Saturday, December 31, 2016

Spinning Grains

Round and round they go.  They swirl and spin and almost seems to linger as the last grans of sand fall into the bottom of the hourglass.  Hours minutes seconds left.  It's over.

Like the grains, I have many last minute thoughts about many things.  Personal social national all come tumbling down.

I have writing to sell/market.  My other artful efforts are not far behind.

Pride and concern for my kids and what peaks and valleys come next.

Real new hope for the Republic, we hope -s-.

Why historically do people almost always wait to act when things keep getting bad to the point of destruction?

I'm sorry people are gone both famous and personal I hope to someone.  Even the lonely may be missed.  But I believe we live on, transition.

I spread the word of Freedom one to one, brushfires of Liberty in our minds.

Sunrise over the mountains as Crockett and his friends, red and white have seen.

Checking that I have plenty of grains of salt.

Not over nor under doing.

Biding time.

Taking action.

Not living in the past, remembering.

Not haunted by the past, lessons learned.

Planning not just dreaming.

Promises kept.

Thoughts just keep coming like the sand.

Yet it's not really over.  Soon the glass gets upturned.

There is no pause, just a breath as I prepare to leap into 2017.

See you all in the future now.


dcp said...

I miss Dick Clark.

Mike H said...

So do I. Roll on.

teacher said...

Promises to keep. Happy new year.

Mike H said...

Indeed. Same teach.