Sunday, April 1, 2012

Half A Billion

Big doin's re the Mega Millions last week. Got up to 640 million bucks. That's a lotta dough to most but a few people on this planet. Turns out three people share the pot. Stil a formidable chunk.

Well, IRS will financially rape them first so expect around half to survive.

I was asked what I'd do with half a billion bucks.

Though I never discuss monetary affairs with others, I'd sure put it to work.

Specifically what I'd do and where it would go remains even theoretically my business. However, I'd invest and help people help themselves.

You can bet I'd further the cause of Restoring the Republic. I would pick and choose how I'd go about it though. My money, my show.

And Yes investment, making it work would be a major part too. That again is my business.

Oh, I'd help dispell the myth of the 1 vs the 99 percent. That crappola is just another nail in the coffin of the middle class.

Mostly, inspite of what some think, I'd stay me. I would NOT allow material stuff to dictate my being, my content of character.

Money is energy converted then reconverted to energy. It is a tool. Period.

No April Fool. Just the way it is -s-.

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Mike H said...

Also, I'd keep it under my hat as best I could. Imagine the woodwork crawlers..... It would be a big social test huh?
Also, one piece of advice: Avoid banks and as for investments trust is the key -s-.