Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Foil And Strings

My Mom grew up 'poor'.  I say that, but her Dad, my Grandpa, made sure they ate and had a roof over their heads.  They survived before and during the depression. 

Sadly she was an only child, technically.  My Grandmother had a stillbirth and a couple of miscarriages.  One baby, a son, lived only a year. 

Mom did have cousins near her though.  They weathered life's storms and made do.

Being poor is a whole topic itself.  Seems a big gap between 20s-30s poor and now.  Then they were just beginning collectivist 'social reforms'.  Folks relied on themselves and one another.

One of her curious habits I noticed as a kid, was to save string, foil, things she said could be reused. 

Indeed, that whole generation was raised to save.  WW2 reinforced the practice spurred by the Great Depression.  That, btw, is an interesting time.  Lotta people suffered.  Lotta people didn't.  At least they pulled together and weathered storms.

I've been made aware that many young ones don't have skills to repair, to reuse.  We live in a very throwaway society.

I wager many who come here do have skills, however.  I probably don't have to tell you to pass them on.

My ex's dad just died recently.  He was multitalented, an artist and could manufacture things seemingly out of what most could call nothing.

No doubt this inability to 'make do' has been conditioned out of many.

Mom could bake from scratch.  So can I.  I've passed that onto the kids.

So on this New Years Eve, it may be well to reflect on that.

Pass on what you know and what you can do.  Inspire others to learn, to figure out what makes things tick.

As for saving things, we would do well to emulate my Mom.  I've found stuff handy and reduced the cost of living as it were. 

That everything drawer just might be at least a partial answer to what we can do to save the future.


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Kids Aren't Kids

Kids do seem to grow up fast.  Maybe at birth and all the diapers, it doesn't appear so.  During all the literal first steps and achievements it goes unnoticed.  That's because we are living life, not ticking off dockets.  We are busy raising the kids and only notice the passage of time occasionally.  When they are adults, then we see all the moments coalesce but not much before.  We are there for them during those years.

A lot of kids don't grow up ie learn to be independent individuals.  They may wander through life with their hands out, convinced they are forever entitled to welfare.  Kind of an economical inversion, the other side being trust fund babies. 

Fractured families, combined with welfare, leads to a lack of focus.  Kids need guidance and all too often a lot of them get the wrong kind.  Gangs supply security, a surrogate parentage.  They can be generational, like the lower level organized crime they are.  Even when families are involved, it can be negative.

I remember during college, I worked one summer at the local juvenile center.  On visitors' night, I noticed a lot of parents and relatives giving me and the other attendants the stink eye.  They quickly explained that many of the parents were worse than the kids, being criminals too.

You can see that playing out today with all the demonstrations and worse.  Cops are between a rock and a hard place.  Now, this deserves yet another blog entry itself, so at the risk of taking it lightly, I don't.  I'm getting to responsibility and it's a two way street.  All the time, the fist of tyranny closes more tightly, at the expense of kids and cops and all of us.

From grade school kids shooting someone as gang initiation, to roving bands of 'youths' looking for people to beat up or kill and rob, some kids aren't kids anymore.

Of course the antigun collectivist blood dancers include the thugs in the number of children hurt/killed by firearms every year.  And lately, the past couple of years and now, kids who have made a decision to hurt, kill, intimidate and steal risk much.  Many have paid the price as well they should.

Yes it's sad on one hand.  Kids robbed of decent normal loving childhoods.  Don't break out the violins.  If the do the crime they pay the price.  Neither do I champ at the bit to 'waste' anyone.  I believe, as many of you know who have been here often, in self defense.

If your life is in danger, someone particularly pointing a gun at you, there is no choice.  It's one of the few times that is so, for life is rife with choices.  You stop the threat.  Of course, you always face the consequences.

That's where there is a difference between decent honest folks and thugs.  Thugs don't care, while we do.  They're liable to shoot into a crowd, not caring, whereas we seek to harm no one, except those who try to harm us.

Responsibility.  Our kids are raised to think for themselves and accept consequences.  Most of the time, as has been illustrated time and again, thugs and their families blame others.  It's an almost incredible pattern.  But these behaviors have taken a long time to take root.

A14 year old is robbing someone, then points a gun at a cop, or any of us.  We defend ourselves.  then the family and fellow thugs moan and angrily lament the outcome.  We should have minded our own business was said recently  Really? Oh yes, the thugs are just making a living.  They believe this.  It's a complete way of life. 

Sorry, punks.  Not at the expense of my property, well being nor life. 

Why did they have to shoot my 'baby', 'angel' etc?  Because the kid made a choice, a decision that involved harming others.  Something apparently the parents (in name only I think), family and socalled friends aka fellow thugs embrace as well.

This has to be stopped.  They have to be held accountable.  It must be fearlessly addressed, this evil which is actually set up to divide and conquer the Republic.

We must deal with the immediate crimes, come what may.  We must stop the welfare system and replace it with folks teaching others to take responsibility and live productive lives.  It's helping others to help themselves to opportunities for honest living, not helping themselves to others' pockets.

'They're just kids.'  This came from a mom in our neighborhood whose kids were harassing ours, particularly our daughter.  Started with trespass and escalated.  One note.  In their taunting, they said how beautiful and black they were and how ugly and white she was.  Hatred/racism is being taught as well.  And, this may seem strange to you, the mom didn't know who Martin Luther King was.  Perhaps not so surprising, as education is hitting new lows.  Dr King has become a misused figurehead, good for a day off, while visions of entitlement (not what he intended) dance in heads. 

Jump ahead after years of ferment.  Increased violence with plenty of gun crime.  Talk about child abuse.  Seems they're not just kids.  They are cannon fodder to foment war.  Again, divide and conquer.

My kids handled this and other incidents with grace and sometimes the need for self defense aka pointing out how wrong the perps were and yes, fisticuffs.  Never kick em when they're down and never never turn your back.  Don't start it but finish it and don't let it hang on.

And more, for those tut tutters who might wonder how the kids feel about blacks, they have both had several black friends, let alone a man who is like a brother to me and a Creole godmother.  We don't wear it on our sleeves.  People are people.

I've mentioned this before.  There is a church near the library where we met some kids who were being kids.  That is, they were learning to be men and women, not thugs.  My hopes and prayers are with them and many more.

As for those who have warped kids, paraphrasing Jesus, it would be better for them to tie a millstone to their necks and jump into the sea.  Expose this.  Drag it into the light.  Don't let them get away with it. 

Teach self reliance.  Guide them and discipline them.  Choices have consequences for weal or woe.  Independent self reliant individuals will rise above the troubles. 

Kids ARE kids.  They are the gift of the future.  Let us make that a future of light.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Orange Is Green

I came across one of those poster type posts on Facebook.  I should have downloaded it, but c'est la vie.  Likewise, I can't remember what it was in reference to that day.  Anyway, it went something like this: If you're going to use the words communism and socialism, please define them in detail.

If memory serves, it was from someone of that particular ilk.

Now, the words are bandied about a great deal.  He's a commie, or it's commie bs etc are common counterslings to what is indeed commie rhetoric -s-.

One of my faves is 'red diaper baby'.  This is not just slinging.  It refers to those brought up in collectivist especially communist families.  It is the die-hard type of indoctrination that we see revealed in government now.

Didn't post there, but my suggestion would be to go to a search engine, type in the appropriate words and well, search.

Communist is a socialist with a gun.  That can be true.  However, even among the left (directions are irrelevant to me), they are used frequently in congress (sic) and alternately.

Further, we have Marxism, Leninism, Marxism-Leninism, Stalinism, Trotskyism and Maoism.  The point to derivations of the same collectivist theme.  BTW, I prefer collectivist as it includes Nazis among other 'socialist' groups.

Have at and don't forget to read Communist Manifesto, Das Kapital, Mao's red book and Hitler's Mein Kampf.  Study world history, in depth, from every angle.  Note the history/psychology of various countries.  If you like, check out their languages too.  Compare these writings etal to the Founder's documents.

Control is the operative word.  Those who would control every aspect of life as opposed to our Constitutional Republic's individualism and self government. etc.

As for orange is green, it refers to something Robert Culp's character, Kelly Robinson said in an I Spy episode titled Little Boy Lost.

Briefly, a scientist's son, played by Ron Howard, takes a key component to an internal guidance system from his dad's lab, because he feels ignored.  The race is on to find him before the communists do.

At one point Robinson confronts a 'useful idiot' in the form of a girl who is indeed used by enemy agents to intercept the boy and hold him til they can come interrogate him.

His portion of the dialog is a scathing critique of communism, comparing it in part with the Federalist Papers.  His remark refers to how propaganda is shoved down people's throats and they are made to believe that orange is green, contrasting with the Founders' discussion about black and white facts.

He also tells the woman he isn't trying to dissuade or persuade her, only that he is presenting facts.  It was her choice to accept or not.

Another key word is choice.  We have a right to choose, to think for ourselves.  This contrasts with collectivist rhetoric.

I recommend this episode.  It's the 14th ep in the 2nd season.  Check out the whole series for some very down to earth intelligence work, albeit from Hollywood.

So that poster I spotted was a silly smoke and mirrors to attempt shutting up those who disagree with whatever they were espousing.  Made a real impression on me, huh?

Don't be afraid to critique these mokes.  And refer to Alinsky's Rules for Radicals.  This definition stuff is right up their alley.

Say howdy to all the commies, leftists, Nazis, progressives and liberals.  Not as well how collectivists have hijacked those last two words. 

Stick to truth, instead of lies and half lies.  Orange is orange.  Green is green.  And red is red.

Sunday, December 28, 2014


Lines.  From one point to another.  Sequential development.  Mathematical permutations.  All this comes to mind re linear.  Straight to the point. 

It can mean get in line.  Get with the program.  Line up with whatever is current thought. 

Anyway -s- the other night I was in  Meijers store.  It's one of those 'superstores' containing just about everything like a Walmart.

Well I hadn't been out for a while, having suffered some kind of flu bug.  Coughing, weak, etc, you know the symptoms.

So, I got the few things I needed for the larder and headed to the checkout.

I decided for the self checkout, hoping to quickly get going so I could rest. 

Looking around, I noticed a few lines extending across the path into some of the aisles.  The self checkout seemed relatively clear.  Mind you, the devices are sort of staggered, in that while waiting, one might find a more distant checkout available.  People often crisscross.

So I glanced around and saw 2 or 3 folks across the path between the stations and some of the clothing aisles.

I positioned my self behind a couple of young ladies who also had few items.  It was one of those 12 item or less checkouts.

As I waited, a woman sidled up to me.  She didn't look me directly in the eye, but declared I had cut in line.  There were people waiting across the path.

Now far be it from me to cut lines.  Never have.  I've negotiated for a space now and then and have even been given a forward spot when someone with more stuff saw I had few items. 

I said 'really'.  Ok where is the 'line'.  It was apparently the gaggle of 3 folks waiting across the path.

I told them to please go ahead, it was relative and we all had few things.

Could have held my line, maybe just gone on.  But I acquiesced. 

I observed several things.

First, as I approached, this loose gaggle said nothing.  If I cut in line even inadvertently, there was not one protest.  Till I was behind the ladies.

The non-eye contact lady only then commented that I was out of place.

The third thing was to me the most interesting.  She maintained a self satisfied smirk.  It lasted as she herself checked out.

Let me tell you my observation skills are usually good.  I wasn't imagining her smirk.

Perhaps she had many instances of uncaring interfering a-holes cutting in line.  Maybe she felt she was the social arbiter of lines.  The motivations could be a long list.  Possibly her smirk was the celebration of those oppressed silent ones who allowed line cutters to walk over them -s-.  No matter, her work was done.

The whole point of this seemingly insignificant exercise is linear.

Are we 'in line' either with the tyranny against us or are we organizing against it?

If we are in line, do we submit to a commissar who keeps the line ordered and moving for all?

Do we size up a situation and decide if that specific instance is the time to stand?  Do we draw back and observe what's going on, then determine our next course of action?

Am I making a mountain out of a mole hill lol?

Do we in turn speak up and police ourselves when folks try to steal something from us, lines, food, guns, rights?

Just end of the year musings. 

And if we get out of line, should we then form our own?

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Look Behind You

There is a price to pay for celebrity.  Nope I'm not gonna get into the psychology of what motivates people to want such attention.  I do know it's a game of manipulation.  You have a product that others want.  Some can use you to get their point across and reward you for services rendered.

Sounds brutal, even paranoid .  Just business?  Yes and no.

There is a business side to show business.  No business no show as a friend said. 

My background helps me with that important part of my work.  And my senses help me figure out with whom to associate.

A lot of flash goes on.  As I said before, many people are not stupid, but they are easily distracted.

I see whatever I do should be to help people think for themselves.  I offer my talent and hope they enjoy it.

The price of fame is something each person should decide for themselves.  However, with all the perks, preferential treatment (why I'm not sure), and eyes upon them, it can lead to unwanted attention.

Stalking can happen to anyone.  There are disparate souls who prey upon others.  They have no real life of their own so they attach to others.  I'm not talking about normal fandom, where folks admire talent, even are willing to follow someone.  I'm speaking of predators, selfdelusional beings who attach like barnacles and live off the efforts of others.

Recently certain celebrities have had stalkers, as have many throughout time.  It is unfortunately that downside I spoke of.  Someone say deludes he/she 'loves' another.  They use irrational methods to declare and follow that love.

Fortunate people expose it.  The normal legal recourse is to get a restraining order.  It's only good as the paper it is written on.

Many here would agree with me that no matter the wealth and influence, each person is responsible for their own security/defense.

And among some of these privileged pompous, they think it's alright to have defense/guns etc.  But we the socalled unwashed crowd, don't deserve them.  Idiocy.

As I said anyone can be stalked.  I have been myself.

It's unpleasant and creepy.  And everyone DESERVES protection.  Most can only literally protect themselves.

I've seen security for celebs that rivals heads of state. Yet, even these must learn to rely on themselves.  For if they don't they may be in the most danger.

Hopefully we have associations and networks, but they are only as good as each member, every weave in the armor.

Look behind you.  Not in fear, but in assurance you can help yourself.   

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Free Vs Freebie

Lotta stuff about immigration lately.

I'm not going to add to the voluminous tomes of opinion and facts already abundantly displayed on the net.  It's just my 2 cents.

We were not set up as a nation to become a glorified handout station.  We were established for people to be free not freeloaders. 

It is part of a slow transition to just another socialist way station.  Also, the interior security is compromised as well as demoralizing many.

In this Constitutional Republic, it is expected for people to learn to pay their way.  Now people should receive help.  They need to eat and ready themselves.  But no blanket giveaways.  It must be made clear they are to repay by becoming productive.

The longtime rot must stop.  It can be done.  There will be a lot of 'unsatisfied' folk.  They will have a choice ie, work or leave.  It's tough and will be brutal.  But there is satisfaction for those who stay the course. 

And as for that baloney that there are jobs Americans won't do,  I've cleaned toilets and made beds.  I learned to housepaint to partly work my way through college.  I had several part time jobs then.  It wasn't because I was white or part American Indian or anything except wanting to work.

Restoring, instilling a want to work and see a job well done is the key.

Many will adapt.  Some will not.  They can be shown the door.

Some will wring their hands and maybe some will snarl and ask about those who truly cannot work.  Of course we care for those who are incapacitated.  And hey, how about employing the aforementioned carpers?  They can put theirs efforts where their flapping gums were.  Sometimes it's the company we keep.  You might learn a lot from spending time with folks who need care.  The forgotten can be remembered.

True charity can be engendered outside of gov.  It enacts power where it should be with us and not US.

So dump the freebies.  We must let ourselves be free.

Friday, November 28, 2014


Borrowed from the Zola letter.  Type into a search engine if interested.

Character assassination.  That's my purpose for the term.

Two people, I hesitate to use their names, simply because, unless people are historic, I wish to keep what I'm doing focused on topic.  If I use names, it's fair use and guilt or innocence are not to be determined here.

Stephen Collins, a good actor, has been accused of child rape.  Look up the details.  If true, then he should be punished.  If not, then he should be exonerated.

I have met innocent folks who were accused of such evil.  I have encountered beings who were profoundly guilty of same.

Child rapists can indeed come in many guises.  They are usually NOT 'dirty old men' in raincoats.  They are, and we know of this, doctors and lawyers and cops.  They can be from many backgrounds and economic situations.  They can be attractive folks or the person next door.

Such people should be exposed and dealt with.  Most importantly, the kids, no matter how much later, even into adulthood, should be helped.

Now, the downside is simple.  Yes the reality is scary.  But we mustn't give way to fear nor paranoia.  Just like collectivists they are surely everywhere.  But we must be certain of the crimes.  Witch hunt no way .  There are clues.  Again, go study what the monsters do.  If I went into that here, both rapists and collectivists, I'd have either a full blown paper or a treatment for a script or manuscript.  The perps give themselves away sooner or later.

All this comes now to Bill Cosby.  He's accused of serial rape, according to several ladies and some 'fixers' who have come forward.

Yes such crimes should be punished.  Look however at the back ground.

Cosby has been very critical of black culture and how it has devolved for many.  Yet again, check it out.

He is a natural leader, influential and well educated.  He has dared to criticize the thuggish life and the racism involved with blacks in US.  It has both embarrassed certain liberals and has compromised their end goals of control.  Mr Cosby wants people to think for themselves.

What's happened is classic character assassination.  Its goals are twofold.

First, it's destroying his life, his credibility.  No matter all the good he's done, if he is a rapist, well that's it.  If he is not, the finger has been pointed.

Second, it obfuscates other heinous crimes, such as immigration EO and all the other filth spewing from the Oval Office and gov environs.  Some people, while not actually stupid, are easily led.  And a flash in the pan takes them away from what matters. 

Don't be fooled.  Of course, there is truth and legal truth.  We who are working to restore the Republic are well acquainted with both.  Yet more again, check out all that is ongoing re this subject.

Do not run off on a tangent.  Focus.  Be concerned with 'social' issues, not socialist issues.

And to the collectivist tempted to edit this post, take heed.  Every word here is copyright.  People may quote, but give me credit.  If you do quote, then do so in its entirety.  We know the Alinskyan leaving out of key words or phrases, turning something either into nothing or a polar opposite.

My main accusation (Captain Obvious rises lol) is do not buy what you see.  Caveat emptor. 

So J'accuse.  I point the finger at the finger pointers.

Thursday, November 27, 2014


It's internet parlance for thank you.

And yes, I am thankful today.

I'm thankful for two kids, now adult, with whom I don't always agree, but with whom I have spirited conversations.  They do think for themselves.  Sure, I offer advice.  But they can weigh the 'fors and agins'.  There are more of their ilk elsewhere, even round the world.  Real hope looms.

I'm thankful I think for myself.  I have studied collectivist methods for decades and see the woven web of duplicity and deceit ensnaring US.

And that's the why of it all.  All the machinations, especially pitting thugs against cops.  Militarized police are a reality.  OTOH, there is an effort to defang them by liberals.  It's just window dressing, for 'loyal' cops and soldiers are essential if we are disarmed to maintain 'order' vis a vis Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, Commie China etc.

Fomenting race war is essential to weaken us from within.  I don't buy it.

We have manipulation by some to instill fear and self loathing.  It's obvious the crowds are led by subversives, some Feds, others actual commie organizers.  Control is control.

I'm thankful for Freedom minded folks, defending their property and way of life.  Also I am grateful that there are so many of us who are not stupid.  And that there are such folks who lend a hand in so many ways.

What will it take to right the wrongs?  Bit by bit, just as the enemy dissembles, we not just reassemble, we institute assurances that we forever watch ourselves.  We don't need a State to do that.  It's what Republic is all about.

As Ambassador Sinclair said in Babylon 5, ''Watch out for Shadows.  They move when you're not looking.''

So celebrate, be thankful and keep watch. If you take a nap, just be a light sleeper lol.

Friday, October 31, 2014


The time of year for spooky things is here.  Yes Halloween, which was originally Samhain (sowen) which has become a dress up and get goodies fest.  Let's not forget, however, that soon after comes election time.  Coincidence?  No lol.

I'm thinking of the old vampire movies, not this special effects stuff with guts and blood and, God help us, glowing vamps.  There used to be suspense and yes melodrama involved.  But there was something more.

It was elemental, what with crosses, wolfbane and holy water along with stakes to the heart as weapons against the bloodsuckers.  Maybe symbolically that's all it takes.  But one element is/was essential: Faith.  Belief in good, Light, God that these things worked.  These ingredients have/had very powerful foes.

The lure of the vampire was enchanting.  Forbidden acts became naughty indulgences.  As the pleasure increased, so did the waning of life.  This led to others succumbing to the lure of the undead.  The false promise, eternal life, was shown as a sham.  It was at best some kind of half life, restricted to the night (unless among the most powerful, some existence in daytime) and fraught with the lust to suck blood.

Dracula argued that it was no different than humans eating a cooked bird.  He was merely sustaining his 'life'.  It goes back to humanity created in the image of God however.  The vampire defiles that image and becomes a luciferian monster trying to rewrite creation in its own image.

Hope you indulge my symbolisms here.  I believe the metaphor and even analogy is obvious.  Just look at how collectivism enchants many especially the young, with promises of a better life.  Seduction continues with indulgence, the anything goes outlook.  As with vamps, the price paid is overlooked or shut up and out.

So as elections hover, be ready with all the instruments to fight the seductive darkness.

True life or at best restricted half life.  Which will it be?

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Jack Cottey

Jack Cottey, former Marion County Sheriff, crossed over Tuesday October 28.  He succumbed to cancer after a long illness.  It's something I know of well, with many friends and family preceding him.

I'm not going to reprise all the bios and obits.  They speak for them selves.

Jack was what's called progun by some.  He held the infamous to some gun auctions for unclaimed weapons in Marion County Indiana.  He believed people should be armed.

He also refused to supply any men for the US Marshals' raid of Baptist Temple.

Jack had my back several times when drug dealers and a couple of child rapists threatened my family and myself.  He vouched for me, as did a number of cops and legislators (even a couple of lawyers -s-) when these perps tried to frame me.  Didn't even go to court. 

He also didn't tolerate improper behavior on the Department.  Several Deputies were actually punished and some fired as a result.

He was down to earth and didn't mince words.  He would tell you what he honestly thought.  Made him some enemies of course.  The antigunners locally hated him.

Jack also advised me and offered support for my intention of making Heart in the City, a movie about Victim Assistance and the folks who risk much to help victims get through and become survivors then victorious.  We both had known Ruthann Popcheff, who directed the program and passed away in 1986.  Support included getting me approval to film in Indianapolis.

As for more, go to a search engine and type in his name.  Below are a couple obits:

Comment was made about his passing being the end of an era.  Considering the state of affairs in our Republic, I agree.

Here's to you Jack.  Thanks.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


A common word, a general term.  A pin on which something turns. 

We are in the middle of Autumn in the northern hemisphere.  We turn from summer to winter by way of this season.  Gradually, the heat and light wane as cold and darkness wax.  Could this be metaphor concerning the fate of our Republic?  Maybe.

The wealth nd power amassed against us is formidable.  But they simply cannot stop us unless we ourselves give up.  That's why massive efforts to undermine and dispirit us are underway.  The devil's trick is to deceive us into thinking our cause is hopeless.  It is not.

Speak up, speak out, reveal tyranny.  Counter their moves and motives with our own. 

Election time is here and the same tired pap is being shoveled.  We are playing the hand we are dealt.  Within the miasma, seek out those who can counter the tide of tyranny.  Fight every day in word and deed.  For those in office are accountable to US.  Many are the arrogant who believe otherwise.

Many are those who amazingly buy the same tainted product.  Some are just stupid, others think there is no alternative, that a deal with the devil now will buy time.  You know, like feeding others to the alligators as we are a$$ deep.  Maybe zombies is a better analogy today -s-.

Am I inside an empty fuel tank, my words echoing hollowly?  You decide.

Listen to these words:

"And because it may be too great a temptation to human frailty, apt to grasp at power, for the same persons, who have the power of making laws, to have also in their hands the power to execute them, whereby they may exempt themselves from obedience to the laws they make, and suit the law, both in its making, and execution, to their own private advantage, and thereby come to have a distinct interest from the rest of the community, contrary to the end of society and government: therefore in well ordered commonwealths, where the good of the whole is so considered, as it ought, the legislative power is put into the hands of divers persons, who duly assembled, have by themselves, or jointly with others, a power to make laws, which when they have done, being separated again, they are themselves subject to the laws they have made; which is a new and near tie upon them, to take care, that they make them for the public good."-- John Locke(1632-1704) English philosopher and political theorist. Considered the ideological progenitor of the American Revolution and who, by far, was the most often non-biblical writer quoted by the Founding Fathers of the USA.

For the cold and darkness are coming.  Will you fight?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Open Letter To Ron Casey

Dear Ron:

I wanted an opportunity to say hello.  All other efforts have been fruitless.  So, I have been puzzled and simply ask 'why'.

I remember the referral I got some twenty five years ago.  It led to an association of several years for which I am thankful.

You guided and protected me in court concerning my oldest daughter and the machinations of her mother, as well as other legal matters.. 

You were a source of legal advice locally concerning certain aspects of show business inquiries.

You aided Ruthie and me to amicably end our marriage.

Through the years, you were a source of wisdom and comfort, a lawyer with heart.

You knew when to help and when it was unwise for me to proceed.

The incident when I was mugged and my gun stolen was tumultuous and a bit confusing.  Naturally I sought your advice concerning the matter.

I recall explaining in brief about the circumstances.  You agreed to talk to me further about it.

I remember your calling back one day.  I was outside where the wind and traffic interfered, in spite of you calling to try reconnecting, communications were. spotty.

I managed to tell you about my gun being taken and my belief that Detective Bill Cincebox 'dropped the ball' re my identifying the perpetrators.

I can tell you that I didn't feel it was worth pursuing his ineptitude.  He would have said he did his job and the 'blue line' would back him up.

The prosecutor eventually released my gun as I had properly identified it.  It was a strange catch 22.  I couldn't testify re the perps, but it was my gun stolen.

Before this, on the street, because of the cell fritzing in and out, You asked me to call you at the office the next day.

I agreed and duly returned your call.  I got you voice mail and left the ball in your court to once again call back.  I never received a call.

Several times, I left polite inquiries when we could talk.  The silence was deafening.  This included getting your secretary on the phone.  First time, she said you weren't there so I left another message reminding you of your agreement to talk with me.  Next time she just switched me to voice mail.  Over the next two weeks, I left maybe three-four are further polite inquiries.  You never responded

Obviously there may have been little you could have done.  However, to have thrashed it out would have harkened back to that lawyer with a heart I thought I knew.

I had dismissed the whole affair until 10/15/14.  Ruthie called you in re a matter which I will not speak of here.  It is a matter of some importance and again your wise counsel was sought.

She connected with the secretary who beeped you.  The secretary said she forgot you were in conference with a client.  So Ruthie left a message.  If there is any further communication on the matter, that is between her and you of course.

But it brought to mind what appeared to be stonewalling on your part with me two years ago.

So I ask why Ron?  What happened?

I could speculate.  That would be as fruitless as events of two years ago.  And what I think of Detective Cincebox is irrelevant.  Irritating but irrelevant.

I had hoped to continue an association with you as a trustworthy legal counsel for personal matters locally. 

That may be beside the point or not. 

Please do me the common courtesy of responding.

Thanks for all you did.  I hope we can continue.


Michael Hiland

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Midnite Spookathon

Anyone remember those 50s/60s late night shows popular way back when?

They took place after the movie house had shown its last feature for the day.  Sometimes drive-ins did the same thing, usually with a past midnight showing or dusk to dawn fun.

These shows featured live acts, much like vaudeville with various themes.  Sometimes the show were in synch with horror shows currently playing.  Often, they would include 'actors' moving amongst the audience, seeking to 'spook' them -s-.

I remember vampires and attempted appearances by recently dead rock stars.  I kid you not.  It must have been the birth of celebrity lookalikes. .

One time, I must have been 8 or so, Dr. Frankenstein's creature got loose, threatening to run amok.  The doctor shot him in the head, with a subsequent 'blood' gush and black out.  Impressive in a grade school kid's way.

The Indiana Theater had these penny dreadful epics often.  It was where I saw many monster epics such as Horror of Dracula.  The nearby parking garage even cooperated and weird music poured over a speaker as one walked out.  

Now the movie house is the Indiana Repertory Theatre.  I've even performed there in the past.  You can decide for yourself if their efforts are worth seeing.  They must be at least as good as the spookathons lol.

As for analogies, I'll leave that to you gentle reader concerning late night monstrous machinations in locked rooms inside the beltway and state capitols.

Trick or treat -s-!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Cartels And Terror

As always money talks and bull**** walks.  It's a magic show for the ages.

Drug cartels are big money.  They have many branches in the US.  Many have come over the border illegally as most of the thugs comprising their numbers are indeed illegal, let alone their evil activities.  They trade in drugs and all the fallout from then including prostitution, protection and arms trading.

These monsters are organized and include those with military training.  Also they include a wide range of geographic types such as Russian, Chinese and Mexican plus many more.  It's not just the Sicilian Mafia anymore.

There are various alliances mostly for convenience.  There is no love lost and many battle for territory.  They consider cities and neighborhoods 'their' property.  We are just saps living there.

Cops often simply tolerate gangs/cartels.  Many are bribed.  They are overwhelmed.  It's an elaborate game of cops and robbers and similar to the 1920s, crime proliferates while our rights suffer.

It's no wonder this scum will do dirty work such as gun smuggling for jihadists.  They certainly don't share the goals of the islamosch***ks and the fanatics think of them as just more infidels to eventually destroy.

But they do business.  It's not personal.  And this is all there is of principle amongst them.  Greed and hatred serve them as fuel for a diabolic fire.

I believe they are left to spread their mischief for a couple of reasons.  One is pure greed.  The other is to systematically destroy our infrastructure.

Imagine if we were disarmed.  Would the 'state' save us?  No.  We must study these mugworts and see to stopping them.  It takes terrific ability and yes understanding to do so. 

Of course there are those who wish to put a stop to cartel/terror activity.  They spit in the wind of the great money made and thrown around plus an agenda which seeks to use their behavior as another method of control.

Be wary and watch your backsides.  Armed America is a bigger stumbling block than we would be led to believe. Grassroots is more than those who would be our masters think. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014


It's pronounced 'Ahloopah'.  Scots Gaelic is an interesting trip down a twisty road of pronunciation.

So the land of many of my ancestors voted for independence.  It lost.  They voted to stay tethered to England.  It was, however closer than the statists and royalty liked. I bet.  Check it out.  It's ll over the internet, though slid down the hot topics headlines.

This cheeky Yank has an opinion.  Freedom is becoming a worldwide quest.  This has never gone away.  Though people are bribed with entitlements, there is a desire to strike out on their own.

My suggestion is for Scotland to break free, form a Constitutional Republic then realign itself with those who will actively destroy the jihadist threat.  Easier said than done?  Yes, but not impossible.  And Scots are renowned for rolling up their sleeves and getting to it.

We need to restore our own Republic.  It is supposed to be an example of Freedom for the world to follow.  But we can root for others.

An association of republics works better than an umbrella of socialist states such as the European Union.  Unity through diversity (Not the isolated attempt to pit people against each other) ie E Pluribus Unum is more dynamic than a pulpy collectivist blob.

Just my two cents as the international bankers smooth their ruffled feathers. 

One day Scotland will be Free.  People will win over the state.

Dreams do come true.  You cannot stop ideas.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Red Paint

Two kids, a boy, 17 and a girl, 15 were caught defacing a 114 year old Civil War memorial on August 28, 2013 in New York City.  There was no doubt it was this idiotic pair as they had some of the red spray paint on them.  Here's a tie-in story:

I haven't checked on their fate, but they were charged with felony mischief. 

Now I could go on about punk kids, spoiled brats etc committing criminal acts.  Robert Kennedy junior comes to mind for the recent climate march fiasco.  His past is emblematic and an excellent example of such people and their aberrant behavior.

I could mention how heinous it is to deface such sacred sites.  And that could lead one to ask wtf gets in someone's head.

What peeked my attention was the graffiti itself and the paint color.  Yes, I seem to always see something else.

A lot of the marks were silly faces and even the dips names.  There were indications however of sigils.

No, I'm not going all Supernatural re the series and its use of such symbols.  I'm merely noting there are instances where satanic displays occur and are largely ignored by the press.  Sure, sometimes sensationalistic stuff leaks through.  But hardcore demonic instances get glossed over.

The spiritual good or evil gets short shrift. 

Body, mind psyche spirit are cornerstones of existence.  JMHO of course, but the invisible is with us.  And I'm not weird bearding it for Halloween time.  I believe we ignore the spiritual at our own peril.

I'm also not trying to tell you what to believe nor how.  But this is food for thought and I offer it as such.

Red and black are common colors associated with satanic worship.  If you want to think I have an overactive imagination ok.

But idle minds are empty receptacles that are waiting to be filled.  We should be mindful of this and endeavor to fill with Light.

If we study our enemies, don't ignore the invisible.

As the Dylan song says, 'you gotta serve somebody'.

Down the line, I'll talk about what I think re collectivism and evil.

So color your life with Light.  Don't get caught red handed -s-.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Stage Dad Not

My daughter is off to fine arts college.  She is creating her own destiny or future.  As for destiny, I guess we could make that a separate philosophical subject. 

My son is continuing to map out his own course.  He knows what he wants and is traversing adulthood well.  Military and subsequent history teaching are on the horizon.

As for my girl, she is excelling at standup comedy and acting is on the docket.

I take credit only for giving them a start.  The rest is up to them.

There is nothing worse than a stage mom or dad.  They push their kids to live a life the kids may or may not want.  It's abusive itself but can lead to abuse from others for the sake of fame and fortune.

Some parents latch on, living off the profits.  While they should get a percentage while the kids are minors, there should be no further involvement, unless it is a business arrangement.

Also, that attachment is often vicarious.  The parent has failed, so live through the kid's accomplishment.

Jealousy many times lurks below the surface as the children become just some extension of the parent.

Let the kids be.  Let them shine on their own.  It is their turn to live.

I use the terms boy and girl out of affection.  A young man and young woman have flown from the nest.

We all have that on our side, ie, the capacity to determine a course of life for ourselves.

I will always love my kids.  But their lives are THEIRS.

Be Free.

Saturday, August 30, 2014


As usual books and papers have been written about progressivism.  And as always, I encourage the reader to search the vast store of knowledge on the internet.

Yes there are many who fancy themselves 'progressive' these days.  And who can argue with progress?  As a word its definition lends itself to moving forward, learning, science, advancing from barbarism to civilization.  I certainly don't. when progress is defined in that way.  I am educated, both in schools and way beyond.

But, there is a difference.  Collectivism attached itself like a rancid barnacle, twisting and politicizing progress, turning it into something unrecognizable.  Collectivists likewise stole the term 'liberal'.  The origin is nothing like the warped parody slathered around now.  Imagine a 'modern' liberal' being able to understand and tolerate other views lol.

Government is a star to these 'philosophies'.  It has the answers, as the people cannot be trusted on their own.  These are their words not mine, just in case someone tries to hijack and isolate a quote from me.  That's why, btw, one must dig and study in toto.  Collectivism lies and issues lies mixed with truth, rather like a demon possessing someone.  And there is a spiritual element/level to all of it.

Whether Saul Alinsky was being sarcastic he did dedicate his Rules for Radical to Lucifer and as he said 'the first radical'.  No it was the first psychopath.  And so do these saviors of mankind imitate pridefully and presumptuously to lord it over all of us.  Well some of us, but not me and I hope dear reader not you -s-.

Progressivism does this as one of the tony terms but aka as just another flavor of collectivism.

Such notions are feeble and backward.  Our Founders proved this and countered such for all time with our Republic. No wonder these goblins have sought to destroy it since even before it was formed.

Slavery, government monopoly, the destruction of individuality and more are hallmarks of collectivism, which is a great umbrella term for all the mokes comprising progressive, commie etc.

Of course these are counter productive and lead us back to control by the king or commissar.

Thus, I relabel Progressives as Regressives.  I don't think they like it -s-.  Shining light in the darkness always makes the bugs run.

Friday, August 29, 2014


Ever lived in a house with no air conditioning in high humidity summer aka dog days?  You'd do whatever you could to stay cool.

If you have a freezer, you might occasionally stick your head in and let the cold embrace you for a moment.  Wet sheets covering you, aided  by fans might help relieve the drudgery, the energy sapping atmosphere.

Pre electricity probably found one wiping, rinsing off and bandanas, which I've used in our modern era as well.

Overheating is dangerous.  We can suffer heatstroke even death.  We need to sty cool.

So it is with the incidents nationally and worldwide.  We must coolly even coldly assess the situation.

There is no doubt we face interior and exterior threats.  It's palpitatingly obvious.  There are 'enemies foreign and domestic'.

But we must not give way to fear.  We must have cold courage to face what is coming, what is here.

In short, I believe there are elements of ISIS already here, whetheror not that sign in Ferguson was real.  Any intel org would work to plant sleepers first.  This should be investigated thoroughly.

I already mentioned in Coppers and Commies that agents provocateurs were present in Ferguson.  It's standard collectivist behavior.

Before the boys and girls in dark suits come, let me say these are only observations.  They are my opinions based on years of study.  Specifics are beyond me.

The point I'm making is that psychintelops are being played.  Don't kneejerk.  Be ready to defend yourself.  Train practice and watch.

I'm not suggesting we all become intelops.  Hardly.  Just everyday condition yellow will do.  We are not Jack Bauers.

Don't get caught in gov induced or other source induced hysteria.  We needn't become Stasiesque to do what's right.

Just be cool as a cucumber.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Coppers And Commies

Oh boy.  What a whirlwind a firestorm of action and reaction.  One of the primary places is Ferguson MO.  There are others, each calculat3d to install fear and confusion. 

I'll chat about this but it all boils down to one thing, ie, subversion.

See: for a simplistic definition.

From the site:  a systematic attempt to overthrow or undermine a government or political system by persons working secretly from within

Subversion is way older than communism, though it is a common term when referring to collectivist attempts to do the above.  In fact, subversion has  existed for eons. 

It is all done to consolidate power.  From the earliest primitive orgs to our current situation, there have always been those who want to control everyone else.  Kings and shamans on down the line til that little dweeb Marx organized (sic) communism, the machinations continue.

So, Ferguson you say?  Here is what I think.

Someone is killed by a socalled 'authority figure'.  The details are mixed and parsed, whipping up emotions in several corners.

It goes in a different direction than say Zimmerman and the budding hood.  I believe people were sent there to incite riot.  Not just the usual suspects but people inside the crowd.  The are dedicated believers preying on dupes to do the bidding of their masters.  The more confusion and mayhem the better.

On the other side (There must be sides to pit people against each other), cops are sent to observe and attempt control.  Some of it is hamfisted, which feeds the growing militarization of police. 

Notice how many are spotlighting the aforesaid militarization.  Not just certain socalled rightwingers, but many a progressive etc.  It creates a false sense of 'common ground'.

Notice the people who have prevailed were folks who were armed to defend their businesses and lives.  This has been deemphasized in proportion to the emotional exacerbation.

I have my own opinions re what happened.  Those things have been bandied about for weeks and will continue to be for some time to come. 

Look what's happening around the event.  How officials clamor to control..  It is merely power play and for them hopefully more smoke and mirrors.

These are observations.  We should pull this thing apart to expose the manipulation going down.

And a trip back to 1920's Chicago specifically and that era in general can give us a big clue to my previous mention of timeless control.  Look at the 'cops and robbers' behavior/mentality that unfolded in the 20s and 30s.  One side fed the other.

More crime?  More restrictive to the public laws.  Antigun actions were just part of it.  And the FDR social 'reforms' tossed in sure cooked up a rancid stew.

Compare to now and see what's happening.  It's MOS.

So take my thoughts and see for yourselves.

I will have more of them in the next few days.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cowboys And Aliens

Wow.  I had so many angles re titles for this.  I don't pick titles to be cute, but I often offer headlines that grab attention and I hope, through my work, to get people to think and then do.

And believe me, it's an effort to actually NOT publish more blog entries.  I have many thoughts but so little time.  It's not a cop out.  I've often said this place is either a palette for a portrait or an appetizer for a main course.  So many others are prolific.  Go to David Codrea's War On Guns and go down the list. I do. 

As for my time , it is spent as said before, working on my career.  Selfish?  No.  I know where I'm best able to do something.  And I meet a lot of people on the way as I sow seeds along my path.  Still there is more, but I prefer to let things be.   The Earth turns, with each and every one of us playing a part, no matter how small, in events as it does.  And believe this, doing nothing is playing a part, albeit negative.

The border mess is multileveled collectivism.  First, it causes immediate chaos and destruction in the Southwest.  Then, illegal aliens are distributed throughout the country.  Gang members are prominent among the illegals.  Increased violence such as rape robbery and murder happen as sidekicks to the drug trade.  There is also health threat from so many streaming here.  These lead to some brownie points for our commies.

The infrastructure is compromised.  Millions of voters could swell the ranks and turn an election tide for collectivists on both sides of the aisle.  More jobs are robbed from Americans and put into the hands of people whose allegiance is either to another country or to the 'what's in it for me' bunch.

Gang activity is rising nationwide.  Ruthless monsters, both domestic and foreign have infused the cities.  This can demoralize many and fuel the fire of gun control. 

There is nothing racist nor cruel regarding the cold hard facts. And those 'kid's coming here?  Many are teens and quite a few of those are gang tied.  It's the same statistic stuffing that goes on re gun deaths.

What can you do?  Expose this.  Be relentless in sharing the facts and counter the collectivist broad brush of making the illegals saints and anyone opposing them sinners.

Reveal gang activity and insist we have the right to defend ourselves.  Urge the cops and their statist bosses to target the criminals and not decent honest citizens.

We are a country of many races, faiths and cultures.  We band for the common hope of Freedom and self determination.  That even at one time included several illegals who came with the hope of ctual earned citizenship and taking the subsequent oath seriously.

Don't let the outlaws make criminals of you!

Do not be afraid and keep your chin up.

Refuse tyranny.

The Constitution including the Bill of Rights is our rope.

Let's lasso the rascals and stop the invasion.

Resist and pick your battles on all levels.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Last Resort

This short lived series is quite a thrill ride.  And like most entertainment (I urge folks to remember this is just that.  It is speculative fiction at best, though well done.), it is piqued to keep you on the edge of your seat.  It delivers.

Don't think I'm going off half cocked like keyboard commandos,  this show tells a highly fictionalized account of nuclear confrontation.  It mixes DC intrigue, Russian and Chinese attempted stealing of a US nuclear sub.

Below is a Wikipedia page that gives fairly straightforward plot and other production data.  These always cut off the last parenthesis.  It'll take you to choices and you can find the link there.  Or cut and paste.

Also here are some viewer reviews at IMDB. 

Decide for yourself what you think re probability, accuracy etc.  I'm interested in impressions.

Could a corrupt President and members of the Cabinet conspire to create a crisis dire enough for nuclear attack?  Could a sub Captain question orders?  Could US military oppose one another?  Would other countries try to take advantage?  Could loyalties/allegiances be divided under stress?  What do you think? I'm not asking for discussion here.  This blog serves as an appetizer, whereas the main courses are dished up elsewhere.

So see Last Resort and think, seek, ask those who know.  And remember, it is only the delusional who think they 'know the score' after viewing such pieces or reading spy/military novels.  You cannot become specops after watching/reading nor anything else, save for training and actual experience.  Same for gun use and close quarter combat/fighting.  If you want to defend yourself well, learn how from competent instructors.  Never to late to learn nor add to the toolbox.

Good fiction should be thought provoking.  Dig, read and research.  Ask those who have been in real situations, but only as far as they can tell you.

Also, remain positive lest events in reality let alone fiction, flock to disillusion and lead you to give up.  Don't buy that bad loaf.

Look for a message in the ravioli.

Always seek truth.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Something Is Rotten

On all levels something is rotten in these united States.  Sounds almost obvious and simple.  Yes and no.

Those who study history know that while outer pressure, political and military machinations, etc are part of the chessboard, it's the internal 'struggles' (such a fave term among collectivists) that bring a country down.  It is the enemy within.

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague." Marcus Tullius Cicero

Not all of the story, as traitors pretty clearly are evident.  They attempt to do as Cicero says, but analysis shows them as the two faced pretenders and liars they are.  In fact, the current occupier of the Oval Office is pretty blatant.

These red diaper babies and elitists think they have it made.  They believe we who hold to the Republic will eventually fall, especially soon as the guns are gone.  Ain't gonna happen.  We must keep lighting the dark corners of their collectivist plans.

I keep urging folks to study the enemy.  A good place to start is with the Communist Manifesto and Alinsky's Rules for Radicals.  Believe me, these mokes study us and our documents in order to subvert The Republic.  Studying this stuff doesn't make you a collectivist, nor nuts (mutually exclusive -s-?).  It is simply part of history.  And again vis a vis Sun Tzu, study your enemy and yourself, as it were.

Note the predominate insulting and ridicule via Rule number 5.  It goes on ad infinitum like some kind of hi-speed automated dung flinger.  We stand for something and it's the job of subversionists to counter it.

The cure for this is to use their tactics against them.  Bit by bit, we fight that enemy that never sleeps.  We must continue to sleep less and reclaim the Republic. 

Our difference is we are based in truth.  Collectivists are ensconced in lies and half truths.  They can and are countered and beaten.  I believe we can win the final victory.  But finality is only as good as vigilance.

They also appeal as we know to emotion, eschewing logic/reason.  We should remember that reason is the key for victory.  But we should balance head and heart, for just cold facts need personality to convince the truth.

The internal battle includes so many facets.  Collectivism, like cancer attaches to healthy cells and indeed rots them from within. 

Disarm us, flood the country with people who are heavily infiltrated with criminals and factionalize.  No more E Pluribus Unum.  We become a house divided.  And oh yes, destroy the economy with socialized medicine and hindering American business.

It is a matter of Countering these things.

Nobody said it was easy.  But how far have we come and where do we want to go?

When something goes rotten, we toss it.  And we replace it with the freshness of Freedom/Liberty forever!

Monday, July 28, 2014


It's unbelievable.  Then again, as with collectivists, every day is opposite day, as David Codrea says.

My ex saw someone with a button stating 'I'd Rather Be Raped Than Carry a Gun'.  She didn't have a chance to talk to this woman.  But it did cause a reaction.

She wondered if this person had actually ever been raped.  Degradation and violation, with soul killing results following this evil act.  My ex was raped at the age of six.  It has taken her much time to work through and triumph over this. 

Rape is among the most emotional issues.  It is vile, an attempt to rob the victim of everything dear and human.  Violence doesn't cover it.  It can destroy not just the victim, it makes victims of the friends and family as well.  Hats off to those who work each day to help victims heal, survive and be victorious.

For someone to say think or have a button stating a horrid preference is unthinkable, to those of us who choose to defend ourselves.  And I won't go into detail.   It's just stupid.

Liberals/collectivists seem to be inviting rape with their naïve notions of what to do.

Whistles, vomiting and urination are given to supposedly stop a rapist. 

Resistance is important.  I suggest women./girls and men/boys get as much training with firearms and close quarter fighting as they can.   Also condition yellow is basic.  Wary and aware of surroundings, trying to stick to well traveled places etc are essential. 

It is our right to defend ourselves.  It's endemic, natural, God given and only enumerated in the Bill of Rights. 

Far as rape goes, we are assaulted with half baked and cockamamie ideas from those who cannot conceive horrible reality.  We are inundated with collectivist tricks and schemes constantly.  Go toe to toe withthem and speak the truth.

I do not wish rape on anyone.  But some will suffer because they won't admit it can happen to them.

Further, don't be silent.  These are secrets we must not keep.  Get help if it happens and prepare to fight in the future.

Don't let rapists win by killing your spirit.

Monday, June 30, 2014


I'm not a single parent.  If I misled anyone in my previous post, Fathers, it was not my intention.

I have nothing against single parenting,  It has increased but there is a 'trick' to it.  Most single parents I know make sure the child/children  has/have good role models of the opposite sex.

My best female role model was my Great Grandma Rose Belle St.Clair Hiland. 

She was loving and insightful, always having some common sense (in the true meaning of the term) stories/examples about living day to day.

Honesty and straightforwardness were her way of life  She had been a suffragette and was active with the Democratic Party most of her life. 

That being said, she'd vote Republican if the candidate had something to help with the people.

I shouldn't speak for those gone, but I guarantee she would be angry and ashamed of how politics have been suborned by collectivists.  Maybe she'd be libertarian or independent.  She sure had her own mind and spoke out in her day.

I owe a great deal to her and some of the other women in my life.

Enough said.  It reminds me that Grandma didn't blather on.  She spoke her mind and that's that!

Sunday, June 29, 2014


Single parenting can work.  But it takes balance.  Kids need positive male and female role models.

I owe my love of Freedom greatly to my Dad, William Clair Hiland, my Brother William Connolly Hiland and my Grandpa, Roscoe Earl Nolan.  That and my skills acquisition re firearms, hunting, fishing and how to treat myself and women with respect.

These men were my initial and forever role models.

I hope I'm carrying on the tradition with my son and daughter.

Saturday, June 28, 2014


It must be dictionary month.  Merriam Webster says this of loyalty.:  'a feeling of strong support for someone or something'.  Like any word, loyalty can have nuances of meaning, is able to be used for weal or woe.  I'd say it has a decidedly negative connotation, accumulated over time.

Loyalty adheres to the time of kings and queens, when vassals were loyal followers and the rabble sought protection and even sustenance fro their lords.  Those times are over and the Constitutional Republic of these united States was the harbinger of the end. 

It reminds me of allegiance a related word.  Pledging allegiance is taken with a grain of salt by me.  Remember the Pledge was written by a socialist and the original salute was the right arm extended up and out instead of hand on the heart.  The latter became preferred after that German socialist movement in mid-twentieth century appropriated it.  If memory serves, it came from ancient Rome as a salute of fealty to the Emperor.

We may not need to be reminded (but it doesn't hurt -s-) that those who take the Oath in our Republic take that Oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  There are slight variations but that is the gist.

It is to be noted there is NO loyalty oath to a leader, just bearing faith and allegiance (the positive sense) to the principles enumerated in our chief document. 

These principles are being challenged, to put it mildly these days.  It's been a gradual process.  Tyranny is greedy but is also patient.  People, if you want to call them that, in 'high office' have usurped and turned round limited gov to unlimited power.  They think they are our bosses, that they know best.  And correspondingly there are attempts to dumb us down to accept their line of c##p.

We are slowly working to turn this around.  Bit by bit, shedding light, truth and the things which make these States great.

I know, this is the same theme I talk so often about.  Many others contribute so much more.  But each of us have something to give.  E Pluribus Unum-From Many One.  One accord coming from each.  It is the antithesis of collectivism.  And loyalty?

In its negative context, I remember two movies.  One is Dracula with the great Bela Lugosi and a fine cast.  The other is Licence to Kill, Timothy Dalton's second and regrettably last Bond, also with a fine cast headed by Robert Davi.

In Dracula, Renfield (Dwight Frye) is the Count's slave, turned to evil servitude.  He entreats the vampire that he is loyal and gets killed anyway.  Renfield's conscience had continued to occasionally prick his slavishness.  Dracula is destroyed by determined people who thus free the world of his darkness.

In Licence to Kill, Bond goes after druglord Franz Sanchez (Davi) after Sanchez has Felix Leiter maimed and his bride raped and murdered.  Posing as a rogue agent (partly true), Bond appeals to Sanchez' prizing 'loyalty' above all things.  Of course, it's the drug lord's downfall.  His loyalty is nothing but bribery and fear predicated by plomo o plata-lead or silver.  With such an unstable foundation, Sanchez' psychopathy quickly turns to paranoia, when he perceives those around him in betrayal.

There just might be some lessons learned, even in fiction/fantasy, concerning the world around us.  There is a 'message in the ravioli', as it were.  As an aside I give credit to Robert Davi for that expression, garnered from an interview at the time of the movie's release.

Loyalty versus fidelity.  Fear or love.

Which do you think ultimately wins?

Friday, June 27, 2014


Let me start with good ol' Merriam Webster:

Basically it's communications -the art of- within government.  Negotiating power and influence in said gov as well.  One of the definitions is 'the total complex of relations between people living in society'.  Frankly, I'll leave it to you for wending your way through the maze.  That's what it is to me.  It makes simple things complex.  Below is an example.

On Facebook, a particular gal longtime in showbiz has a grand daughter who is diabetic.  She praised ACA (I refuse to call it anything else though there are plenty of slang terms I could apply), saying it allowed this girl treatment and some kind of light at the end of her tunnel.  Someone responded, saying that there were plenty who didn't like/opposed it.  The grandma first complimented the guy thanking him for his service as he was a vet.  But she said her page and thread were no place for politics.  That's the crux of it to me.

Now first, perhaps it was fruitless to mention ACA is opposed or detrimental to the Republic, which it certainly is.  But Grandma used a favorite cop out for liberals, and actually all the socalled 'right wingers' aka neocons.  Something distasteful is brought up.  Often it's truthful or explains dangers. Then it's crumpled up and thrown away with the broad brush 'politics'.

Naturally, when relating to politicians, a much rightfully despicable term, getting them to see reality is a challenge, to put it mildly.  Working through 'legalese' and mounds of words, these myopic folks hide behind such things.  All I ask is the ability and opportunity to cut through the red tape, the jargon and talk like real people.  It's a tall order, but the more we take back the Republic, the easier it will become

And I'm not opposing vocabulary.  We need words and their meaning.  We must teach kids to be literate, even erudite.

As for the word politics, it almost invariably polarizes.  The picket lines of Republican and Democrat form fast.  It's all just bs, the art of legerdemain. 

I didn't comment on that thread re the girl and ACA.  It would have been pointless.  Pick and choose your battles or discussions.  Be ready.

While some will seemingly benefit, it is at the cost of millions who are bereft.  The middle class will continue to be weakened and socialized medicine will further 'transform' America indeed.  Enough said without delving where so many have gone before.  Start with Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams and find others for proof.

As for the game of politics, well we must change the rules.  And meanwhile find a message in the ravioli.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bottom Line

I'm fortunate that I have a business background.  It enhances my efforts as a writer and actor.  It has provided practicality in most other pursuits as well. 

Mind you, when it comes to certain endeavors, there are and will be trusted folks who manage and assist my work.  good lawyers and business managers, for instance, are worth their weight in gold -s-.

Oh yes.  Though my college work has never included classes in business, I don't begrudge anyone obtaining a business degree.  My cousin, a friend and supporter (gone sadly now), had one from IU.  He was a successful, ethical businessman.  Like any college work it is tempered by character and practical experience.  I hope.

Bottom lines are relative absolutes.  They work for the transactions they conclude.  It should be conclusive.  There is one bottom line with no wiggle room.

The attempts of any, ANY kind of gun control are about control.  I thank Captain Obvious for this lol.

The recent shooting by yet another evil goblin in California confirms this.  Oh and you probably know he stabbed three and hit two victims with his car.  The psycho had a nice car and guns as well as edged weaponry.  California has strict gun control, yet he managed to buy the guns without trouble.

Oh how the antigunners are railing for more control. Some even admitted the restrictions do not work.  Maybe some are embarrassed the loon's parents are antigun themselves.

Make no mistake, what Senator Feinstein said is a reality.  The bottom line for these destroyers of Freedom is 'turn em all in'.

The useful idiots are used.  The collectivists swarm.  And those who would control our very being plot to completely disarm us. 

Our bottom line is different.  So dans l'oeil d'un cochon-in a pig's eye sums it up.

Business is business.  I say no compromise while we must bit by bit regain our Constitutional Republic.  It's not as paradoxical as it would seem.

Don't be played.  It's all inclusive tyranny.

You'd be surprised, or not, how many people think they can bargain with collectivists.  No no no.

What our bottom line guarantees is these mokes can't rape us.

It's a binding contract with Freedom against tyranny.

The bottom line guarantees the price will be paid.

PS: As for the mentally ill and what should be done, I will have a near future post

Friday, May 30, 2014


I could start this with my love of soup.  You name it, if I haven't tried it, I most likely will.

Let us cut to the chase.  And though alphabet agencies come to mind this is about more.  The ABC's play a part in a larger picture.

There is no need to delve into conspiracy theories.  They are another element/ingredient in the soup.  Yes some are true, some lies and some mixed-mostly mixed.

There are people, besides those who are paid to work up scenarios, who are paid to muddy the water.  It's no accident Jedburgh is the name of a character in the Martin Campbell movie Edge of Darkness.  His job was to assess, derail and yes muddy the waters as well as eliminate anyone seeking and onto truth.  They exist, whether you believe it or not.  That doubt of course is part of the soup.

There are so many theories floating around such as JFK and 911.  Careful checking this stuff out.  You might just end up chasing your own tail like a distracted pup.  You might find a message in the ravioli.

I will suggest again that you look at the results of the actions.  What has happened since each of these pivotal events? 

Also, study history.  I mean dig.  Don't accept a high school or college text concerning anything.  Research, cross reference and keep looking.  Study behavior too.  It is the crux of why we are.

Are there 'forces' aka powerful people wanting to dominate us all?  Sure  Always have been.  Don't know if they always will be.  Til it ends, rest assured there are always some who wish to control, who believe the people are incapable of self government.  Or worse, some who know we can fulfill our own destiny but are callous and control for the 'love' of it.  That's evil in a nutshell.

Those who control hate the most those of us who not just see, but are systematically building where they destroy.

So check the recipes and see what soup's on!  Feel free -s- to change the menu!

Thursday, May 29, 2014


You reach for something.  It's not there.  Gone or you can see it, like Tantalus with his fruit and water.  Almost is a bigger, multi-textured word.

It can be an excuse for failure, as in, 'I tried and almost made it.  Oh well.'.  It can be a word of encouragement such as, 'Almost there!  Come on!'. 

Sometimes we fail.  Sometimes we succeed.  When something hangs in the balance, almost is a very big word.

Reminds me of the mention of almost in the Great Escape and how it can be fatal.  I suggest something else.

Keep in mind as I have said that we fight an enemy that never sleeps.  Sleeping less is merely being relentless and determined to bit by bit win ie restore our Republic.  In that sense, almost will never be enough.

But bit by bit is an almost each day closer to final victory.  And then, almost will take a back seat to claiming success and maintaining it.

No excuses.  Encourage others to be 'there'.  Come on!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pep Talk

My daughter's high school graduation was the other night.  It went well, kept moving and didn't bog down -s-.

We were proud of the kids and especially my girl, who intends to follow a career in showbiz.  It was a day of hope and happiness, worthy of celebration.

As for her education, it was started at home for several years.  She and her brother were taught to think for themselves and to ask, challenge and dig.  Take what is offered with a grain of salt and go on.

The kids did a great job that night and the teachers/officials gave their pep talks.  It was theme light as it were with a bit of a liberal bent of course.  Andre Carson gave the primary official pep talk.  He was an example for the kids of someone who has made it.  That is the role of the keynote speaker at graduations, as I'm sure you all know -s-.

Now my purpose here is to point something out and it may not be what you think.  Make no mistake, I'm politically and 'socially' opposed to Carson and what he and the other liberals spout in government.  And as for making it, struggling etc, well I think there are better examples for kids.

His address was short, and upbeat.  He gave examples of some who have made it such as Lincoln, Rosa Parks, Oprah Winfrey etal, the usual cadre liberals cite.  That I'm laying aside as well. And as for an upbeat, positive attitude, I have suggestions for better examples.

Why not talk to the kids about their futures?  Most of them will not be presidents, media moguls etc.  With the exception of Rosa who demanded her right to sit in the front of the bus (politicized and seized by the collectivists of course), how about talking to them about being leaders for themselves.  As individuals, they will reach a potential that combined could make America great again aka restore the Republic.

See what you are good at kids and go with it.  We need doctors, (good -s-) lawyers, artists, construction, service, just about anything you can think of to make our country work.  Sure strive for the best but compete with yourself, do your best. 

What I'm driving at is producing good content of character.  That is essential, no matter your background nor professional goals.

If you are sure of yourself, care about others and wish to help people help themselves, you are on the road to success.

If you want to be in the White House go for it.  We could use people there and in DC of good character who realize they are the servants of the people.  Or be an individual who thinks for him/herself, who banded with others, can bring the right people to those jobs.

I doubt I'll ever be a keynote speaker, though I have speechified in different venues before.  But I and the kids' Mom have supplied our son and daughter with a good beginning.

I believe that is the most important job for the future.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Clarity.  I'm the first to say things aren't always black and white (like the old TV shows -s-), but then again, there are certainties.  I love the old TV Westerns.  There is nothing like them now.  In fact there are some shows I watch now.  And I always watch them as I have always watched entertainment, with a grain of salt, measuring them against content and reality.  I'm able to suspend disbelief and enjoy.

As for Westerns, there was a time when they covered both movies and television.  Now there are none.  There was Deadwood, a morbid dark show and yes there is Hell on Wheels, a dark tinged show about the railroad expansion in the last half of the 19th century.  To me it is all in the telling.

Realism is dandy, but the emphasis is on how duplicitous people can be and the evil white man/capitalist.  Were there faults?  Sure.  But we are a country which acknowledges our complete history, warts and all.  And we still have the stuff Freedom is made of.

Wagon Train, among others, had a great deal of realism.  It lasted eight years and managed to tell a morality tale each week.  It, and many others, gave people something to think about.  Many of the Westerns didn't always have tidy endings either.  They were left undone, with conclusions to be drawn by the watcher.  Tough decisions, not always cut and dried, ensued on shows like Gunsmoke. 

I am also quick to add that there was probably more gunplay on TV/movies than in the real Old West.  One should keep in mind that studying history mustn't be based on Hollywood theatrics.  But the stories are what I'm driving at.  And it wasn't a matter of wondering what was right.  But these Westerns pointed out that in life decisions/outcomes aren't always neatly done up.  And that we must live with consequences.

Responsibility is a steady message in these shows.  The Rifleman comes to mind.  That, by the way, was a terrific example of a single dad raising his son.

So many show, so little time.  I suggest you all find as many rerunning and on disc.  Get a taste for yourself.

I will leave the conclusion up to you.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Character Actors

It may take stars to steer a project, or it may not.  Star is kind of overused these days.  Not everyone can be a star, but many can lead.  Ensemble casts are a good example of this.  The most long lived shows have casts which shift emphasis round a core group of say, half a dozen or more actors. 

There can be central characters, aka 'stars' such as actors portraying James Bond.  But Bond is only as good as the villains, ladies and again, supporting players.  The original Star Trek was supposed to be ensemble.  Though star slanted, the ensemble quality of the cast came through.

There has been a lot of discussion about stars and character actors.  The latter often have longer more versatile careers.  And some stars, such as Bruce Willis, actually segue from character parts to starring roles and vice versa. 

Often the villain is a more memorable role, with opportunities to stretch past a somewhat confined hero.  Versatility can vary and teamed with good writing and direction, heroes can shine as well.  The whole point is to be adaptable.  The more options, the better in most instances. 

In the same line, supporting players can be character actors or they can be there to literally support leading actors (much too often referred to as stars).  Eccentric individuals or unusual folks often define character actors.  They add flavor to the pot. 

Stars can become figureheads who literally walk through the film.  Some stars, like John Wayne, can produce magnificent performances.  Suspending disbelief is a great two way street.

The audience should be able to do so.  Good actors, along with the other elements (director, script, camera etc) can take us on a journey.

So it is in other realms.  So it is in our efforts re the Republic.

We actors and other artists aka everyday characters, all play a part.

Act.  Do.  Go forth at least on paper/online if not in person.

Characters.  Having character ie features, qualities that stand out, particularly moral excellence enduring the test of time.  I'm not talking saints.  Most of us are a might prickly-s-.  I'm talking consistency.  Again and again we each play a part in the unfolding story of Freedom.

THAT is performance.  Not make believe.  Reality.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Hard Rolls

Never did like 'em.  I always liked the soft yeast kind like Great Grandma used to make -s-.  You may wonder why sometimes I seemingly digress with tales of food and old time places etc.  I'm not living in the past.  I just remember and often details/minutiae that are obscure.  I believe recalling even odd bits is important.  The ability to remember is essential if we are to restore the Republic.  If we don't, we will fail.

Now hard rolls, the kind you can knock on a table, are a matter of taste.  They are good for soaking broth or soup.  And there might come a time when having them beats nothing at all.  I'm just saying make do with what you have.  And if I can have a preference, I'll take it!  Also, suffering for suffering's sake is insane.

Some people wear suffering on their sleeves.  That's different then again, from simply declaring where one is at re status, health, even wealth (whatever that is lol).  It's the opposite of putting on airs.

If all you have are hard rolls, make the most of them.  We may have a hard row to hoe as it is -s-.

On the other hand, being picky is not to be despised.  I'm pretty picky about taking back the Republic bit by bit!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Excuse Reason

First, I'm glad David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh are better.  Now that doesn't make an excuse for any of us.  We still need to do our part.

Looks like I'm not making it at all to the NRA convention.  It's almost in walking distance and I have the ten buck 'member for a day' aka admission.  Call it zigging when I should have zagged.  I'm sure all has gone well without me.  It's not an excuse either.  It's just a fact.

I bet there are lots of neat things to see and do.  It would be a fine way to say hey I'm for the 2A!  Then again in my daily grind, I let that be known.  I don't shove it in people's face.  Then again, I don't demure like a shrinking violet either.  I make choices.

I might have had time yesterday Saturday 4/26, to have dropped by.  Could have said hi to Mike and met the Armed American Radio folks.  It didn't happen.  And the world continues to turn.

Running errands, being along when a good deed was done by another, shopping; well the last could have been postponed.  Is it a matter of excuse or reason?  Little of both I guess.

I am sure lots of good goals were accomplished at the convention.  What's more important to me is what happens after.  70,00 attended.  NRA has, what, between 4-5 million members?  GOA and JPFO has more, along with other groups, of which some criss cross.  Meetings are invaluable times to exchange ideas and get things rolling.  Hope word is spread re what occurred at the convention.  But it is not a be all end all.  We each have a job to do.

Aside from all the official stuff, which all conventions, no matter the content/purpose share, there would no doubt be a transfer, a continuation of ideas.  in this case, Freedom is predominant.  Ideas move along, propelled by meeting. sharing doing.

Those who for active or passive reasons, protest Freedom, in this case guns, met too.

We drove by them downtown.  Couldn't have been more than around 200 as was predicted.  I'm sure they are a mixed bunch.  Some really think guns will destroy us.  Some have had negative imprinting.  And some are aiming as it were, to disarm us as a prelude to total tyranny.

They offer excuses, based on emotion.  Reasons are few and far between, usually couched in emotion only.  They do not offer real reason.

Now there are excuses for not doing something.  'I'm busy, family, work, distractions.  There are reasons for same.  But examine where you are.  Is there not at least some time to send a letter, support Freedom, speak out?  Just because most of us didn't make a convention is no excuse to do nothing.  Stay the course.  Find those activities that call on your individual talents. If you don't think you have any, they may be quietly roiling underneath -s-.

There are usually plenty of excuses.  But there is no reason not to do something. 

Monday, March 31, 2014


If you have your health, you have everything.  Pretty much true, for then you can build on a foundation.

It's easy to take health for granted, especially when young.  As we grow older, then we give more thought to our mortality.  Me, I'm not worried.  I'll live til I die.  I will use my time.

Don't take health for granted.  Of course the red diaper baby in the Oval Office and his controllers are trying to micro manage healthcare.  We must confront and stop it.  Until then, see to your well being.

When you get sick, work to get well.  It may be a bumpy ride, but do all you and those round you can.

David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh have health problems.  Give them some slack.  And do something to help the work they are doing.

I guarantee they will feel better just knowing we are doing our part and not just waiting for them to get better so they do theirs.

Fighting for Freedom is a team effort.  Get busy.

And care about them.  Pray and or think of them.  Carry on inspired by them and others.  There is something each of us can do.  Don't run yourself into the ground.  It's share the health to play on the words of the collectivists -s-.

Our Republic is ill with compromise and the continued rot of the collectivists.  Let us bring back health.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Invaders

I generally overlooked this before.  Upon closer examination, I'm glad I looked closer.

The Invaders was a 67-68 series on ABC starring Roy Thinnes as architect David Vincent.  He's driving from a commission and it's late so he looks for a place to get sack time.  The diner he heard about is deserted but he pulls over and naps.  He is awakened by a strange hum and glow.  Before him he sees a spacecraft landing.

The socalled authorities of course think he's nuts when he tells them about it.  The series goes on as Vincent tries to expose the invasion and its purpose.  The invaders intend to exterminate mankind and take the planet for themselves.

Far as the show goes, it's pretty good science fiction/fantasy.  The guest stars are among Hollywood's best and Roy Thinnes, the star, is very intense as Vincent.  The special effects are actually interesting as far as how the invaders are dispatched.  As they die, they glow red and poof, disappear, leaving what looks like some kind of carbon imprint.  So, there is no trace, thus eliminating proof -s-.  Remember this came out in '67, so don't expect top notch stuff.  It's at least as good as Star Trek was lol.

As for the message, well for me that's the interesting part.  It's debated but there is a strong emphasis on the commie menace so prevalent at the time.  There is the atmosphere of paranoia and the old saying that is not really paranoia if they are really after you.

The invaders seem to have no emotion.  Their race advances in a self-sacrificing way, easily destroying themselves and equipment when foiled.  Sounds familiar huh?

I for one actually see commies/collectivists as very passionate about their beliefs and goals.  A particular Hollywood actor comes to mind who said he's willing to die for his liberal (collectivist) beliefs.  Yet they do lack spirit.  There ways are steeped in lies, which do not make up for truth such as we who are restoring the Republic.

As for The Invaders being a relic of the Cold War, it's not.  It's thought provoking and reminds me of a salient fact:  Communism is far from being dead.

Soul destroying collectivism is very much alive and rotting the Republic.  Look at the red diaper baby in the Oval office and those birds of a feather flocking round him.  Gaze upon those who would disarm us and burden us with ridiculous regulations bent upon making us a collective slag heap.  There are plenty of communist countries.  And don't count out Russia.  If it quaks and waddles like a duck, well what do you think?

Yep the invaders are here.   And I'm sure I'm looked at as an alarmist or nutcase etc.  Part of the Alinskyan method re side tracking.  I will not be quiet.  And I will match them blow for blow.  I will also be proactive.  I will never rest til the invaders are stopped and excised/exposed.

How's that for commitment, spirit and passion?