Monday, February 27, 2017


As usual, the collectivists have appropriated aka stolen resistance.

Mind you, it is a term that can freely (sic) be used by anyone.  Traitor or Freedom fighter?  Depends on your viewpoint.

The collectivist dweebs hijacked this to show dissatisfaction with President Trump.  They are suffering because their red diaper hero is gone.  Well he does have a mansion/bunker near the White house and all the trimmings of a shadow government.  He is cheering the Bolshevik thugs on.

They turn resistance totally around in true Alinskyan/projection.  To them tyranny is Restoring the Republic.  As David Codrea says, to progressives every day is opposite day. 

Perhaps they fashion themselves on the commies in Eastern Europe, China, Cuba etc.  Romantic images of barbaric thugs.

Here is my notion of resistance:

Not red not dead.  Alive and Free.


teacher said...

Not to mention the Founders, all of them known and unknown and the War for Independence.

Mike H said...

Not to mention my ancestor etal -s-.