Friday, April 27, 2012

More Smoke Signals

Smoke is a great analogy/metaphorical device. Wispy, cloudy, thick, thin, smoke can be sweet as sage or caustic as a chemical fire. It can also convey messages itself aka smoke signals used a long time by American Indians for long distance comm. I also see smoke as a red flag. Where there is smoke, there is fire comes to mind. We all know about smoke and mirrors. Obfuscation is the name of the socio-political game. It is the tried and true tool of the collectivists. Thought I'd touch on a few of the current crop. Take the Trayvon-Zimmerman game for instance. My impression is that Zimmerman is being railroaded by the usual race baiting suspects. Under the guise of righteous indignation, racial division is being fomented. Pair that with the questioning of castle doctrine/stand your ground laws and we have a nasty rights sucking event. The Republican Primary Senate race is huffin' and puffin'. Our dear antiFreedom Lugar is scared. He has real opposition for the first time. Richard Murdock offers Constitutionality,he has promised to serve the people not the state and I know personally he is progun. OTOH, we have a man as it were who has voted for every Freedom sucking bill, revels in power as a lackey to the state, or if you will, thinks he IS the state, and rivals Chuckie Schumer as a manipulative antigunner. As a result Lugar is running one of the most egregious mud slinging campaigns I've ever seen. He's lying and of course mixes it with the truth. Let me summarize and say Murdock has been doing his job as State Treasurer. The apparent coup de gras is a proLugar blip by our esteemed Governor, Mitch Daniels. Our Man Mitch my Aunt Fanny. He is showing his true colors as a RINO statist as he claims Lugar is the best thing since sliced bread. He classically twists the rhetoric claiming it is Lugar being attacked by Murdock. Did Mitch hold hands with Alinsky? He has nothing to lose, as he is kaput next election. Thank God Becky Skillman isn't running. That's another story -s-. Thanks Mitch for promotin g a 'man' who should never have been Mayor of Indianapolis let alone Senator. And speaking of smoke, we have a citywide 'smoking ban'. Yay. Breath easily all you statist prigs. You can now go to a local establishment and prattle about how self important you are without enduring smoke. For centuries, bars have been places where people also smoke. It's implied at least til now, that you go to one, if you don't smoke, you know people do. But we must be considerate. no, make that exclusionary. Now smoke free we can all be healthy as what is actually a ruse to gain more control tightens its grip. I'm not saying smoking is good for you. I gave up cigs long ago though I like a good cigar with my whiskey. It's my choice. Choice. The factor always missing when these effete snobs seek to impose themselves. Health is important. Yet it is MY calculated risk to enter a 'smoking establishment' let alone smoke. Let nonsmokers open a nonsmoking bar. Let people who smoke and who CHOOSE to work there alone. Oh yes. I digress. It's ultimately about control. Be it self defense with racial smoke, elections with aspersions cast on Freedom or smoking, we see the smoke signals rise. Time to pay attention and get a big ol industrial fan to blow bloviating away.


Mike H said...

What's with this new format? I have paragraphs etc yet here we have run together. No time to figure it out. I will return to see what magic button gets pushed to have this normalized.

teacher said...

The more you improve the plumbing the easier it is to plug.

kava said...

What's normal -s-?