Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What's In A Gate

Somebody stole my exwife's backyard fence gate.

Is there anything people won't steal lol?

In light of all the crimes in high and low places and impending conflict let alone the tornados, it's kinda small potatoes. But it's funny after the fact and typical too.

Apparently some scavenger, not content with discarded appliances, descended on the alleyway behind her house and literally lifted the gate from the frame. Admittedly, it was made easier because a hard freeze and a falling tree did it in. So, it was held in place with wire and easy to snip and grab. One of those quick fixes til it could be dealt with.

Predators and all sorts of scum constantly look for opportunities to ply their trade as it were. An unlocked door, a car left out, or any number of chances to rip off their fellow people. Some are more intricate, planned incursions. Watching comings and goings for whatever woe is in store is more common than the sheeple think. It serves us well to be observant. I say at least be in condition yellow or observant readiness. But all it takes is a blink, a turn of the back andnot being able to be everywhere for crime to occur.

Cams can help, if you can and always be armed is a given.

Yet it just takes a bit and poof.

I can tell you if anyone invades her house, they will be in peril. All I'm gonna say. We were together long enough for personal security to be well established.

Oh and she took the gate from the front and replaced the purloined one.

Just as well. The fence isn't complete there. It's a weird place except internally.

That security thing would make it a very bad place for bad people -s-.

So what's in a gate? A message that thieves are taking more and more.

Soon they will get less and less. That's on any level you care to land.

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B.O.B. Bob said...

More and more watch your stuff.