Saturday, May 31, 2014

Bottom Line

I'm fortunate that I have a business background.  It enhances my efforts as a writer and actor.  It has provided practicality in most other pursuits as well. 

Mind you, when it comes to certain endeavors, there are and will be trusted folks who manage and assist my work.  good lawyers and business managers, for instance, are worth their weight in gold -s-.

Oh yes.  Though my college work has never included classes in business, I don't begrudge anyone obtaining a business degree.  My cousin, a friend and supporter (gone sadly now), had one from IU.  He was a successful, ethical businessman.  Like any college work it is tempered by character and practical experience.  I hope.

Bottom lines are relative absolutes.  They work for the transactions they conclude.  It should be conclusive.  There is one bottom line with no wiggle room.

The attempts of any, ANY kind of gun control are about control.  I thank Captain Obvious for this lol.

The recent shooting by yet another evil goblin in California confirms this.  Oh and you probably know he stabbed three and hit two victims with his car.  The psycho had a nice car and guns as well as edged weaponry.  California has strict gun control, yet he managed to buy the guns without trouble.

Oh how the antigunners are railing for more control. Some even admitted the restrictions do not work.  Maybe some are embarrassed the loon's parents are antigun themselves.

Make no mistake, what Senator Feinstein said is a reality.  The bottom line for these destroyers of Freedom is 'turn em all in'.

The useful idiots are used.  The collectivists swarm.  And those who would control our very being plot to completely disarm us. 

Our bottom line is different.  So dans l'oeil d'un cochon-in a pig's eye sums it up.

Business is business.  I say no compromise while we must bit by bit regain our Constitutional Republic.  It's not as paradoxical as it would seem.

Don't be played.  It's all inclusive tyranny.

You'd be surprised, or not, how many people think they can bargain with collectivists.  No no no.

What our bottom line guarantees is these mokes can't rape us.

It's a binding contract with Freedom against tyranny.

The bottom line guarantees the price will be paid.

PS: As for the mentally ill and what should be done, I will have a near future post

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