Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Dancing On The Edge.

Some people aren't happy or even feel alive unless they court danger.  For me, the only time that's acceptable is when you are at a precipice and some enemy is before you.  Safety is important but risk is necessary.

Now, just avoiding risk can lead to worse consequences.  Placating evil never works.  But what gets the goat is how the world always seems to have to get to the edge before fighting back.

We are in a race to the finish.  Who wins?  Freedom or tyranny?

It is a Herculean effort to wake people up, for it is a real job to inspire people to be self aware.  As Reagan said Freedom has to be taught generationally.  I believe there are those, however, who have an intrinsic instinct for either Freedom or tyranny.  Their calling, as it were, is to inspire for weal or woe. 

Inspired then aware and it is an exponentially expanding process.  One can ignore, divert but the more one knows the less that's likely.

It's a constant journey and might lead to a cliff edge anyway.

The only thing I can tell you is don't seek it but be prepared for it. 

If this seems dodgy, it's not.

But learning to dance is kind of a variable.  Might be ability combined with the style.

And you'd better have a sense of balance because the center of gravity surely changes.

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Watch out for cutting in.