Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pep Talk

My daughter's high school graduation was the other night.  It went well, kept moving and didn't bog down -s-.

We were proud of the kids and especially my girl, who intends to follow a career in showbiz.  It was a day of hope and happiness, worthy of celebration.

As for her education, it was started at home for several years.  She and her brother were taught to think for themselves and to ask, challenge and dig.  Take what is offered with a grain of salt and go on.

The kids did a great job that night and the teachers/officials gave their pep talks.  It was theme light as it were with a bit of a liberal bent of course.  Andre Carson gave the primary official pep talk.  He was an example for the kids of someone who has made it.  That is the role of the keynote speaker at graduations, as I'm sure you all know -s-.

Now my purpose here is to point something out and it may not be what you think.  Make no mistake, I'm politically and 'socially' opposed to Carson and what he and the other liberals spout in government.  And as for making it, struggling etc, well I think there are better examples for kids.

His address was short, and upbeat.  He gave examples of some who have made it such as Lincoln, Rosa Parks, Oprah Winfrey etal, the usual cadre liberals cite.  That I'm laying aside as well. And as for an upbeat, positive attitude, I have suggestions for better examples.

Why not talk to the kids about their futures?  Most of them will not be presidents, media moguls etc.  With the exception of Rosa who demanded her right to sit in the front of the bus (politicized and seized by the collectivists of course), how about talking to them about being leaders for themselves.  As individuals, they will reach a potential that combined could make America great again aka restore the Republic.

See what you are good at kids and go with it.  We need doctors, (good -s-) lawyers, artists, construction, service, just about anything you can think of to make our country work.  Sure strive for the best but compete with yourself, do your best. 

What I'm driving at is producing good content of character.  That is essential, no matter your background nor professional goals.

If you are sure of yourself, care about others and wish to help people help themselves, you are on the road to success.

If you want to be in the White House go for it.  We could use people there and in DC of good character who realize they are the servants of the people.  Or be an individual who thinks for him/herself, who banded with others, can bring the right people to those jobs.

I doubt I'll ever be a keynote speaker, though I have speechified in different venues before.  But I and the kids' Mom have supplied our son and daughter with a good beginning.

I believe that is the most important job for the future.


papa popo said...

The occupier of the IN 7th district is bosom buddies with the occupier of the Oval Office.

teacher said...

Quite an achievement for your girl considering the socialist pablum substituted for learning these days.