Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nyah Nyah Nyah

Blaming others. A crux of the disfunctional. If you ascribe blame to someone or something else, it takes off the pressure, no matter how skilled the frameup nor how hackneyed. It may actually work, at least enough for the blamer to not only feel justified, but to be exonerated in the eyes of other. Doubt is the keey. Take false accusation of child abuse. In a divorce (not mine btw), the wife points the finger at the husband. Wishing to inflict the maximum injury, she says he 'molested' or raped the kids. She will go as far as brainwashing them into thinking he did. She plants doubts even in the minds of these loved ones. Not much love there to do that to them either in reality or to warp their perception. The husband successfully contests this crime and is exonerated. Yet there will be those who wonder if he DID do something. And, his kids have been hurt anyway. It may take a long time to rebuild relationship. It is at best a scar that remains. It can be overcome of course. Time and care can take people past victimhood, to survivorship, to victor. Never has Crockett's motto 'be sure you're right, then go ahead', been more true. Impeached President Clinton lied then pointed the finger in the form of bombings to take off the pressure of scrutiny re his rapist past. Of course his impeachment should have concerned his selling out to China and not diddling a Mossad agent in the Oval Office. There are still folks who think the sun rises and sets in him and his wife. All I say is sheesh. On a person level, there are those disturbed ones who can't face their mental illness so they accuse others of the very things that plague them. So deep in denial do they become they should take advantage of a sale at the dive shop on scuba suits. If you are on the receiving end of any of this, no matter what level, stand tall. Weather the storm and fight back with truth. There may be those who think otherwise, but you can 'repoint' at them with their sickness. Make it abundantly clear, without being vindictive, that they are liars, pure and simple. Stand for truth in the Republic when it's attacked, and yourself and others. For truth is the basis. Oh yes. One thing. In standing fast, don't let them rattle you so that you appear desperate. That's guaranteed to add credence to their lies, for masny might think 'aha, you protest too much'. Stand steady in the storm, no matter how hard it gets, and be a victor!

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