Wednesday, February 29, 2012

An Extra Day

Hope you enjoyed Leap Day.

Go look up the Julian/Gregorian stuff for yourself and suffice it to say there is a reason for it.

The Gregorian calendar, like the Julian one, observes leap year every four years because the length of time it takes the Earth to move itself around the sun once is actually 365.242199 days. In other words, the Earth is slower than our calendar calculates.

To keep our calendar in alignment with the Earth’s actual movement, we tack an additional day onto the year once every four years. If we didn’t, the first day of spring would eventually move into April, then May and so on.

So, we get an extra day every four years.

And I'm not even gonna try to suggest what to do with it. Up to each person depending on their life.

Also, I waited on purpose to post this close to March 1st.

The extra day is gone.

Was it wasted? Are we wasting time?

Best to use it because extra days may just be borrowed time.


teacher said...

Like sands through the hour glass.

kava said...

So are the days of our lives.