Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Not the Confederate States.  We'll talk about that later as it's become a contentious subject and I contend it is an historical entity demonized by collectivists.

I'm talking about child sexual abuse.

It is a subject you must research yourselves.  I often encourage all to do so no matter the subject.  That way, you have the facts, can compare/contrast and see what is real and not.  As always, this is a palette for a portrait., food for thought.

There is nothing more evil.  Yes evil.  It is NOT love.  Pedophile means child lover and the term philos means dear, friendly.  Different words for different love in Greek.  Only been in use for about 100 years.

It is rationalization for maladjusted sexual feelings toward prepubescent children.  Paraphilia is sometimes used for attraction to pubescent/teenage children.

These creatures fervently believe they are right.  In my opinion, they are all psychopathic.  And of course there are varying degrees of evil.  Make no mistake, anything to do with child rape on any level is evil.

They are not all hiding in the bushes nor roving in vans.  There are organizations and 'clubs'.  And these monsters are at all levels, financially, socially, ethnically etc.

Many are organized and do indeed stick together.  They would not, of course, be beyond throwing some under the bus in order to survive.

These creatures are vicious and powerful in the highest places of life.  Cunning, they employ collectivist methods to stop those who would bring them to justice.

Learn and get the word out.  Don't jump to conclusions, but don't overlook evidence.  No witch hunters need apply.

It's horrible, devastating and soul destroying.

We must help those victimized and endangered.

Face it.  It's repulsive and evil hopes people are too turned off to take action.

Do not point fingers as do the collectivists.  Find out.