Friday, June 27, 2014


Let me start with good ol' Merriam Webster:

Basically it's communications -the art of- within government.  Negotiating power and influence in said gov as well.  One of the definitions is 'the total complex of relations between people living in society'.  Frankly, I'll leave it to you for wending your way through the maze.  That's what it is to me.  It makes simple things complex.  Below is an example.

On Facebook, a particular gal longtime in showbiz has a grand daughter who is diabetic.  She praised ACA (I refuse to call it anything else though there are plenty of slang terms I could apply), saying it allowed this girl treatment and some kind of light at the end of her tunnel.  Someone responded, saying that there were plenty who didn't like/opposed it.  The grandma first complimented the guy thanking him for his service as he was a vet.  But she said her page and thread were no place for politics.  That's the crux of it to me.

Now first, perhaps it was fruitless to mention ACA is opposed or detrimental to the Republic, which it certainly is.  But Grandma used a favorite cop out for liberals, and actually all the socalled 'right wingers' aka neocons.  Something distasteful is brought up.  Often it's truthful or explains dangers. Then it's crumpled up and thrown away with the broad brush 'politics'.

Naturally, when relating to politicians, a much rightfully despicable term, getting them to see reality is a challenge, to put it mildly.  Working through 'legalese' and mounds of words, these myopic folks hide behind such things.  All I ask is the ability and opportunity to cut through the red tape, the jargon and talk like real people.  It's a tall order, but the more we take back the Republic, the easier it will become

And I'm not opposing vocabulary.  We need words and their meaning.  We must teach kids to be literate, even erudite.

As for the word politics, it almost invariably polarizes.  The picket lines of Republican and Democrat form fast.  It's all just bs, the art of legerdemain. 

I didn't comment on that thread re the girl and ACA.  It would have been pointless.  Pick and choose your battles or discussions.  Be ready.

While some will seemingly benefit, it is at the cost of millions who are bereft.  The middle class will continue to be weakened and socialized medicine will further 'transform' America indeed.  Enough said without delving where so many have gone before.  Start with Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams and find others for proof.

As for the game of politics, well we must change the rules.  And meanwhile find a message in the ravioli.


teacher said...

You mixed metaphors.

Mike H said...

I know. I see it as mental adroitness exercise lol.