Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Tumultuous times continue.  I advise everyone to keep up on current events.  Speak out to whatever extent you might.  Decide what you can do to help Restore the Republic.

I sound like a broken record sometimes.  But I can't emphasize enough what I just said.

I'm doing my part aside from here in several ways.  And you should acquaint yourselves with elicitation.

Turtles are remarkable creatures.  For the sake of research on these remarkable reptiles, Wikipedia has a pretty good reference page.  I always vet Wiki because they tend politically to fudge and sometimes open to hacking.

Now to the point.  Symbology.

Turtles can retract their heads and feet/flippers.  The shell is resistant to predators. 

They can be aggressive and some can bite, but they are mostly defensive.

They move relatively slowly but steadily.  Remember the tortoise and hare fable.

The Romans had the testudo (tortoise) formation as a defense against missles. 

Of course there are limits in terms of defense.

I'd advise study as to how and when to be a turtle.

Sometimes one simply has to come out of one's shell.

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