Thursday, May 29, 2014


You reach for something.  It's not there.  Gone or you can see it, like Tantalus with his fruit and water.  Almost is a bigger, multi-textured word.

It can be an excuse for failure, as in, 'I tried and almost made it.  Oh well.'.  It can be a word of encouragement such as, 'Almost there!  Come on!'. 

Sometimes we fail.  Sometimes we succeed.  When something hangs in the balance, almost is a very big word.

Reminds me of the mention of almost in the Great Escape and how it can be fatal.  I suggest something else.

Keep in mind as I have said that we fight an enemy that never sleeps.  Sleeping less is merely being relentless and determined to bit by bit win ie restore our Republic.  In that sense, almost will never be enough.

But bit by bit is an almost each day closer to final victory.  And then, almost will take a back seat to claiming success and maintaining it.

No excuses.  Encourage others to be 'there'.  Come on!

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