Friday, March 31, 2017


And lever or spur and movement.  Some would say bludgeon or spearhead. Many names one goal.

Look up Hegelian Dialectic, Hegel and everything around them.

Thesis.  Antithesis.  Synthesis.

Problem.  Reaction.  Solution.

Terrorism/Economic Crisis.  Fear/Panic.  Antiterrorist/Bailout.  Results in loss of Freedom and further financial havoc for the middle class.

There is of course, a terrible Islamic terrorist threat.  It is bolstered by other collectivists.  Going after them and proactively excising them is critical.  It must be done without giving globalists ground.

Look and see who the domestic enemies are.  They are coming out of the woodwork.  Trump is a catalyst.  Hope he doesn't defeat himself.

Continue to study Alinsky's Rules For Radicals.  Know the enemy and its methods.

Study all the collectivist nuances.

Watch how illegals and refugees are used to destabilize the Republic.  Here I remind you citizenship is a PRIVILEGE not a right.  We are not a dumping ground.  We are a place for Freedom minded folks to gather for a freer better life.

In, around and under this, children are being raped.

Focus.  Dig.  Test.  And remember the intent of the Founders, for US to be individuals come together for one purpose, aka Liberty.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Boxed In

I always remember a scene in Arrival, the first episode of The Prisoner.

Number 6 is being 'processed' at the Village's Labor Exchange.

A squirrelly guy is asking him questions.  He is given a round peg.  Before him is a slot, shaped square.  He slowly places the round peg in the square hole.  It immediately closed round the peg, like a camera lens as the current number 2 chuckled.

Those who want to control us want us to fit.  There is no allowance for self determination.  They go to many lengths to try to make this certain.

Collectivists touch all aspects of life.  They attempt from early on to condition us to accept a particular story or style.  If we give in and just accept without questioning, they win.

Stylizing history, with all its trappings, is a prominent example. 

We are given certain facts, at least as far as they go, and are expected to accept them.  If this is accomplished, rewritten history can be taken as true.

This is why I encourage all to dig and search.  It seems sources are drying up.  Not completely, but accessibility is tightening.  And as you find textured detail, make note, collect and preserve it.

There is a fork in the road concerning more outre, at least to some, elements of history/technology.

One takes us down a swirling mass/mess of conspiracy fact and fiction.  Keep in mind, lies are used, but lies mixed with truth can be devastating.

This applies to technology as well.  It should serve mankind yet often is used instrumentally to control..Also, advances can be held back for most, because people get into a rut of acceptance of their 'lot'.

The other road opens us to possibilities, to dreams becoming reality.

Mind you, conspiracy is a perfectly legitimate term.   The very word has been hijacked so that people can chase their own tails  Or, we study how we are manipulated, how a cabal seeks to control.

Think and act outside the box.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


“And some things that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became legend. Legend became myth. And for two and a half thousand years, the ring passed out of all knowledge.”          Galadriel in Lord of the Rings

Perspective. Never accept the status quo.  Always dig, research.  Look beyond the obvious.  That's why I encourage people to do research themselves.  I offer food for thought.  It's up to others to make the menu work.

There is great concern about child rapists.  Rightly so, we must expose and stop them, rescuing kids without panic.  I'm glad to hear of recent arrests and further exposure of the monsters.

As said, the child rapists are in all walks of life.  And many know them as family, friends and/or neighbors.  Again, this is not to  incite paranoia nor distrust.  It is wise to be cautious however.  There is, in many cases, betrayal.

Many child rapists are capable of hiding their evil.  No matter who they are, once discovered, all else is at best tarnished.  It most often destroys.

It has been brought to my attention that a person, prominent in clan affairs, is a convicted child rapist.  I was stunned.  The man has been a font of knowledge and history concerning the clan.  It has brought betrayal on several levels, as such discovery always does.

Betrayal of trust, for the kids, his family, associates and all of us who are proud of our clan, is the fallout with which we deal.

The crimes he committed are his, not anyone else's.  He alone is guilty of child rape.  We need not take the rap for him.

A clan is an umbrella.  We are all under it as members, a worldwide family.  In a family, we find many different situations.  We are not rubber stamped.  There can be quite a mix of good and evil.  And in spite of 'ties' we can choose with whom we associate. 

Once I got over the shock and actual sick feeling, I examined what this has or could do to the reputation of the clan.

Our history goes way back and can be traced to Viking/Norman roots.  There are the sociopolitical elements, with many lives and lines researched.  There are also more fantastic pieces of our genealogical puzzle.  Those have always been under attack.  Now opposition has fuel for the fire thanks to our 'wayward' criminal member.

I'm proud of our history and am related to several notables.  I've always noted those who question certain aspects of our heritage.

I have always said that no matter your genealogy, this is your life.  Today is your turn to live.  Good or bad past, we have the choice to lead/live our lives for weal or woe.

I can't walk on water nor turn it into wine.  But certain people are a gift not just to bloodlines, but to all of us.

Nothing done can assail us and succeed in stopping us unless we let them.  Morality is God's gift to the world and we choose to do right or wrong.

Get through the hurt and maintain honor, fortitude, nobility of heart; what we should be.  Help others, be there for them when evil touches.  Rescue the kids.  Stop and expose those who destroy.

For my fellow clanspeople, I suggest we live according to our motto.  Commit Thy Work To God.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Not the Confederate States.  We'll talk about that later as it's become a contentious subject and I contend it is an historical entity demonized by collectivists.

I'm talking about child sexual abuse.

It is a subject you must research yourselves.  I often encourage all to do so no matter the subject.  That way, you have the facts, can compare/contrast and see what is real and not.  As always, this is a palette for a portrait., food for thought.

There is nothing more evil.  Yes evil.  It is NOT love.  Pedophile means child lover and the term philos means dear, friendly.  Different words for different love in Greek.  Only been in use for about 100 years.

It is rationalization for maladjusted sexual feelings toward prepubescent children.  Paraphilia is sometimes used for attraction to pubescent/teenage children.

These creatures fervently believe they are right.  In my opinion, they are all psychopathic.  And of course there are varying degrees of evil.  Make no mistake, anything to do with child rape on any level is evil.

They are not all hiding in the bushes nor roving in vans.  There are organizations and 'clubs'.  And these monsters are at all levels, financially, socially, ethnically etc.

Many are organized and do indeed stick together.  They would not, of course, be beyond throwing some under the bus in order to survive.

These creatures are vicious and powerful in the highest places of life.  Cunning, they employ collectivist methods to stop those who would bring them to justice.

Learn and get the word out.  Don't jump to conclusions, but don't overlook evidence.  No witch hunters need apply.

It's horrible, devastating and soul destroying.

We must help those victimized and endangered.

Face it.  It's repulsive and evil hopes people are too turned off to take action.

Do not point fingers as do the collectivists.  Find out.