Thursday, July 31, 2008


It's the number of homicides so far in the Indianapolis metro area for 2008. There have been higher numbers and lower numbers. It's like riding ocean waves. We have to be sure we aren't rudderless, lest we set adrift in a conundrum and roll over.

There are plenty of stats for this. Go to the net and find them. I prefer to talk of reasons, of who and how. Why is easily manipulated but not impossible to tackle.

The predominant deaths are those of criminals killing criminals, that is, mostly drug related slayings. Of that, several dealers killing dealers, a few 'ripoffs' from users and revenge slayings, almost always gang related.

The gang problem is bad here. We have Black and Latino gangs vying for territory. The drug traffic and murder for hire is significant. We are not L.A., Chicago, NYC etc. We are wannabes compared to them. But it's bad enough for people to be concerned. Notice I didn't say scared. Fear doesn't solve anything and only serves the gangs and those who would take our guns. It serves these thugs well if we are afraid and cower.

Some of the deaths are murder/suicide. There was a particular case where a divorced guy kidnapped his ex and daughter, then shot the ex and then himself.

One elderly man was stabbed to death in his home as a prelude to robbery. Another elderly man was beaten to death for the same reason. A gun stolen was used to shoot a cop pursuing the perp.

There are a few who are in the wrong place at the wrong time, usually in relation to drive by shootings. One boy was shot to death and one little girl fortunately survived a stomach wound. Bangers and other bad guys don't care where the bullets go. Several home invasions have occurred by and large for robbery.

One seems unique to me. A local Reverend has been preaching against violence and frequently holds vigils for families of murder victims. For the moment, whether he is pro or antigun is put by the wayside. He has been effective in rallying people so they are not afraid of gangs vis a vis drug dealers.

Now, part of this solution is to be armed and prepared.. But any effort by citizens to stop the gangs is of course a threat to them and their grip of fear. The home invasion that precipitated the Rev's daughter's death was a put up job to look like a robbery. Any attempt to root the vermin out is met with violence. Ask my wife and me. We have rousted drug houses and stopped gang activity in our neighborhood. Why we carry is greatly due to this (There are more reasons I've discussed elsewhere namely the 2A).

You might wonder how I surmise this 'put up job'. We know the streets. Progun and antidrug cops too. We have learned what the s****** do to stop us firsthand. And the antis dance in the blood of the innocent and guilty alike.

It is a war. A war against decency. A war to stop instilling fear and thus entrench criminals. It is a war that can be won when those of us who carry enforce our own lives. Peace in the streets is possible with armed vigilant citizens. And the knowledge of how to take apart the 'machine' in the streets. We take the war to those who would enslave us, whether in the streets or more saliently in the halls of government.

I see no difference between a gangbanger seeking my life to proliferate crime than a gov 'official' who seeks to disarm me. How we respond tends to depend on what we encounter.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


The Counter Terrorism and Security Council, that group of 'only ones' who inflict us with civil rights violations, has done it again. Under the continued guise of 'security', they have ruled so that metal detectors, bag scans and searches by 'security' people (who look like they got their badges from a crackerjack box) are now in place at the Indiana Government Center, adjacent to the Statehouse. Oh yes. There is also at least one State Trooper observing the shenanigans at both stations.

This is 'phase 2' of a continuing 'security upgrade' which these guardians of safety claim make us safer. There is of course no actual basis for this. As I explained in the March 28, 2008 CTASC entry (, and the June 9, 2007 entry Friday Meeting 3/30(, their reasons are obvious and they had no intention of changing their minds. No carry at the Statehouse was instituted as a fiat rule with no adequate input by the people.

They refer to this as further 'improvements'. Talk about doublespeak! Improvements for violation of civil rights and more tyranny, yes. According to Brian Renner, Deputy Commissioner for the Department of Administration (pompous ass title for something that needs to be disbanded), 'most' fed and state gov buildings have instituted similar programs. He said this is typical. Not so. Most places are actually still 'free'. It depends on the level of statism inflicting said gov. buildings.

There have been no major threats. I remember a bomb scare during the original implimentation of the no firearms rule. Not swept away by 'conspiracy theories', it is interesting that it happened and at that time. It was handled without any of the CTASC measures. Someone tried a stunt a year ago in Denver. A nutcake tried to shoot the Colorado Governor in that Statehouse. He was shot and killed by a State cop. If it were here, it could have been a Trooper, State Rep or Senator, or me or other decent honest Hoosiers (or someone from out of state since we, at least, recognize all other permits and right to carry). How often does this stuff happen? Rarely. How is it handled? Quite well.

This whole thing comes down to trust. These only ones do not trust us armed. It has nothing to do with security. It has everything to do with control.

Some have said it's not practical to pursue this. Even Governor Daniels said this no carry isn't a big deal. Like Hell it isn't. Where can this kind of fiat rule end? Where will 'reasonable' restrictions stop? It's more than an imposition, it's an insult to all of us who choose to carry.

A fascinating point. That bomb threat involving the Statehouse was used to smooth the installation of the detectors etc. It occurred when the plans were being implemented and the first installation was due the followong June. The story had been updated March 19 or 2 1/2 months before installation. "I'm not really sure we'll go to metal detectors, but there will more of a checking of individuals," said State Senator Tom Wyss (R - District 15). Thus spake Wyss, who votes for anything that obstructs individual rights. He lied. Apparently, CTASC didn't think most citizens knew what they were up to. The only alert to the public was a posting in the want ads of the local paper of a chance for people to give their input. This was months before the incident. No one responded. Gee, I wonder why? I found out because I cared to see what was going on re gun rights. Though this obscure posting is 'legal', I have been exposing it and pushing for reform aka giving true fair notice and opportunity for several hearings/meetings concerning any of our rights.

Supposedly, this was all delayed because of legislative concern. Nope. Fear of exposure and actually legislative apathy were the cause. Our Lt. Gov. said there were suspicious late night visits to the Statehouse and property thefts involved, so we need to fill in security gaps and keep the building safe. Puhleeeze! Late night visits? Hmmm. Could be kinky assignations going on. Or, I happen to know a couple of legislators who actually work at the Statehouse. And property theft? Most likely employee theft. But whatever the cause, it's for our own good. So we should shut up and take our medicine. NO, NO, NO!

"We have to realize and appreciate the fact that it is the focal point of a lot of decisions that are made here that aren't always popular with everyone," said Paul Whitesell, Indiana State Police Superintendent. So says the State bulldog. That ought to settle it huh? Like hell it will.

I intend to continue reminding these 'public servants' just who they should be serving and why. It's my and your duty to warn them. So it is in a Constitutional Republic.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dead Samaritan

A 72 year old man (Why is his age important?) was shot and killed around 11pm June 30on Indianapolis' West side. His name was Mario Gonzalez-Tello. He was trying to stop the armed robbery of a woman.

He was a regular customer at Mr. Gyros which had just closed. Apparently the woman was a waitress at the restaurant. Someone was waiting for the 'right' moment to strike.

From here, the accounts vary, though there is the 'official' story. I first heard Mr. Tello had reached for his pistol and was shot by a 16 year old (Again the age. Hmm, are we to feel sorry for him since he's so young?) who has since been apprehended and identified. The official version says Mr. Tello had his gun withdrawn. It is uncertain whether he had it pointed in the suspect's direction. The suspect apparently saw Mr. Tello out of the corner of his eye and proceeded to shoot Mr. Tello four times, killing him. He then ran away, shooting through the window of a nearby business.

I'm sorry Mr. Tello died. It's too bad he didn't nail the perp. What follows is supposition and can be a lesson for all of us.

No doubt Mr. Tello's intentions were good. He even knew the victim from the restaurant. It's not clear, but it could well be that he thought if he indicated he had a gun the perp would simply flee. It's common enough to believe that. Big mistake. One should follow through and stop the threat, whatever it takes. It could be he didn't clear in time. Perhaps he miscalculated or as suggested hoped the perp would give up. Hind sight is 20-20.

Never ever think a perp will fold. Be ready to stop the threat aka using deadly force if necessary. The kid followed through and killed Mr. Tello. The reverse of what should have happened perversely. It's not unusual for criminals to train with their guns. Be ready.

Sometimes the bad guys do run. But life is too precious to hope for that. Be prepared to fight. With the right to carry comes responsibility, to oneself and all others potentially. Be in condition 'yellow', ready to fight and aware of your surroundings. Then, follow through with condition orange and red each with increased awareness, follow through and results. I'm referring to Col. Jeff Cooper's combat mindset color code. Never be in condition white aka unaware. Follow this practice to get over that resistance or reluctance to shoot someine in self defense.

The more training the better. It should never be legislated. To me that's infringement. It should be stressed in the firesrms community that the more practice the better.

Seek out a good trainer or program. Examples: F.R.&I. has good training. Gunsite, Col. Cooper's original place is still recommended. Scott Reitz in California also has worthwhile instruction. Find someone who at least gives basic technique at first. I suggest continuing. As a friend says. "More tools for the toolbox".

The other thing re this situation. The cops of course do NOT sanction resisting robbers. They said in the original newsclip to 'give up what the perp wants and then be a good witness'. I guarantee that will most likely get you killed rather than resisting. But resist by learning how. Practice, practice, practice. (I suspect that the intention is as David Codrea at says, cops think they are the 'only ones' trained to respond etc.)

Not so. We must take care of ourselves. No one else can. As they say at F.R.&I., 'I'm NOT going to @#@#ing die!!!'

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The 'N' Word

If I say the word 'nigger', am I a racist? No. People have become so cowed that we cannot discuss even a word without being scorned. I suppose since I am opposed to Obama becoming President, I'm a racist? No. There are Blacks who could be President IMHO (Though 'black' is a color and those so labeled are short changed. More later). Yet there will be those who see this and immediately label me. I hate labels. They do not explore the depth and texture of viewpoints, of being.

Words are just words, in spite of those who manipulate them. Of course, it is the intent that gives the word meaning, as well illustrated by race baiters of many colors and persuasions. For study, again (as I usually advise), type the word into a search engine. Wikipedia has a fairly good study.

There was a time nigger was simply another noun for black or colored or negro etc. Naturally, the law of least resistance prevailed and it became a term of derision for some. Though stereotypes of southern whites contributed to the negativity (I might add that a lot of people outside of that 'cracker' stereotype have used nigger condescendingly, hypocritically so by some of those claiming to be 'helping' blacks), I suggest that it became a powerful tool in the employ of marxists who sought to manipulate language as well as all the other ways of revising history and thus our social mores. It limits rather than liberates in that cute leftist twist of behavior we have all witnessed. If language can be controlled, especially in speech, then new definitions can replace the old matrix.

I've been known to have a salty tongue, cuss like a sailor etc. at times. These days, it's hard not to do so. I have occasionally used several words to describe certain members of society who exhibit pathological, criminal behavior regardless of social standing. Presidents can be disgraceful just as well as common street thugs. I'm given to remember Dr. King's 'content of character' remark. A local school official and old friend of my wife's family once told her, 'You have your white trash, we have our niggers'. People can reach the heights or plumb the depths.

Let's not be afraid of words. Let us be open and ask questions. Don't let words keep you down. Don't let 'newspeak' silence you. Speak out. Speak up. Learn to use words well. Then words become more than words. They can lead to deeds. As always, it's our choice whether those words and deeds build or destroy.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Heller of a Note

Heller of a note. Haha. Some humor (?) after the storm.

Thought I'd wait a bit since I knew there would be a lot of opinions. Everytime I hear that word I think what my Psych prof (advisor, Head of Dept.) said. 'Opinions are like a@@holes, everybody has one.' Everyone is entitled to one. He of course referred to those who blab and have nothing to back it up. I've seen notes and dissertations ranging from 'oh boy we won' to 'man the parapets' some more well reasoned than others. Here's mine, in brief.

Nice of them to see that 2A is an individual right. I could have told em that -s-. However, it is important for the near future particularly with the flurry of lawsuits in places such as Chicago. Also, Scalia mentions '2A extends prima faciae to all instruments that constitute bearable arms'. He speaks of the prefatory clause 'A well regulated Militia,being necessary to the security of a free state' and the operative clause, namely 'the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed'. He states that the former does not limit the latter. There is even mention the Founders believed that an armed populace helps maintain and bolster security for the country.

Two things were established. One is that there is indeed an individual right to keep and bear arms. Second, the people have a right to defend themselves with guns.

With momentum on our side, we must continue to take the high ground in arguments and with the lawsuits. No more must we let the antis haul out the same lame objections. Let us be thoughtfully aggressive. Those who would disarm us and place us and the future of the Republic in grave danger are already busy trying to minimalize the Heller decision. Indeed, there are limitations but we can and will rise above them.

For one, and chiefly remember, that the decision deals specifically with Heller and the situation in DC. Thus the powers that be in the District will put up hurdles. Heller is only entitiled to register and keep a firearm in his home. He can't carry it anywhere outside. The boys in blue and the politicos are planning some kind of 'test' to establish worthiness for owning a gun, in spite of the decision being clear about individual ownership and right to defense. There is even proposed limitation on the type of handgun particulary. Apparently they think most semiauto handguns are still forbidden. Sheesh. There is wiggle room unfortunately regarding some types of guns.

As for the rest of us, we still could have our guns taken 'by edict'. That's not in the decision per se, it's my observation. I'm afraid there are some who think this is the beginning of the end of gun control. Nothing could be further from the truth. There will be continued debate and attempts to endrun the thin pro stance in the decision. That old bugaboo, 'reasonable restrictions' will ad nauseum raise its ugly, stupid pinhead.

Though there is mention of enumeration, the holes are big enough for Mack trucks to roar through. There are hints that the 2A was meant primarily to stop tyrannical government, it seems conditional and swept under the rug in reference to specifics for the decision. Indeed, that is not surprising. We could hardly have hoped for a complete return to no infringement. What we must do is as said before, take the initiative and go after our Freedom locally and statewide.

Lest you think that we should, if or when it comes to comply and surrender our guns, my answer is never. The boys and girls in black robes can minimalize the true reason for the 2A. They could even 'say' they are taking them away. So be it. We must remind them they have no business doing so. BTW, I won't say what I think of the dissenting opinion vis a vis Stevens. It is un-American, imperious and dangerous. Scalia IMHO is little better, but does nod in the right direction, barely.

We must remind them we are the bosses. We must remind them there are grave consequences for ignoring the magnificent simplicity of the BOR. Let us go forth and as said , 'take the high ground'. Do not miss an opportunity to speak out. Vote for those who will bring back the Republic.

Our Republic has not been compromised overnight. Let us take it back bit by bit. We could be 'Fabian Constitutionalists'. Tongue in cheek, but point made.

And prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Postscript: Study the decision for youself. Go to a search engine and type it in. Look for everything you can. Spare nothing to convince others we must take back the night!