Sunday, July 19, 2009

Red Or Dead

When I was in college, I was involved in campus ministry. Seemed reasonable for a guy, who, at the time, was involved in becoming a pastor himself.

Specifically, it was Lutheran Campus Ministry, run out of the church in which I chose to be a member. I was considered to be a budding 'leader' at the time.

I was becoming increasingly disturbed by the message that the campus pastor was extolling. An obvious 'leftist' message.

For some time, I, and quite a number of impressionistic kids, were being 'siren songed' with leftist propaganda in the form of, among other things, 'liberation theology'. That was the idea that the 'church' was to take part in commie uprisings and sanction them, in spite of the flowery rhetoric of 'freedom' for the people etc.

One thing I need to make clear. I was in my thirties when I went to college full time. I'd previously taken occasional classes and dabbled in 'formal' education. I was not a 'spring chicken'. Young sure but around the block at least twice (Now well let's say I'm more experienced -s-.).

Previously, I'd been the owner of my own business. I devoted my life to making a living and thought little of what I had been taught re the history of our Republic. I simply was one of the 'working Joes' that thought all was well. I always had the history in mind however. That is what saved me.

I embarked on a college curricula to become both a pastor and therapist. One side should have kept the other going. I was wrong (more on that later).

As the Lutheran campus pastor was based at our church, it was natural that I became involved in campus ministry.

My candor gave me away though. At the time, I was more 'reasonable', he thought. Or was I?

I considered myself 'liberal' in the classic sense. I had my opinions. I allowed for others. The old 'disagree but defend to the death your right to say it' stuff. Not enough for our little commie 'shepherd'. His way or the red way became predominant.

I'll never forget, near the end of a discussion about politics, church and state, a fascinating comment from this 'molder of young minds'. He simply said Jesus was a communist. He referred to the 'giving' aspect that marked Jesus' ministry. He seemed to think it resembled 'From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs'. I was dumbfounded.

It's a common tactic, I've found, to make JC in whatever image suits certain people. This moke's statement was far away from the truth.
As I see it, JC meant for people to help people help themselves, not to be needy and greedy.

How paradoxical that commies would paint Jesus as a commie, when one of the basic precepts of their leechy system was that 'religion was the opiate of the people'. It's typical of collectiivists to use whatever means to secure their end. Lies for the 'greater good'.

There were increasing 'brushes' agains the 'liberation theology' grain. I was starting to be ostracized.

The defining moment, was a circle discussion. All of a sudden, out of the blue our intrpid commie pastor asked. 'No thought, just reaction. Which would you rather be, Red or dead?'

Several said Red. Then they came to me.

I told them I would be neither. I would either join the underground in the city or the resistance in the hills.

You could have heard a pin drop. Uncomfortable silence followed. The answers resumed awkwardly, with most saying Red. A few did say dead. I was the only one to give a different answer.

His little Marxist suspicion about me was confirmed. I never had gone along to get along. He hated that about my 'liberalism'.

After that, more and more, there were accusations that I was using the pulpit for my own gain. How typically hypocritical. Lies and lies mixed with truth mounted.

I was expelled from the pulpit supply program, virtually locking me out of going to seminary. I was found 'unfit' for ministerial duties. Because I stood for Freedom. My old upbringing kicked in. And I would NEVER back down nor give in.

Good God, how commies/collectivists have infiltrated every aspect of life.

I feel sorry for those who truly believe and are awash in that commie cesspool.

I could have tried to fight the bishop and pastors lined against me, but it was p****** in the wind.

I figured I could fight elsewhere and 'not let the church destroy my faith' (another curious comment from that sad excuse for a 'man of God').

Incidentally, and not surprisingly, the ELCA has an antigun stance.

There is no limit to their perfidy.

I was a 'threeper' before the term was used it appears.


teacher said...

I bet they have a spin on you.

Mike H said...

Paper thin. But enough to ruin my rep.

There were sympathetic pastors. But,they were compromised and reminded where there bread was buttered.

I've never seen such machinations in an org that purported to 'server Christ'.

Anonymous said...
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