Saturday, March 31, 2012


I wear a lot of sweats among other casual clothes, especially at home. Sure I can dress up and I was told I was devastating in a tux (Guess that's Hollywoodese for handsome, I hope lol). But I run around for workout, hikes etc in sweats or shorts and t's in Summer. Naturally, a lot of the tops have hoods, called hoodies in the 'hood' -s-. They keep my noggin warm lol.

There has been a lot about hoodies the last several days floating around the net etc. Obviously that's because of the incident involving Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. Trayvon was shot by George. That is a sentence that has been poked and stretched to look about any way it could possibly look. For a sample just type the kid's (Trayvon) name in a search engine. For fair decent reporting try War On Guns reachable from here. For the usual MSM crappola, go about anywhere.

Rather than reiterate stuff you most probably have seen, I'd simply like to give my two cents.

There is a lot of artful and not so adroit manipulation to either keep or to drive a wedge amongst blacks and whites. We have race baiter/problem profiteers Jackson and Sharpton spewing the usual drek calculated to fire emotion w/o thought.

The end game is to divide for control and to disarm. Old tactics receive a fresh whitewash (pardon the pun?).

All the what ifs and lack of action in other matters should be bandied about. The obvious prejudice -s- of collectivist/racists should be spotlighted.

Here is what I'm going to do. I'm gonna wear my hoodies if it's cold. No other reason. Ohoh I guess I don't care about kids and shootings. On the contrary, I'm acutely sensitive to any action involving guns and all the questions involved. I'm wearing my gun for protection as is my right. Thus, it is my responsibility to use said tool properly. I will also continue to go about in condition yellow at least. Check out Col. Jeff Cooper's color alert system re threat assessment.

I will respect others unless they give me a reason not to do so. I will continue to value others for the content of their character, not the color of their skin or any other consideration.

If I must defend myself, I will do so. That is that.

Hate is a disease that spreads the opportunity for manipulation by those who would be our masters. We will all be on the reservation/plantation IF we let them pull our strings.

Let ALL the facts see the light of day re Trayvon/George. Of course the system is broken. True justice will only come once we restore our Republic. It's a Republic for all not a few.


Mike H said...

And yes there are a bunch of people I do NOT respect. Their track records speak for themselves, be it personal/family/friends or politicians etal.

kava said...

Do you care what others think? -s-