Friday, December 30, 2016

Preen Obscene

My apologies to birds.  It is only the human analogy which comes to mind. 

There is a lot of preening on several levels.  8 years of such from the Oval Office.  So many liberal Bertha Better'n Yous thinking they are above us.  Perhaps they should dislodge head from posterior.  It wouldn't help.  To borrow an election label, they are irredeemable -s- (borrowed from Alinsky).

Susan Olsen was attacked by such a preener.  He thinks he's succeeded and is very selfcongratulatory.  Fame is fleeting rosebud.

These prigs are not necessarily stupid.  They hunt, calculate and attack.  Watch out for hot buttons.  Look at the occupier fomenting war with Russia and promoting division re Israel.  Same answer as above.

The downside for them is their narcissism gives them notice indeed.  We are watching.  We are calculating.  We are countering.  And best of all, we are proactively deflating, eye to eye.

The feathers are being plucked slowly.  It will increase. 

Soon it will be bumpy skin and a bumpier road for our enemies, foreign and domestic.

So if you think this is just hot air, I guess you enemies can go pluck yourselves -s-.

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