Monday, June 30, 2014


I'm not a single parent.  If I misled anyone in my previous post, Fathers, it was not my intention.

I have nothing against single parenting,  It has increased but there is a 'trick' to it.  Most single parents I know make sure the child/children  has/have good role models of the opposite sex.

My best female role model was my Great Grandma Rose Belle St.Clair Hiland. 

She was loving and insightful, always having some common sense (in the true meaning of the term) stories/examples about living day to day.

Honesty and straightforwardness were her way of life  She had been a suffragette and was active with the Democratic Party most of her life. 

That being said, she'd vote Republican if the candidate had something to help with the people.

I shouldn't speak for those gone, but I guarantee she would be angry and ashamed of how politics have been suborned by collectivists.  Maybe she'd be libertarian or independent.  She sure had her own mind and spoke out in her day.

I owe a great deal to her and some of the other women in my life.

Enough said.  It reminds me that Grandma didn't blather on.  She spoke her mind and that's that!

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