Wednesday, February 29, 2012

An Extra Day

Hope you enjoyed Leap Day.

Go look up the Julian/Gregorian stuff for yourself and suffice it to say there is a reason for it.

The Gregorian calendar, like the Julian one, observes leap year every four years because the length of time it takes the Earth to move itself around the sun once is actually 365.242199 days. In other words, the Earth is slower than our calendar calculates.

To keep our calendar in alignment with the Earth’s actual movement, we tack an additional day onto the year once every four years. If we didn’t, the first day of spring would eventually move into April, then May and so on.

So, we get an extra day every four years.

And I'm not even gonna try to suggest what to do with it. Up to each person depending on their life.

Also, I waited on purpose to post this close to March 1st.

The extra day is gone.

Was it wasted? Are we wasting time?

Best to use it because extra days may just be borrowed time.


Stepped up to the plate.

He had his own independent movie career and had a rep for his signature character work.

Yet, when his brother Curly suffered a stroke, disabling him from work, Shemp replaced him as a Stooge.

Did he have to? Maybe not. But it's obvious and from what folks said about the Boys that they had a sense of loyalty, family and friendship.

In addition to replacing Curly, Shemp, his brother Moe and friend Larry divvied money to supplement Curly's income, as it was impossible for him to work.

Personal commitment seems to suffer these days. However, I believe there are people who step up to the plate for a variety of reasons in a variety of ways.

Is it enough considering the gravity of the situation in the States? Probably not.

I predict there are those who will do more as the ill winds blow more fiercely.

Do what you can and if you shirk your duty, don't take credit for others' efforts.

History unfolds daily. Live it and follow your heart AND head.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hearts And Dollars

Love and money are in the air. It's a world wide phenomenon that combines romance and resources.

It's based on the saint's day for St. Valentine who existed in the days of Rome. Look him up. Fact becomes history, then legend and finally myth.

The day evolved to a commercial frenzy in the name of love. What I like about the day is that it is an opportunity to reflect on what love is, not just between man and woman but family friends etc.

There are people who need a specific date in order to express what may be just a duty or might happen to be an honest expression of affection. Others can do it every day in some way. They need no reminder commercial or otherwise. Most of us probably fall in the middle.

These days I ignore most of it. My love is telling my stories and spreading the word of Freedom.

But we need love of course. It is the basis of life of the very Freedom we seek to restore.

As Valentines Day becomes a self sustaining beast running rampant through our culture, we strive for something better. We love Freedom.

So knock yourself out if you like. There is nothing wrong with strawberries and champagne etc. Just don't get distracted.

Love should instill focus, not cloud the mind and heart.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

4 Is Enough

I wanted to tell everyone I'm cutting down here on posts.

My other pursuits are taking precedence and I refuse to scramble and ramble, so 4 is enough here in a month.

Elsewhere, I will be doing things that may not seem to be in line with the statement of intent here. Not true.

Everything leads back to Freedom. There are many roads as there are people.

As to whether what remains here is good stuff, I leave that to the discerning taste of the reader. Same with any of my writing/acting etc efforts.

If you think I will get fleas lying down with dogs, think again. I get regular dips and I have my ways lol.

I'm gonna be in Hollywood a lot, so don't think it's all bad. My principles remain the same.

Time will tell how we all make our fortunes be it monetary or restoring the republic.

See, I didn't forget about that and never will.

I may write more here, but it's doubtful. Priorities will bring results.

IOW, far as What McAuliffe Said goes, I aint goin nowhere. They can't get rid of me that easily lol.