottom of the hourglass.  Hours minutes seconds left.  It's over.

Like the grains, I have many last minute thoughts about many things.  Personal social national all come tumbling down.

I have writing to sell/market.  My other artful efforts are not far behind.

Pride and concern for my kids and what peaks and valleys come next.

Real new hope for the Republic, we hope -s-.

Why historically do people almost always wait to act when things keep getting bad to the point of destruction?

I'm sorry people are gone both famous and personal I hope to someone.  Even the lonely may be missed.  But I believe we live on, transition.

I spread the word of Freedom one to one, brushfires of Liberty in our minds.

Sunrise over the mountains as Crockett and his friends, red and white have seen.

Checking that I have plenty of grains of salt.

Not over nor under doing.

Biding time.

Taking action.

Not living in the past, remembering.

Not haunted by the past, lessons learned.

Planning not just dreaming.

Promises kept.

Thoughts just keep coming like the sand.

Yet it's not really over.  Soon the glass gets upturned.

There is no pause, just a breath as I prepare to leap into 2017.

See you all in the future now.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Preen Obscene

My apologies to birds.  It is only the human analogy which comes to mind. 

There is a lot of preening on several levels.  8 years of such from the Oval Office.  So many liberal Bertha Better'n Yous thinking they are above us.  Perhaps they should dislodge head from posterior.  It wouldn't help.  To borrow an election label, they are irredeemable -s- (borrowed from Alinsky).

Susan Olsen was attacked by such a preener.  He thinks he's succeeded and is very selfcongratulatory.  Fame is fleeting rosebud.

These prigs are not necessarily stupid.  They hunt, calculate and attack.  Watch out for hot buttons.  Look at the occupier fomenting war with Russia and promoting division re Israel.  Same answer as above.

The downside for them is their narcissism gives them notice indeed.  We are watching.  We are calculating.  We are countering.  And best of all, we are proactively deflating, eye to eye.

The feathers are being plucked slowly.  It will increase. 

Soon it will be bumpy skin and a bumpier road for our enemies, foreign and domestic.

So if you think this is just hot air, I guess you enemies can go pluck yourselves -s-.

Thursday, December 29, 2016


Here we go, he said with a s*** eating grin.  Another psychopath from the realm of The Walking Dead.  Negan is the latest antagonist.

He has a cocky actually megalomaniacal attitude.  That grin is part of his trademark along with the barbed wire encrusted bat called Lucille. Oh he likes his followers in there gang called the Saviors to kneel with head lowered as he passes.  Sounds almost like a certain defeated presidential candidate lol.  Different kettle of fish than the Governor.  More vicious and far ranging.

That's it for character analysis except he rules by intimidation and fear outright.  It's an old method.

Ok.  There is a lot of buzz about this amongst WD fans.  Fine.  I'm all for fandom/entertainment/sports and the like.  My only caveat is not to let it distract you, especially now in our turbulent times..  I'll let the devotees thrash out all the whys and wherefores.

Me?  I usually wait til the end of a season and watch as many eps as I like at a time w/o commercials.

So what's the deal with this post?  Just a passing observance. 

The world created for the show is vicious, dog eat or zombie eat) dog.  Actually our roving band of protagonists have eaten dogs.  Supplies are short. 

There are/have been roving bands and 'settlements' pop up.  A few good guys.  Mostly not.  May or may not be the case.  For something less Hollywoody try Matt Bracken's books.

Everytime, guns/weapons are forbidden among most of the people and our heroes or whatever always have to surrender their guns.  Noone for instance in Alexandria (please research for yourselves) carries them even apparently after a zombie breach.  They are kept in an armory, with a listed inventory.

Negan just takes them all, leaving Rick etal disarmed save for bladed weapons.

I didn't write the show, and I'm not getting into a big mishmash.  This is again just my 2 cents.

Everybody should have been as trained as possible.  Everyone should have at least one long gun and a sidearm.  They should also have hidden guns and NOT on a dam list.  Oh well.

As for the Saviors, they are a biker gang for all intents and purposes.  They mostly take by murder and threat.  The gang is large and regionally farflung.  There are satellite posts, several manned and well armed.  There is a main base or 'Sanctuary.

My other thought.  Get to know your enemy as well as possible.  All aspects and details are important.  Learn how they function, hierarchy etc. 

Negan is only flesh and blood.  Figure it out.

Btw, he was apparently a high school gym coach and used car salesman pre bad times, fwiw.  Maybe, like the Governor he was triggered -s- by the meltdown.

The show doubtless will stretch out the drama.  Fine.  It's a show.  Good actors and special effects.

Ok, so take him.

Real life and fiction crisscross.  Make sure you know the difference.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Dancing On The Edge.

Some people aren't happy or even feel alive unless they court danger.  For me, the only time that's acceptable is when you are at a precipice and some enemy is before you.  Safety is important but risk is necessary.

Now, just avoiding risk can lead to worse consequences.  Placating evil never works.  But what gets the goat is how the world always seems to have to get to the edge before fighting back.

We are in a race to the finish.  Who wins?  Freedom or tyranny?

It is a Herculean effort to wake people up, for it is a real job to inspire people to be self aware.  As Reagan said Freedom has to be taught generationally.  I believe there are those, however, who have an intrinsic instinct for either Freedom or tyranny.  Their calling, as it were, is to inspire for weal or woe. 

Inspired then aware and it is an exponentially expanding process.  One can ignore, divert but the more one knows the less that's likely.

It's a constant journey and might lead to a cliff edge anyway.

The only thing I can tell you is don't seek it but be prepared for it. 

If this seems dodgy, it's not.

But learning to dance is kind of a variable.  Might be ability combined with the style.

And you'd better have a sense of balance because the center of gravity surely changes.