Saturday, December 31, 2016

Spinning Grains

Round and round they go.  They swirl and spin and almost seems to linger as the last grans of sand fall into the bottom of the hourglass.  Hours minutes seconds left.  It's over.

Like the grains, I have many last minute thoughts about many things.  Personal social national all come tumbling down.

I have writing to sell/market.  My other artful efforts are not far behind.

Pride and concern for my kids and what peaks and valleys come next.

Real new hope for the Republic, we hope -s-.

Why historically do people almost always wait to act when things keep getting bad to the point of destruction?

I'm sorry people are gone both famous and personal I hope to someone.  Even the lonely may be missed.  But I believe we live on, transition.

I spread the word of Freedom one to one, brushfires of Liberty in our minds.

Sunrise over the mountains as Crockett and his friends, red and white have seen.

Checking that I have plenty of grains of salt.

Not over nor under doing.

Biding time.

Taking action.

Not living in the past, remembering.

Not haunted by the past, lessons learned.

Planning not just dreaming.

Promises kept.

Thoughts just keep coming like the sand.

Yet it's not really over.  Soon the glass gets upturned.

There is no pause, just a breath as I prepare to leap into 2017.

See you all in the future now.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Preen Obscene

My apologies to birds.  It is only the human analogy which comes to mind. 

There is a lot of preening on several levels.  8 years of such from the Oval Office.  So many liberal Bertha Better'n Yous thinking they are above us.  Perhaps they should dislodge head from posterior.  It wouldn't help.  To borrow an election label, they are irredeemable -s- (borrowed from Alinsky).

Susan Olsen was attacked by such a preener.  He thinks he's succeeded and is very selfcongratulatory.  Fame is fleeting rosebud.

These prigs are not necessarily stupid.  They hunt, calculate and attack.  Watch out for hot buttons.  Look at the occupier fomenting war with Russia and promoting division re Israel.  Same answer as above.

The downside for them is their narcissism gives them notice indeed.  We are watching.  We are calculating.  We are countering.  And best of all, we are proactively deflating, eye to eye.

The feathers are being plucked slowly.  It will increase. 

Soon it will be bumpy skin and a bumpier road for our enemies, foreign and domestic.

So if you think this is just hot air, I guess you enemies can go pluck yourselves -s-.

Thursday, December 29, 2016


Here we go, he said with a s*** eating grin.  Another psychopath from the realm of The Walking Dead.  Negan is the latest antagonist.

He has a cocky actually megalomaniacal attitude.  That grin is part of his trademark along with the barbed wire encrusted bat called Lucille. Oh he likes his followers in there gang called the Saviors to kneel with head lowered as he passes.  Sounds almost like a certain defeated presidential candidate lol.  Different kettle of fish than the Governor.  More vicious and far ranging.

That's it for character analysis except he rules by intimidation and fear outright.  It's an old method.

Ok.  There is a lot of buzz about this amongst WD fans.  Fine.  I'm all for fandom/entertainment/sports and the like.  My only caveat is not to let it distract you, especially now in our turbulent times..  I'll let the devotees thrash out all the whys and wherefores.

Me?  I usually wait til the end of a season and watch as many eps as I like at a time w/o commercials.

So what's the deal with this post?  Just a passing observance. 

The world created for the show is vicious, dog eat or zombie eat) dog.  Actually our roving band of protagonists have eaten dogs.  Supplies are short. 

There are/have been roving bands and 'settlements' pop up.  A few good guys.  Mostly not.  May or may not be the case.  For something less Hollywoody try Matt Bracken's books.

Everytime, guns/weapons are forbidden among most of the people and our heroes or whatever always have to surrender their guns.  Noone for instance in Alexandria (please research for yourselves) carries them even apparently after a zombie breach.  They are kept in an armory, with a listed inventory.

Negan just takes them all, leaving Rick etal disarmed save for bladed weapons.

I didn't write the show, and I'm not getting into a big mishmash.  This is again just my 2 cents.

Everybody should have been as trained as possible.  Everyone should have at least one long gun and a sidearm.  They should also have hidden guns and NOT on a dam list.  Oh well.

As for the Saviors, they are a biker gang for all intents and purposes.  They mostly take by murder and threat.  The gang is large and regionally farflung.  There are satellite posts, several manned and well armed.  There is a main base or 'Sanctuary.

My other thought.  Get to know your enemy as well as possible.  All aspects and details are important.  Learn how they function, hierarchy etc. 

Negan is only flesh and blood.  Figure it out.

Btw, he was apparently a high school gym coach and used car salesman pre bad times, fwiw.  Maybe, like the Governor he was triggered -s- by the meltdown.

The show doubtless will stretch out the drama.  Fine.  It's a show.  Good actors and special effects.

Ok, so take him.

Real life and fiction crisscross.  Make sure you know the difference.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Dancing On The Edge.

Some people aren't happy or even feel alive unless they court danger.  For me, the only time that's acceptable is when you are at a precipice and some enemy is before you.  Safety is important but risk is necessary.

Now, just avoiding risk can lead to worse consequences.  Placating evil never works.  But what gets the goat is how the world always seems to have to get to the edge before fighting back.

We are in a race to the finish.  Who wins?  Freedom or tyranny?

It is a Herculean effort to wake people up, for it is a real job to inspire people to be self aware.  As Reagan said Freedom has to be taught generationally.  I believe there are those, however, who have an intrinsic instinct for either Freedom or tyranny.  Their calling, as it were, is to inspire for weal or woe. 

Inspired then aware and it is an exponentially expanding process.  One can ignore, divert but the more one knows the less that's likely.

It's a constant journey and might lead to a cliff edge anyway.

The only thing I can tell you is don't seek it but be prepared for it. 

If this seems dodgy, it's not.

But learning to dance is kind of a variable.  Might be ability combined with the style.

And you'd better have a sense of balance because the center of gravity surely changes.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Collectivist product born of its lies and half truths.  It's always run rampant when they seek to deceive and confuse.  When don't they lol?

And with the failure of msm because people prefer to think for themselves, they counter with Alinskyan finger pointing.  They contend it is the bloggers, and alternative/conservative news which is fake.  It's easy to figure out and cut through the red tape.

Compare and contrast anything for factuality.  Dig and find motives.  Let you conscience be your guide.

Tired of people pretending to be something they're not?  So am I.  Sure a few are dupes but most, especially the higher ups, are true believers or string pullers. 

Don't stop learning and be sure to vet everything.

As for truth, I'm proud of my son.  His military career continues and he bases it on his truthful pursuit of history.

Also this:
Oath of Enlistment
I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.
To avoid elicitation, I'm leaving this as is.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Put some muscle in it, said the somewhat abusive supervisor.  Muscle was being put into it.  Apparently the overseer was taking out frustrations re his inadequacies on his workers.  Sometimes efforts just aren't good enough for some.  But they'll do.

Pretty broad word, efforts covers a lot of territory.  And it is the work we put into practically everything we do, for weal or woe.  Tools are tools and are used for good or evil.

Effort can be half a$$ed or full throttle, planned to a 'T'.  Some work/results appear effortless when in reality much has been invested.  Effortless may just be a start.  Or an end.

Some things are easier than others.  Some are more difficult.

Unless you're a baby bird waiting for parents to drop food in your mouths, efforts are life.  Well hey, even baby birds tweet and cry and open mouths -s-. 

Efforts to take back/restore the Republic.  Efforts to derail same.

Doing nothing is doing something.

Persevere.  How much, when, where will decide just what's good enough.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Cuba Libre

It'll take a lot more than the old scumbag dying to free Cuba.  Incidentally, I refuse to mention his name.  You probably know who he is and I refuse to give any advertising to a serial killer.  Evil has Cuba in its grasp in the form of communism.  Power is not easily wrested away.

Was communism left there in order to destabilize the US or at least demoralize it?  It was certainly a base of operations for all the subversion politically and militarily south of our border.  And the more subversion the better to establish one world government in the collectivist matrix.

Keep in mind there are useful idiots, true believers and string pullers.  It's a bit of oversimplification but true.  Also, beyond the front men, there are those who wish to rule us/control us.  I think that psychopath was kept as a 'boogeyman' to scare us into consolidating power for security.  There is, however, a more esoteric reason.

This leader was a practitioner/follower of Palo Mayombe, a Santerialike religion which originated in Africa and imported to the /Caribbean etal.  It is said Battista also practiced a variant and the recently deceased paleros/priests won out.  I won't go into detail about this stuff and advise caution researching it.  Also, you don't have to believe this, nor buy into it.  I'm just reporting what I've found.

I'll tell you this; that there is always a spiritual aspect to life.  I think most of you have a concept which includes faith in your lives.  There are those who worship darkness as opposed to Light.  That's a given.  And this is an example.  As for certain WikiLeaks reports concerning child rape and devil worship, I encourage you to dig and research, not to just accept without thinking for yourselves.    That's my axiom for all history/research no matter what.  And I say this; there are tie-ins with such things. Attempted defilement of all that is good and innocent is obviously what evil does.

Take Saul Alinsky's dedication of Rules for Radicals to the fallen as you will.  But wouldn't it be logical for collectivism to have a dictatorial/collectivist spiritual aspect?  Decide for yourselves.

His paleros could only keep him from the inevitable for so long.  It's a bad bargain which leads to darkness.

Freedom encompasses Light as evidenced by the Founders' views.

Slavery or Freedom is the choice

I pray for the liberation of Cuba as I do all the world from the collectivist tyranny.

Shall we lead the way?  God willing.

Cuba Libre!

Sunday, November 27, 2016


Worth on all levels is the crux of capitalism.  It is the crux of all things light.  Worth varies too.  It's more than money and when fingered, can easily disappear.

Worth and merit walk hand in hand.  At least they should. 

A lot has been said about actors in particular when it comes to politics.  Some think they are know it alls, as if their work gives them special insight.  Nonsense of course.  we all, no matter our course in life, are open to the same amount of information with which to form an opinion.  It just may go by the wayside with some.

What piqued this particular post were comments about a certain young actress.  Put aside whatever her views are.  She was ridiculed for touting some kind of antibloating product.  Don't laugh too much.  People are often tapped for marketability.  I'd say it's up to each of us to either give whatever it is credence or ignore it. 

Personally, I'm quite concerned with my personal health.  If I thought this antibloating stuff was worth (sic) my time, I'd go for it.  I don't.  There are, however, a lot of good products around that address our digestive systems.  Caveat emptor.  Check it out for yourselves.

The girl was getting savaged for being a celebrity.  There were claims that she's never worked  day in her life.  Depends on your view.  And depends on the market.

I'd say she is probably a lower level millionaire, due to her worldwide work and fame, with maybe some careful investment/management.  Is this fair?  Maybe or maybe not.  Depends on the worth ascribed to her by not only her people, but by the public.

The same thing might be said of me one of these days, if my own writing etc pans out.  Reticence has been my enemy.  But determination is my ally.  What will my worth be?

I've put a lot of blood toil tears and sweat into much of my life.  It is my own personal view of my worth that counts.

Of course, I hope a lot of folks like my work.  We will see.  I want it to stand on its own.  Yet, I cannot divorce myself from my convictions regarding Freedom and Restoration of the Republic.

Some already hate me for those views.  I will not get a fair and square deal from them.  Big deal.  My SELF worth is high and actually invaluable.  Those who will like it will ;like it.  Some for my views/themes and actually some on the 'other side' because they secretly reach out to embrace humanity.  Those who attack me will continue to do so.  Let the chips fall where they may.

As for the girl, well maybe she puts a lot into her acting etc work.  Is it disproportionate?  You decide.  Maybe her parents sacrificed a lot to get her where she is.  Depends on what they felt it was worth -s-.

Now if you are a public figure, it opens you up to all kinds of criticism.  So be it.  And believe me, I loathe self aggrandizing entitlement.  Content of character is always my standard.

What's it worth to you?

Monday, October 31, 2016


Tis the day!   Halloween 2016.  Time for costumes, makeup and masks.  Love it.

Personally, the Halloween thrill is gone simply because I'm not a kid anymore and my kids are grown.  I've yet to feel the proxy fun that grandkids supply,  I think it's one of the reasons I like acting though.

I usually had a hand if not concept for my costumes as a kid.  One was a cowboy character all in black.  I had a real gun rig but used a six shooter bb gun.  Imagine that now lol!e

Always loved movies/tv.  And more, in that I was interested at an early age in many of the factors which contribute to the whole.  True of most things I have studied.

Of course, besides westerns, war movies etc, I love monster/sci-fi flicks.  I even gave a morning talk about makeup such as Frankenstein and Wolfman.  Btw, morning talks were something we did every day in grade school.  3-5 minutes each rotating round the class, one a day.  We each spoke several times a year.  Try finding that in public school now lol.

It's the fun of being someone else for a while.  It's pretend, though acting is believing and listening.  That merely means suspending disbelief and getting into the given circumstances.  Mind you, as an actor, one might indeed play a monster, even based on real life.  Play the play then let it go.  Noone should let the character take them over as it were.

For most productions, the costume is the icing on the cake.  All else is ready, then the clothes etc create the external illusion.

I remember the fist play I did in grade school.  I was cast a the Indian leader in a Thanksgiving play.  I even had my own fringed buckskin jacket lol.  My first line was 'Yes.  We will come to your feast'.  Let's don't get too picky re historical accuracy lol.

When the show's over, the costumes and makeup come off and we go home.  Well maybe to a bar to unwind first (not in grade school lol). 

Hope the kids had fun and were careful last night.

Soon, at this crucial time, we must see past the performance.  The rubber hits the road and the truth will rise.

Then the serious 'fun' begins.

Sunday, October 30, 2016


It's a pleasure to go out and about these days.  I've spent a lot of time cooped up writing in my 'garret', my bedroom office.  Mind you , not complete isolation, but plenty of time alone mixed with sorties to the store, library etc.  It's nice to just go out and have a drink, meet people and have something to eat.

Downtown Indianapolis has certainly changed over time.  I've found myself there several times lately and walked around.  I could see the physical changes easily.  Old buildings gone, with new replacements, only bespoke the business unfolding.  More people, the city is growing.  That includes an influx of many new dwellers downtown.  All the 'poor' housing is gone from downtown proper, replaced with rather expensive apartments and condos.  I couldn't live there for sure.

There are still some familiar places.  Certainly, the Monument is still ensconced right in the middle.  Other memorials and parks exist.  Even a few restaurants ad bars have survived.

I've eaten at many establishments over the years, locally and travelling.  From 5 star to mom and pop diners.  You'd be surprised how some rate in my book.  Like people, it depemds on content of character, how it's done.

The other evening, I happened to be at a swanky place, attending a meeting.  It was pleasant, candlelight and low toned music.  People seemed to be enjoying the food and ambience.

We all have to eat. There are all kinds of people.  If you can afford certain trimming, go for it.  Just be careful of those who disparage.

I loathe that 'champion' of the people type who poo poos fancy places and by proxy 'rich folk'.  They tend to be hypocrites like collectivists are.  They put down the exclusive yet covet it.  When they rise to power, they keep such things for themselves, while the people still suffer.

Of course there are those who give the privileged (for that is what they are) a bad name.  Either spoiled kids or arrogant puffs who think the world should bow to them, they use and abuse those around them.  Check out my previous post Boss Worm for some specifics.

If you are well off or even fantastically wealthy, you must seek to understand others.  Whether born into wealth or having earned it the hard way, remember others.  Treat them well.

Better look to one's own content of character. 

I know this will fall on deaf ears for some.  There will always be those.  To paraphrase, the arrogant will be with you always -s-.

Appreciate what others do for you.  If they make your life easier, then show gratitude.

That said, our country is supposed to be a land of opportunity.  Let's make sure it is again.

I remember a dinner where it was served by the maid and butler.  One hardly had to do anything but eat.

I recall having Pepsi and gin with a gentleman who befriended a young lady and myself when her car flooded outside his home.

Different circumstances, yet one thing remained.  Content of character.  Hosts who cared.

Worn out broken record term?  Maybe.  But every time true.

Whoever happens upon this, I wish you well in the Light.  If you care about others then you can tend to yourself.

Set your own standards.

Bon appetit.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Boss Worm

We've probably known people who are in a position of authority, bosses, who are abusive.  Or beings who think they lord it over us. 

No one should disparage a good boss, superior officer, etc.  A chain of command is necessary because we are not born knowledgeable.  We have to learn.  From parents to supervisors, we need role models who can point us in a responsible direction.

But those Bertha Better'n Yous, those who betray trust, they are the disease that needs a cure.

I've seen students brow beaten by a power hungry harridan who thought they existed to serve her and her supposed font of 'wisdom'.  When I objected she tried to hold pay I was getting as a consultant and voice actor.  I demanded or I would sue.  Got the pay and I quit. After this, I was blacklisted locally.  Couldn't get a part even in a very amateur production.  They were afraid of her and her hubby, who preyed upon students.

Sound familiar?  I call them B and H lite -s-. 

The similarities are frightening. 

Oh yes.  Her influence locally extended to knowing the director of a temp agency I worked for.  This person blamed me for serial errors at a job, whereas I was the one who corrected them.  She told me someone had to take the blame and they picked me.  Proving this in court would have been costly in more ways than one.  I spread the word of this and other perfidy word of mouth.  Grassroots.

Wanted new headshots.  Found a supposedly reliable photographer.  The pics were horrible.  Looked round at his other work and the pics were fine.  Turns out not only were they neighbors of the harridan and ne'er do well hubs, they were 'friends'.  Birds of a feather.

Managed a small job with a theater.  I never was more abused mentally than during the run.  Stayed because I was damned if I'd let them win/drive me out.  Also I networked successfully.

All this treatment made it easy to leave and seek training/work elsewhere.  I met mentor Bob Wise and friend Pat McGoohan as a result.  There were and are many more.

Thanks to them and family that cared, I'm working at what I want to do in spite of petty evil worms who feed on the flesh of decent honest people.

Funnily enough or maybe naturally, these negative people still hold sway locally.  I'm beyond that of course, but they still practice their bent idea of compliance.

Because of my success and soon to be moreso, I'm a real fly in their ointment.  And I don't seek to thwart them, except with my steady reliable work.  Success is indeed the best revenge -s-.

I loathe bullies and snobs, here there, anywhere.  My advice is stand up to them.

There is always a way round, under, over or through such muck.

Be true to yourself.  Keep your core.  Seek likeminded folks everywhere.

This is true locally, regionally, nationally even internationally and obviously in all of life.

Be the boss of YOU.

Friday, October 28, 2016


Lotta talk about globalism.  Borderless regions, no longer countries, seem to be the rage.  And at the same time, pitting one group against another.  All part of that NWO twaddle. 

It's simple from the viewpoint of those who would be our masters.  We become nondescript cyphers, told what to do and when.  The petty squabbles resulting from diversity keep the cattle from stampeding.  That was a salient point made in the miniseries Amerika.  The KGB chief said the very same thing more or less.  The States had been divided and partitioned into little pseudo countries and the 'revolts' actually were like letting off steam.  Except, of course, for the actual resistance.

Countering this is nationalism.  Countries with borders and resultant self respect for heritage.  They reach across to cooperate in common cause.  At the crux of this is these united States.  E Pluribus Unum.  Ideally we do this very thing.

In doing so, coming together, we demonstrate the ability to be individuals and maintain individuality.  Otherwise, we are drones, nothings who receive a thrown bone or pat on the head.  It's rather like being a bobble head or a maverick.

Now, something like doctors without borders can be interpreted by Freedom minded or tyranny bent people.  I believe it exemplifies helping people so they can help themselves.  What's in common but not sacrificing what's different, freely given and received.

Do you want self control or mob (manipulated by a few) rule? 

I believe the Founders intended the Republic to be only the start.  This world should become a connected group of sovereign countries, constitutional republics made in the likeness of Freedom in which the States were born. 

It's not forcing 'our' political system on anyone.  It is simply sharing Freedom.

Will it happen?

We need to clean up our borders and within first.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Families-What's Best

These days families are more, to use a commonly misused term, diverse.  I think there were socalled norms in the past, like in the 50s.  They may be more stereotypical though.

I remember watching serio-comedic 'slices of life', such as The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet and Father Knows Best.  Though I laughed and occasionally cried, I noticed these families seemed little like my own.

Now I know there have always been tragedies including various kinds of abuse and many families struggled to keep bread on the table.  But I'm thinking of something more.

I wasn't the Beaver.  My big brother wasn't Wally.  None of the moms and dads were like mine.  Again, that isn't bad.  It's Hollywood.  Projection, in the cinematic not the psychiatric/psychological, sense.  A scripted life within 30 or 60 minutes.

At best, the shows entertained and had occasional morality plays woven in the humor and drama.  At worst, it perpetuated stereotypes.

Me, it didn't bother my reality.  I never wanted my family to be like any cinematic clans.

I know entertainment is important.  James Bond, among other filmic efforts, certainly still give me some time away from real life.  As to elements that touch that real life, it's worthy of another post or a paper maybe even a book.

I know it's common to think nostalgically of the past.  Were things better?  Yes and no.  We certainly are farther away from the Republic.  But it's still in reach.

I'm reminded how powerful Hollywood productions can be in molding feelings/outcome.  Now it's done a 180degree turn from those days.  So much collectivism to either weed through or discard.

As far as families go, live it.  Oversimplified fix it or get out or enjoy it.

What's best is meeting life head on  Family is still the core of the Republic. 

Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Last (Hope)

There is always talk of the last line of defense.  I'm not really discussing it here.  It varies.  But it may well be each of us.

Claire Wolfe has an insightful, as usual, article titled 'The Problem With Leaders'.  As she says, we need them, sometimes.  I urge you to read the post and a couple included links by Kit Perez.

We need guidance but we need self actualization.  We must think for ourselves.

Sure, E Pluribus Unum is the key to our Republic.  Individualism in congress.  We argue even fight sometimes but come to the common cause, as did our ancestors/Founders.

Without the dialog we are rudderless.

Beware the cult of personality.  Beware on relying upon a 'leader' to set things right.  Even the occupier didn't subvert and destroy, it was a team.

Founding Fathers had assembled a REPUBLICAN form of government in which the citizen was sovereign, Lord of the Manor, and government nothing but a hired servant with no concerns other than to discharge the responsibilities assigned to him.  Dieter Dahmen

What Dieter says is true.  It's being destroyed.  We must stop it and reverse it.  It starts with one. 

Intelligence, small cells/groups are the way to go.

A grade school teacher once told us 'Big snow little snow.  Little snow, big snow'. 

Don't buy into the idea we can't start with one.  One leads to another.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


A characteristic of sociopaths is charm.  They instinctively find the right buttons to push and flatter, ingratiating themselves.

It's different from normal healthy folks.  We seek to encourage, to emphasize positive qualities, so we can grow and inspire to do the best.

Sociopaths stuff people full of false dreams so they can further their own agendas.

As well, we admonish people, giving them an opportunity to right wrongs.  We are supposed to learn from our mistakes.  That means we make something better.  Of course, there is a dark side reversal.

Sociopaths seek to cover up.  If they make a 'mistake', they have been caught destroying.  Then they lie and diffuse, causing more pain.

I had a close friend in Hollywood.  He was brilliant at what he did.  Besides, he was a decent human being.  But he was liberal in our modern sense.  I think it was because he wanted to actually help people.  Bur he chose the authoritarian/state led method.  They know better than we do what we need etc.

We were having lunch and it was just after the Gubernatorial election in Indiana.  I mentioned how so many loathed the Republican candidate they jumped to the Democrat.  Btw, that man had integrity and was burdened especially after 911.  I could sit in his office with my gun on.  Then he died suddenly while out of town.  It's a story unto itself.

My friend brightened up and mentioned the Clintons.  He said they were great folks and asked if I ever met them.  I smiled and said no.  I didn't go further.  It would have been fruitless.  When someone's mind is made up, the facts would have had no effect.

Another time his wife asked me to call back once when the DNC convention was about to introduce Kerry.  She asked me to call back because HE was about to speak. 

These are cases in point how people are horn swoggled.  The enemy panders to their hope that they can make it all better.

I simply refuse to buy the poopy sandwich or drink the kool aid.  That is what we must do.  Just say no as it were lol.

Charm only works as long as folks buy it.  Wear that away with truth.

Some will always buy it.  Some can be turned to the truth.

Find a way to do what you can to make the true flavors come through in all their bitterness.

Now more than ever.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sipsey Sets Sail

Mike Vanderboegh's son, Matt has decided to end Sipsey Street Irregulars.  He has his reasons, kept to himself at least for now.  Respect it please.

I know many speculate.  It's almost inevitable.  It's a normal tendency.  My advice is don't worry about it.  Deal with the aftermath or as we say in showbiz, the given circumstances.

The site remains, not shut down, just not active.  While it's there, download at least some of Mike's wisdom.  I've done so throughout the years.  If you aren't too familiar with his stuff, then get busy.  Even if you are, it's worth preserving.

Learn well what it means to be a III%er.  There are many who have appropriated aka hijacked the term.  Be careful with whom you associate.  It's ok to be picky.

Some are feeling a bit disoriented.  First Mike goes.  Now the site is not continuing with new input.  Ok.  We deal with grief and loss.  But always WE must continue.  We owe it , not just to Mike, but to ourselves and our posterity to carry on.  We owe it to Freedom and restoration of this Republic. 

Ask yourself, 'what can I do?'.  We must all do our part.  That may vary but the emphasis and goal are the same.  Freedom.  Liberty.

Meet the enemy eye to eye.  It's brutal maybe even wounding.  Wear wounds and scars like medals.

Sleep less than an enemy that never sleeps.  Bit by bit, large or small.

Goals?  (Remember it's war and we fight battles great and small on all levels.)

What do you think?

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Weather The Weather

Whether the weather be cold, or whether the weather be hot, we'll weather the weather whatever the weather whether we like it or not.  It's an old speech exercise.  And boy howdy Indianapolis and environs got plenty of it last Friday and Saturday.

Torrential rain hit the city and flooded areas no often if ever flooded before.

We are on a hill/incline and though it roared and rushed over the curb, we were spared that.

Didn't realize even Saturday 45,000 people were without power. as the electrician finished the new meter column and called it in.

We waited til Monday for power restoration.

There were many dramas, lives saved and communities coming together to work back to relative normal.

Fortunately there was nothing close to the devastation in Louisiana.  But weather is a fickle traveler.

Weathering storms and loss is met with much fortitude and Americans are well known to meet the test.

Weathering change is very much on our minds as my son goes off for military training.  He is venturing on a road he loves and is ready to serve as well as lead.

Next month there will be reflections on this and no doubt much more as we weather an election year like no other.

Batten down the hatches and get read to rebuild -s-!

The Secret Of Clutter

I've cleaned house before.  Even the 200 year old house Ruthie owns.  But more always seems to creep in.

Now I'm not a neat freak.  I like a place for everything and everything in its place.  And sure, I still misplace stuff lol.  But no too often -s-.

Toss toss toss.  That's the order of the day.  Search, yes.  I found my Steve McQueen t-shirt a while back in a bag of otherwise old clothes.  Almost forgot about cuz life moves on.  Mostly though stuff goes bye bye since it's too far gone to give to the poor.  There is such a thing as dignity and worth.  Clothes have to be clean and wearable.  It's like feeding people.  You give them a start then they can get their own.  As to clutter, that's up to them -s-.

Always examine things and don't throw the baby out with the bath.  Or don't throw the bag/box out with something missed.

Uncluttering takes simple determination.  Quickly evaluate and toss, keeping only a few things.  Thinking fast on your feet helps.

Psychologically clutter can represent security.  It's a real barrier while the mind shields whatever threatens.

It can also hold certain treasures dormant.  But once uncovered, there is no turning back.

I suppose it could be a silver lining.  Or it could just be an unloading.

It won't slow you down.  It will speed you up.

No secret there.

Not Shocking

The electricity went down several days ago.  Had nothing to do with a storm or other acts of God.

The column supporting the meter split and broke, sending sparks flying.  Power company came and shut us down.  We had to engage an electrician to build a new column and reposition it, all up to code.

It may well have been a blessing in disguise.  The results could have been worse.  And now the house has an up to code improvement.

We were without power for 8 days, due in part to scheduling. 

I cleared the fridge and transplanted frozen stuff to the big freezer.  It was also lacking power, but due to frost, ice and great insulation, we saved 90% of our food.

It only slightly cramped my style internetwise. There is a great library branch nearby, so I just walked and took care of business.  It was part of my heart and lung anyway.  I usually do 4 posts here, one a day, end of the month, but not always.  So, I'm typing this in the last hours of the month.  No biggie.

I charged my battery and had several hours of editing/writing at night.  I also made sure my phone was juiced up too.

Yes, I used existing facilities because this was a limited event.  What to do if it's more drastic/permanent?  That is in the realm of threat assessment/situation analysis.  Go or stay, generator or bug out bag and so on come into play.

It was interesting transposing 18th and 21st centuries.  Computer by candlelight -s-.

And noise well I could hear the night sounds as it crossed my mind our ancestors even farther back and how they handled darkness.

We adapt.  Be flexible.  Use what you've got wisely and prepare.

It' not shocking if we bear in mind that we must face each challenge and sometimes several at a time.

Prepare but just do it.

Mike Vanderboegh.

Mike died a little while back.  Everyone knew it was coming.  That never braces you for the actual loss.  Better than sudden death?  Perhaps.  But it's the separation laced with grief that hits. 

So many have written so much, I waited to add my 2 cents.

If you don't know who he is, go to Sipsey Street Irregulars.  I've got button here to the right to take you there.  That will explain far more than I ever could what Mike was about.  It's being continued by his son Matthew, a real chip off the block.

I wouldn't say I was a bosom buddy, but I knew him.  We had met face to face, spent time together with others and supped.  I am proud he included my quote at his site.  It concerns bit by bit and fighting an enemy that never sleeps by learning to sleep less.

He was one of the most erudite people and insightful historians I ever knew.  We conversed about history here and there, not always agreeing on every point.  And that was good.  Mike didn't like bobble headed yes people and neither do I.

Many still seem surprised he was a former communist.  He woke and his mind and conscience made up for it by knowing firsthand what collectivists do and think.

And he was so on target that he had plenty of enemies.  ''You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life.''  Winston Churchill summed it up.

He called a spade a spade and did not suffer fools.

Hope his enemies and ours don't rejoice too much.  The fight for Freedom goes on.  It indeed will never sleep.  We carry on, not just in Mike's name, but for the sake of the Republic.  We're all in this together.  We must each do our part, shoulder some of the burden.

I won't say rest in peace.  I have a hunch he's in the army of Light and his spirit will continue to inspire.

Get busy.  There's plenty of Freedom fighting to go round.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

London Has Fallen

Perhaps.  We shall see and I think soon in a post.  I'm referring to the current Gerard Butler flick.

It's a great rollicking 90 minute adventure/action ride.

The premise is some tango goes psycho and plots the downfall of Western civilization re murdering world leaders in London at the funeral of the British Prime Minister. 

Butler reprises his role as the Secret Service agent in charge of personally watching over the President played by Aaron Eckhart.  Morgan Freeman repeats his role as Veep and several others as staff/cabinet.

It has a message in the ravioli re patriotism and the fidelity of keeping oaths.  When the Pres is captured and tortured, the tangos ask if he has last words.  He recites his Oath of Office.  Oddly he's cut off before he mentions 'constitution'. 

It does show the length and depth the SS is supposed to go re protection.  Markedly one of the Marine 1,2,3 choppers takes a stinger for the head guy.

I know it's a flick.  But I like the extent Butler's character goes to protect the POTUS.  Innocents are always tragically sadly murdered.  And it is a lesson for all.

Warfare is brutal and total.  Nothing is spared here.  Yes it shows collateral damage. I was touched by the white rose and the blood drop.  See the movie as to why.

Criticism is simple.  No mention of Islam, nor jihad.  It's all personal.  That's bs.  Now yes there may be some bloodline vendetta.  But the main emphasis is the distorted view of a god demanding murder.

I love the part where Butler's character is wailing on the jihadist son.  He says it's not a flag, nor building nor even one person.  And that the tangos have been at murdering us for a long time.  But 1,000 years from now we will predominate!

That's something we must remember.  Our loyalty is to the Constitution.  NOT to a person etc.

Freedom is never free.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Knowing Jack

I've been called a jack of all trades.  Perhaps.  I've known several.

Due to elicitation/HUMINT I'm refraining from specific people and their abilities.  But nonetheless, we are blessed in these united States with many 'jacks/jills'.

I have had many jobs, met many people.  I can identify with many ways of life.  Rich poor blue/white collar and an ability to talk with almost anyone.

It is an inability with most liberals/progressives/collectivists.  Ivory towers are disguised with mud-slinging. 

Psychopaths/sociopaths are unable to relate.  They only stir discord and hope people are stupid/naïve enough to swallow the poison. 

Myself and my Dad, my father in-law etal have/had that ability to relate to many.  it is passed onto the kids.

Such skills are not only an experience of jobs.  The jobs experience you.

Master of one -s-.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Grandma's Shillelagh

Not mine.  It's Ruthie's Grandma.  She was Irish and a short wisp of a woman, I'm told.  I've also been told she was feisty and didn't tolerate fools.

She didn't go around willy nilly clubbing folks.  But she was more than ready to defend herself.  Thus, she was left alone.  Imagine a short old lady hobbling down the street.  Someone approaches with ill intent.  Suddenly her 'cane' rears up, smashing a hand.  You get it -s-.

Look up the history of shillelaghs.  There is martial art involved from our Irish friends.  A symbol of Ireland, it is legendary and still carried by some troops.

Grandma S was a symbol of Freedom herself.  She was independent and rankled when put upon.  If you left her alone, she didn't mess with you.  The opposite was true too -s-.

So my short short post should be obvious.

Walk softly and carry a shillelagh.

Pass it along.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Ifs Ands Buts

Slightly more flowery way to say excuses, conditions.

One of the current examples are politicians saying they back, support etc the Second Amendment, but.  Then they list the infringements.

If you compromise, accede, it becomes death by inches, incrementalism.  They don't want to take your guns etc.  It's masked collectivist doublespeak which mean they are taking a bit at a time.  Accede also means to enter a high office or position.  Bribery?  Just look at Congress.

And adds egregious terms to something already simple and obvious.  Gun laws and misinterpretations of The BoR come to mind.

There are no excuses, in spite of all the finger pointing and obfuscation during this convention week.

We are soon to see truth vs lies, reality vs fiction, with lots of opportunity for self examination.

NO ifs, ands or buts.  Face it.

Thursday, June 30, 2016


So much to talk about.  So much happening.  So little time one way or another.  I'm still maintaining 4 entries a month.  This blog is still important to me. It's where I first expressed my thoughts about Freedom/Liberty about our Republic in one spot.  I'd sent posts, letters and supported others in their pro 2A etc work and still do.  It is also where I continued honing my writing abilities.

I've written short short stories and serialized short stories here.  They run the spectrum as to genre and often have specific Freedom minded themes.    It's where I first posted the start of what is becoming a 4 novel series and as for some short stories, I'm working on getting a collection published too.

I haven't given up Hollywood as it were and have contacts while working toward writing/acting.   don't give up.  there are more Freedom minded people in showbiz than you think.  It's just the collectivists get most of the MSM press.

I remember a friend who, to remain private, called himself 'kava'.  He had a lot of sound advice and we were friends, sharing thoughts on life in general.  I asked him about the biz and how my views would be received.  'Enhance or encumber.  Depends on the crowd.'  This appears to be true.  We shall see shortly when I'm finally physically THERE.

What does this have to do with snitches?  Plenty I think.

Snitches seem to be spreading everywhere.  Their growth no doubt is spurred by the occupier and all the other collectivists as well as lots of fertilization of a nanny state with observation a primary function. 

And FB now has a policy which is decidedly anticonservative etc.  Criticism of islam and refugees is being curbed.  Apparently anyone can complain, then a post can be censored or someone blocked from posting or even removed from FB at least for a time.  Apparently if enough stink is raised, one may return.

It's the old censorship tactic popular with collectivists in the 20th century and actually always.  Disagree with the regime and poof comrade x is nada.

No fly lists and terrorist watch lists have zero accountability.  One can be placed on a list by secret people with no notice and have low or little recourse getting off.  Of course the mokes want to expand this to barring guns from people who apparently are just named for vague reasons by snitches who disagree with their Freedom minded views.

Of course there may be some legitimate bad guys, but who's to say?  How sovietesque.

So enhanced by certain folks I keep private to a degree, because there are reprisals sometimes for speaking one's mind.  Encumbered by evil gits and goblins who tll on us.  didn't you hate them in school?

I remember the Prisoner episode Once Upon a Ti me where 6 is regressed to school days.  He refuses to name anyone for whatever offense the teacher dreamed up.  He was called a fool

His response is classic.  'Yes sir..  A fool.  Not a rat.', implying the sellout of 2 to the collectivist Village.  This reminds me of segueing to America is not supposed to be safe, it's supposed to be free.  From that wellspring we seek safety in self defense at all levels.

The collectivists call us fools for such notions, established by the Founders.  Perhaps.  But they are rats who betray Freedom in exchange for tyranny/slavery.

Expose them.  Force the shadows to come into light.  Sunlight and bleach are the best disinfectants.

Then shun them for the rats these snitches are.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Front Affronts

Boo!  It's not even Halloween.  For collectivists every day is scary,

A bunch of loons (for that is exactly what all collectivists are) called revolutionary communist party are thumping the old soviet revolutionary tattoo.  They are everything you imagine soviets/Bolsheviks to be and then some.

I will not go on about them.  Go investigate yourself.  Best to study the enemy in all its permutations.  For that is what these mokes are, just one lil ole facet of the greater collectivist web.  There are orgs and offshoots all over the place, like choking weeds.

Now when I say loons, keep in mind they are dangerous.  Organized and bent on spreading dissension and subversion, they are front people for the greater bunch, those who work in gov and all walks of life.

Mind you, our progressives etc make no secret of their goals, except in Alinskyan denial.  But flag wavers are useful.  With enough of them running around literally and figuratively spouting revolution, it does two things.  It takes the heat off real subversion we see in gov and social institutions.  Also, it lends credence to the idea that communism is almost dead, that these nuts are fanatics and they are fringe.  They are the fodder for conspiracy theorists, so they are not documented by MSM.  Then again the liberal infested media under reports a great many things.

This gang was seen in Ferguson allegedly trying to stir up the populace.  They are labeled Maoist, which indicates they move among the 'peasants' and not in other circles. If you study communism btw, get ready for a long winding road.  Lotta flavors, all bitter.

Again in that instance, we had guys in obvious t-shirts at the front.  Behind it all there were actual subversives as well as mercenary rioters/demonstrators.  Of course, little is mentioned MSMwise and snopes, in my opinion a leftist apologist site, says the participation was limited at best.  It's meant to be sub rosa.

Of course, it's all one big collectivist miasma, a many tentacled octopus with very few people pulling the strings.

These fronts don't hide the others, they merely take off the heat.  Unless you are willing and able to look past the smoke and mirrors.

It's all an affront to Freedom and thinking for oneself as well as self control.

Or, if people fall for the front, they have already surrendered.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Indianapolis hosted  the 84th annual meeting of the U.S. Conference of Mayors last weekend.  Up to 200 mayors of various sized cities were supposed to attend.  I didn't keep count.  I'm sure there were some Republican mayors in the mix.  Again, I didn't take note.

It seemed to be more of a Democrat mayors from failed socialist experiment cities parade.  The mayor of Baltimore is the conference president.  Uh-huh.  The Orlando mayor was due to speak.  There were others though the Chicago mayor wasn't present.  Probably too busy taking advantage of the murder crisis in that toddlin' town.

Absence of some was made up by Valerie Jarrett, the occupier of the Oval Office's chief advisor.  Advisor for communist subversion/destabilization of the Republic is more like it.  She preached the same droning antigun claptrap.  She's touting 'criminal justice reform' which means more criminals out and more terror for decent honest citizens.  Oh and gungrabbing disguised badly as usual as safety.

Yes, public safety, not politics was emphasized by the failed cities mayors.  The NOLA mayor said they were 'field generals'  (Sovietize much?) on the front line of fighting crime.  They rehash the hash.  It's gonna dry up soon, or will it?

And commie sense, um common sense solutions were mentioned at gag level proportions.

Joe Hogsett, Indy's new Demo mayor said Indiana exports more guns than any other state.  Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?  Define and supply real data not cooked stats please.  Mayors Against Illegal Guns is probably the source for this.  That's highly questionable right there.  Just love their fallacious statement how American guns are fueling Mexican gun crime.  Well maybe Fast and Furious Fed guns, but actually gunrunners fuel the cartel activities.

The mokes who met have one right idea.  Local gov and grassroots are key to change.  Now it depends on the kind of change suggested.  It boils down to more tyranny or renewed Freedom.

Mayors, good effective ones, can steer a town to good things.  Less control and more self determination is the key. 

The ones who met here last weekend are more like waterboys for the occupier and his collectivist ilk including many in Congress and 'outside' such as Bloomberg.

It's natural for collectivists of all stripes to lie and expound half truths.  Always dig for yourselves and look to David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh as well as his son Matt among others for truth.  Research and dig though.  Don't just settle because someone says so.  But truth and trust are on the side of the aforementioned guys and many more.

We may be tired of the claptrap. But it is incessant.

And don't get me started on the fact Hillary made an appearance like the wicked witch of the west poofing in an out in gushes of green fog.  Guess that's anti Hillary.  See Frothing my just previous post for something about that -s-.

And that incessant chanting will not go away unless we fight it on all levels.

As I say, we fight an enemy that never sleeps.  We must learn to sleep less.

Monday, June 27, 2016


The feeding frenzy is vicious after the jihad attack in Orlando.  Never letting a crisis go to waste, the collectivist gun/freedom grabbers try try again.  The attitude is well worn.  They are haughty, arrogant and totally self absorbed.

The repugnant feelings run deeply and generationally.  As we teach Freedom, thinking for oneself, analysis, truth, the liberals etc ingrain just the opposite in their children.  It's obvious, for instance in the occupier's behavior, whoever raised him.  Generational Marxism was brought to national notice on an old TV show, 'I Led Three Lives'.

The program showcased Herb Philbrick, who infiltrated a communist front org and proceeded to spy for the FBI.  Remember, we have Hollywood involved.  So, even though it was based on his work and even had him as a consultant, some liberties were taken for entertainment.  Most intel work is tedious, with little excitement.  It can be dangerous however.  But it's not very entertaining.

Ok, to make a short story long (-s-), there were instances of indoctrination.  Communist families spreading lies and half truths, say, of George Washington.  My, how that has become commonplace, thanks in great part to comrade Alinsky. 

And as for tradition, I have a specific instance.  Among all the other things happening it is quite insignificant.  But, a looksee says a lot.

I have several different kinds of friends on FB.  There are a few liberals and even a couple of outright commies.  Also true among showbiz people.  I like to know what people think lol.

All the turmoil re Orlando, as said, has unleashed a frothing mass of hatred for gunowners and guns.  It's the usual blame everything but the real cause syndrome, all to gain momentum for control.  And it passed down.

Kid on my friends list responded to the current debacle by saying, 'If you try to defend guns especially today (day of shooting) just unfriend me'.   I shook my head.  Knew he and his fam were liberal.  It took this incident to show his true colors, or lack of them.

I didn't do that.  I just kept posting pro Freedom items on my own page.  He dumped me.  Boohoo.

Also he altered his post to say f*** off.  Wow.  Such depth of expression.  So typical.

His Mom had unfriended and complained of a relative who was 'too anti-Hillary'.  Uh-huh.

How could someone be too anti-Hillary lol?

Arrogant Bertha Better'an Yous. 

This is greatly what we face.  Be prepared.  And don't be obligated to friend them.

With friends like that who needs enemies.

They already are

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Rosebush Redux

What happened to the rosebush, that 40 year old wonder that was carefully nourished to the point of thriving again?  It was cut down, nearly destroyed.  More about that shortly.

Time flies.  Especially when you're busy.  While you experience events, like raising children, you're involved.  The doing keeps the mind off the clock, immersed in the present.  Then the kids grow up. and head in their own directions, as do the parents.

It's been that way for my family.  My son finished his Bachelors in History and is embarking on the military portion of his life.  Daughter is continuing a fine arts education.  Mom is in Law School.  Me?  I'm writing a 4 novel series, a screen treatment and a short story collection.  I'm the only one not in school lol.  Busy.

Recent occurrences have been the result of busy, plus lots of rain and absence.

We've been so involved in our pursuits that we let the grass grow, literally.

We lost our yardman, the talented landscaper who brought the rosebush back to life.  Well, he cleared it and nurtured it.  It was strong to begin with.  It just needed encouragement.

There was no contract with his guy.  He rented.  Round here that means transient.  So, lease up, he moved.  No harm no foul.

Indianapolis people know we had one wet Spring.  Plush and lush, flora sprung up like alien plant life.

Wrapped in our business, we came and went as the grass silently grew.

Three things happened virtually simultaneously. 

Ruthie attempted to revive her mower, which had not been used the last season.  This was due to our neighbor/yardman having access to other equipment.

Apparently some zealous inspector was alerted to tall grass.  Subsequently Ruthie received a demand to cut said tall grass. 

The kids and I got her a new weed whacker to quickly solve the problem.  The tall grass was whacked to an acceptable level.

In spite of the timely solution, the city dispatched a contractor to mow.  They invaded the yard, ignoring the work and used an industrial mower, skinning the ground.  A weed whacker was involved.  That is known because the rosebush was almost completely cut down.

All the new shoots tenderly cared for were cut.  All the flowers literally nipped in the bud.  All that remained was that original branch, which had valiantly poked through the weeds before.  It was lacerated, but intact mostly.  Though it was evident the contractors attempted to destroy that branch, it survived.  One live bud is slowly blooming near the tip.  Already a couple of new shoots have sprung, prolific after the rape of the yard.

Ruthie's violets suffered a dismal fate, cut to the ground by a mower not intended for lawn care/maintenance  A decorative grass circle was also leveled.

This was the unkindest cut of all, in tandem with an unnecessary 'visit' by bungling people who get so much fee for each yard they level.

We are all for civic improvement.  Much has been done to alleviate vacant housing.  But the flipside is an overzealous contractor and negligent inspector which soured our view.

Now the world is full of woe, and a cut rosebush is small potatoes we know.  But wrong is wrong.

That wonder, the rosebush planted by Ruthie's Mom 40 years ago will live.  And thrive again.

Think about what this means re Freedom.  It's simple.

We bumped into a bureaucratic department, which is a juggernaut.  Or did they bump into us?  One can see the potential for corruption and profit in spite of citizens.  All in the guise of civic improvement.

And they are heavy handed in penalty, which for real offenders should work.  But for those who are innocently caught up and poor, it can be devastating. 

We have attempted contact with Department of Code Enforcement.  Guess what?  A number which led to another voicemail.  And Vivian Harris has NOT returned the call.  Not sure her 'title' but it seems sloppy, cowardly and unprofessional/unbusinesslike not to reply.  So far the stereotype of the above mentioned ilk.

Ruthie is working on resolving the city's mistake.  I'm helping however I can.

It may merit a post when we are finished.  Til then, we are mum for obvious reasons.

Remember, that good intentions and the old 'there otta be a law' bit roll quite easily into governmental abuse.  It isn't just guns/2A in danger.  It's our entire lives.

Monday, May 30, 2016


Oh how the Alinskyan trolls are rabidly attacking so much that is decent and honorable in these united States.  They are protecting the lies of collectivism.

It's the old point the finger routine.  Guilty, they obfuscate to detract from the obvious. 

Don't let it detract from the truth.  Concentrate.  Take the high ground.  'The enemy doesn't deserve a break.  Send them to hell, as Ltc Vandervoort said before D Day. 

It takes a personal level as well..

There is good and evil.  It evidences in spirit of course as well as flesh, though a lot of people dismiss or ignore the fact.  And there are those who embrace darkness just like we live in the Light.  And all the troll activity, to me, is part of that. 

Yep.  Collectivism spawned in hell or at least to those who don't believe that, it is hell on earth.

And whatever you believe, the very nature of evil reaches out to quash hope, to weigh down and isolate.  Even the thought of it leaves a kind of sticky humid feeling, a creep factor for the soul.

Don't underestimate it.  But don't overestimate it either.  Face it and burn it to the root with truth.

Wade through it all, find facts as they are stubborn things (TY John Adams) and do not just counter. take the fight to them.  Even the personal stuff.

If you're in it for any length of time, the trolls will come after you.  Don't think right's on your side.  Know what to do.

This is very akin to how character assassination works.  For every positive, the enemy counters with a negative.

I'd add to that, but I'd rather everyone contemplate where they are in our current events.

Besides, I have a very personal entry tomorrow.  We'll see if there is any of the above mentioned tactics with what I have to say.

Sunday, May 29, 2016


With Memorial Day weekend, this seems appropriate.

There are many heroes.  So much so that it seems a term too easily bandied around.  But there are different kinds of heroes. 

I have nothing against sports heroes, science heroes etc.  People who stand out, inspiring others to be better, that's heroic, especially these days when mediocrity looms and there is a collectivist drive to quash competition. 

And most innovators have bravely stood up against the status quo to produce things which have made life easier and better.

Heroes help others, without regard for themselves.  Scared?  Yep.  But they go ahead.  Police, fire, the shoe salesman down the block, the homemaker next door.  Crisis calls and it's up to each of us to answer.

Military heroes especially today, bring to mind Alvin York, Audie Murphy and many more.  From Bunker Hill to the mountains of Afghanistan, many have given the ultimate sacrifice.  And that includes those who once wore grey.  There.  I said it.

Lately the Alinskyan trolls are frothing at the mouth about John Wayne and his 3A classification.  It's another attempt to sully a great American.  He didn't serve.  Neither did my Dad, though he was one of the first to try in Indianapolis. 

I won't go into the details, but I will tell you my impression.  John Wayne was always a patriot.  He was a movie hero, not a war hero.  Also, I believe, but cannot prove, he participated as an intelligence agent.  Just a hunch.  Several public figures have.  They can get into places a lot of people can't.  Who knows?

Wayne's movies, besides being box office hits, inspire and motivate.  Brushfire comes to mind.

And don't underestimate sci-fi etc.  Getting people to think is the keystone of Freedom.  Actually expanding their minds to possibilities.

Wayne was well loved and respected by a great deal of Hollywood, even some liberals.  His fame is worldwide as is the affection for this man who spoke his mind.  His great respect for the military was returned and he visited troops from WW2 to Vietnam.

Of course, the collectivists hate him.  He is strength and truth, their anathema.

And those who have returned, to a man, have said the real heroes are the ones who didn't come back.

Let's remember.

Saturday, May 28, 2016


No not long term food.  Nor hiding guns from goons.  It can mean anything from frozen food to surplus items.

My most obscure post yet?  Not really.  Maybe '6'.  Cost me a follower.  Then I don't worry about that.  Agree, disagree, ignore or unfriend etc, is my credo.  Long as I get my point across, that's all I need.

Ever had something seemingly forgotten pop to the surface again, usually suddenly?  Might be just a page from the past or a valuable lesson that wasn't 'triggered' til externals bade it forth.  It might be that memory was 'waiting' for the right moment.

No, I'm not talking about programming.  It's not robotized mind control.  It's actually free thinking and association.

There is a difference between delving into the past and living there.  Embrace the former and eschew the latter.

The good, the bad (ugly is as ugly does lol) all come to mind.  Horrible and heavenly each deliver lessons that may sustain us in times to come.

Memorial Day weekend should lend itself to this.

Remember, never forget and when the time is right/ripe go forth and do.

Saturday, April 30, 2016


It's a family adventure film about a war dog, his handler, the handler's family and how they come together and triumph.

Yes, it's unapologetic in its patriotism, but is also quite human.  It's not just a golly gee cutout.  One feels for the characters.  And these days, flag waving, small town America and good over evil are welcome.

Again, I'd rather you get the movie and watch it.  There are also synopses around.  Firsthand is best hand. 

War dogs have a rough pivotal role, usually these days in the Middle East.  It's a long history, perhaps older than history itself.  Their functions have varied.  In the movie, Max seeks out weapons caches.

What is significant to me is what happens when Max's handler is killed.  his body is shipped home.  At the funeral, Max is part of the Marine honor guard.  He rushes to the coffin and drapes himself on it.  Dogs know.  There are instances of dogs lingering at grave.  Dogs grieve.

He suffers from PTSD.  He responds to his handler's teen brother.

Much of the movie show Max rehabilitating with the brother. He's troubled and on the cusp of crime.  They are aided by a girl who is good with dogs.  I'm glad to see she is treated as a human being and not another racial cutout as she happens to be Hispanic. 

Now, what strikes me most is the insidiousness of the criminals.  They deal drugs, counterfeit/hijacked software/games and guns.  No particular antigun message, at least to me.  Takes place in Texas btw.

They are squirrely, deceitful and two hide under the surface of respectability.

One was a comrade of Max's handler.  He was trading drugs et in Afghanistan.  Max did not like him.  Dogs are very good judges of character.  Even moreso when this moke is cashiered then comes home pretending to be an honorable wounded vet.

Another is a cop/deputy who is one of the main criminals in the gun/drug scheme.

They slimily maneuver and attempt to manipulate.  Also the cop has two Rottweilers that have been perverted as killer dogs protecting the drugs/guns. 

In real life I have witnessed and been sickened by similar trash.  The evil done when, not only their drug dealing, but their pretended patriotism and service betrays trust.

This is a movie and all is well in the end.

Max lives with the family, the boy reforms and the girl dates him.  These things can and do happen.  It's just that often it's not done so neatly.

Honor, decency and morals are not outmoded.  They are the crux of our Republic.

Enjoy the film and remember that

Friday, April 29, 2016

Indiana Comic Con

Amusing this annual event is taking place in Indianapolis this weekend/4/29-30-5/1.  It's yearly and has been around for a few.  I don't think it's an offshoot of Comic Con International.  Probably no copyright on comic or con.  But the title is ironic considering our Presidential primaries and election.  Interesting times.

Conventions, no matter how small, seem a big undertaking to me.  So much detail and events, one could get lost in the maelstrom, let alone wandering the actual proceedings.  The International Comic Con has been around since 1970 and is gargantuan. 

There are myriad booths and tables, selling items mostly for collectors  Also people share their talents with classes in leatherworking, dying, writing and other arts.

You never know who you might meet.  I've actually networked at conventions in the past.  Met Mark Lenard at one.  He liked my voice and that's how I started studying with him.  Got a free autograph too.

They all seemed to be free back then.  I don't collect them, nor photo ops.  So you have only my word I knew certain people and worked/studied with them.  Well save for their private numbers and those remain private even though many of my friends are gone.  Matter of trust and honor. 

The celebrities at Indiana Comic Con are charging for autographs/photo ops.  Maybe it's considered compensation.  I doubt they need the dough but I might be wrong.  Things have changed and gotten increasingly commercial.

I'm all for compensation.  I want it too.  And there have always been people who charged for autographs.  I think Paul Newman charged a buck apiece but he gave the money to charity.  It just seems a bit much.

Is it greed or desperation?  I don't know and I hope everybody has a good time being entertained.

Remember, these cons generally showcase science fiction and fantasy/horror.  There is many a message in the ravioli about Freedom and the perils of tyranny etc.

As with anything for sale just remember Caveat Emptor.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Flag Pins

For some it's insignificant.  Some disdain it but wear them as a cover.  For many, it's a symbol of pride.  Flag pins have been a mainstay of expression since shortly after 911. 

I don't wear one with anything.  I am not against it.  I just don't.  I have a Gadsden flag t-shirt.  I have a Second Amendment Patriots (progun Indiana group) jacket featuring an American flag on the left breast.

It's not that I'm afraid.  Hardly.  It's not that I think it's ostentatious nor is it wearing patriotism on one's sleeve.  I just don't do it.

This may seem like a silly post.  I get notions and somehow they work out, usually.

What I DON'T like are people, well known to be antifreedom, who wear these symbols like some kind of free pass.  Their hoidy toidy minds think we are simpletons and wearing that pin will convince us they are ok.  It's not like they'd combust wearing them, -s-.  I have a vivid imagination lol.

Reminds me of people who go to church, nod and sing, then deliberately go out and do the opposite.  I'm not talking about 'sin' or missing the mark etc.  Everybody falls short. It's the ones who with malice aforethought just go through the motions, all the time undermining what they profess as true.

Often hand in hand with that falsity is a surface patriotism with the same intention.  Just look at the Freedom sucking ghouls who wear flag pins.  This includes the Occupier of course and all the usual collectivist cohorts.  Having an R D L or I is irrelevant.  That's another flimsy cover for traitorship, defiling sincere folks with those affiliations, though these days they are increasingly meaningless.

Doing and saying are often two different things.  I tried, flawed that I am, to keep my word as an example to my kids.  No excuses and promises made that are kept.  Exceptions would be circumstances that would derail a promise.  If so, I explained why etc something happened.  Those professing to care about the Republic, especially running for office, would do well to remember and emulate that.

So, wear a pin, fly a flag.  My Democrat neighbor displayed his every holiday.  He was a veteran and retired factory worker btw.

A last note.  I never had an inclination to have a Confederate battle flag until the recent collectivist attempt to erase/rewrite our history.  Now I want a t-shirt displaying one.

And tyranny in the form of religion interests me in acquiring a shirt with the likeness of a certain socalled prophet.  Do not tell me what NOT to wear.

Freedom of expression.  Mean it.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Election Reflection

Wow what a mud/poo slinging fest we have this time round.  I'd say it's the nastiest, but there have always been aspersions, true or false, cast upon candidates.

From the earliest days of the Republic, there have been plenty of examples of negative campaigning.  I suggest you go yet again to a search engine, type in negative campaigning or mud slinging and see what you get.

Both socalled traditional parties do it.  And one side claims the other is guilty in a kind of switcheroo sling.  Beware the liberals who try to make it look like it's all the conservatives' fault.  You'll have to filter through and decide for yourself what's going on. 

One thing for sure, stick to the facts.  Some may seem dirty like claiming someone is a commie for instance or another has cheated financially or socially, so see if it's true.  I don't care who nor what, authenticate.

It's a time for soul searching.  We can never find someone who fits the bill completely.  There is plenty of disagreement.  There always has been, always will be.  Simply figure out who serves the people and who does not.  It narrows the field considerably.

There's nothing golly gee about any of this.  Stick to the facts, no matter how brutal.  Our lives and the life of the Republic depend on it.

Don't be a headline browser who goes on a tangent.  Sure the Occupier of the Oval Office is a collectivist.  Don't take my word for it, look at the deeds done.  It's a lengthy list of treachery.  Check out who is a gungrabber.  Who serves Freedom?

And as much as I like some memes, make sure they're true.  If satire, ok because we all need a laugh.  Think for yourself.

We are being torn asunder.  Again, it's as old as the hills.  But make 'em tell the truth.  If they don't, you know what to do. 

Study the enemy.  Start briefly then continue expanding.  The more you know, the better prepared now and ever.

Election reflection?  What do you look for and what do you actually see?

Thursday, March 31, 2016


Yes socalled 'personal' posts are Freedom minded too.  It all adds up, like the soup I'm making this weekend, to a lot of ingredients which make up the whole.

I could have been cute and called this singleton, singletude or singularity etc.  But single is single.

I'm pleased that generally I'm left alone.  I mean that friends and family don't pry into my personal life.  Even people (Some fans even.  I have a few lol) I'm not around leave me be.

Alone is not lonely.  It is sovereignty.  You can be lonely in a crowd.  It's cliché but true.

Thank God I don't have one or a plethora of people trying to 'fix me up' either.  Match making might be well intentioned, but unnecessary at best and a downright pain in the keester otherwise.

Let's just say that stuff will take care of itself down the line.  And yes one can be independent and have a significant other.

So contemplate your own lives, single or not.  As said, everything comes together to make life complete.  Or at least 'addin' to' as life rolls along.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


'Too bad you have such a worm's-eye view of world events. I hope your vision improves. You are missing a lot. Like...the truth.'  A supposed FB 'friend'.

I'd posted a pic of the Occupier posing with Raul murderer Castro, other collectivist trash, all under a mural of Che Guevara.  What gargantuan pride these mokes get from their 'revenge' on JFK etal and our Republic.  I say it is a harbinger of their ultimate failure.  Let's just say pride comes before the fall.

Che, the racist psychopath who found he enjoyed killing and died a cowardly death, honored by the presence of our own little red diaper baby, doing  his best to destroy us.  Che the eliminator of many Freedom loving Cubans and other folks in the southern hemisphere.

The mini diatribe was in response to my post.

This fb friend has posted similar derogatory statements on others conservative, freedom loving posts.  He's a big brave Alinskyan hitman. 

Truth can get lost in the mud I suppose.  Happens grappling with collectivist losers.  Oh how they try to discredit and nullify truth.

Truth might be relative.  Not when qualifying Liberty against collectivist lies, which of course are truth to them.

Perhaps he was speaking from a loftier plain.  He might be an arbiter of truth insofar as there are those who wish to control us.  They use collectivists such as the Occupier, Castros, Mohammadists etal as bludgeons or even spearheads to rework the world in their one world matrix.

We will have one world someday.  Once we reform the Republic and then the world will be inspired to follow suit.  It was the intention of the Founders.

As for a worm's eye view (Haven't heard that one in ages lol), I reiterated the moke's statement to my ex.  She said where better to learn what's going on.  Down among all the people, we see the effects of the elitist birds of a feather.

I'm on the ground, not up in the air.  I'm with the people, not a bunch of pale men in dark suits whose Luciferian pride deludes them into thinking they are superior.

It's government of by and for the people.  It is not government by a set of masters who reward or punish at whim.

And yes, we can fly high as did the Founders.  We are lifted up by our efforts.

Just like these reprobates to twist symbology.

Worms get eaten.  But birds can be grounded.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Oak And Tulip

Sounds like a tavern out of a romance novel.  It's actually an impression of two different flora.

There is a bur oak tree nearby that is around 400 years old.  Thick trunk, high and wide gnarled branches, it sits silently overlooking the road and park. 

It's almost twice as old as the Republic.  It was an acorn, sprout and sapling when only my red brothers and sisters dwelt round it.  Mind you they had been around for thousands of years at least.  There time alone as it were was already done.  France then Britain claimed the land.  And, before that, tribes claimed and beat out other tribes.  Human nature was at work before the acorn was even formed. 

The oak was a young tree when whites first came to Indiana.  We know some got along and some did not with their red brothers and sisters.  There have always been those who seek to turn people against one another.  Control is the key element.  The oak began to stand tall as the War for Independence was won and Indiana was part of the Northwest then was Indiana Territory.  The oak stood tall at 200 years old.

The next 200 years saw rise and fall of both good and evil.  Repeated attempts to subvert and destroy the Republic rose and fell since before we were a Republic.  It is as I said, a constant battle.  Instead of being left alone, there are those who seek control, to decide for us instead of we ourselves.

Only time will tell what the oak will witness.  I hope it lasts another 400 years and 'sees' the Restoration of a Republic that will spread Freedom round the world.

There are a lot of tulip trees in the area.  Many are quite large and sturdy but nowhere near as old as the oak.  They are also called Jane Magnolia trees.

Currently they are magnificently in bloom, bright pink and white.  Their perfume fills the air with the hope of Spring.

The bloom doesn't last long.  The petals fall to become humus ie circle of life.

The flowers spread pollen, prolong and help propagate more.

Sometimes, a flash in the pan takes place.  Other times it is a slow steady growth that outlasts the bloom.

Both work for a cycle of development and rebirth.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Taverns And Churches

I think I've mentioned the scenario before.  Let's face it, I may repeat myself given my winding journey.  But I just had a trigger moment.  And yes that was a sarcastic swipe at those oh so trendy terms batted around these days.  So exit your safe space and hang out with my recollection.

Heard somebody mention The Patriot recently.  Great flick that captured the spirit of the War of Independence.  As for history, as always, I advise study, digging and especially searching for accuracy in these days of concerted attempts by collectivists to rewrite history in their matrix.

Specifically, there was a reference to the recruitment done at the church to increase the ranks of the militia.  It was a profound moment and the speech by the young woman was especially touching.  It was a pastiche of events of course.  That particular moment illustrated women were very much involved with Freedom.

The churchgoers seemed pretty straight laced, almost to the point of caricature.  I'm not knocking them, just observing.  They rose to the call, as did the pastor, who was based on Lutheran pastor Muhlenberg.

Not mentioned was the following scene where Martin and the French officer recruit at a tavern.  Very earthy folks there.  Some are mercenary, but most are willing to fight.  Several of these men were former militia during the French and Indian War who had served with Martin.  Rough guys for a rough job.

A similar almost caricature is evident with this scene. 

What happens at least is that in spite of pious intent or rowdy rebellion, these two groups learned to fight together for Liberty.

That's the point.  We are many different types of people.  We have internal and external reasons for serving the Republic.  We each have something to bring to the fight. 

Don't judge a book by its cover.  Devout isn't always proper.  It's the intention. 

The son tells Martin that 'these are not the kind of men we need'.  Martin responds that yes they are.  He goes on to tell about some of the horrors of war.  It is hell, but it is necessary to be free.

We are all in this world together.  What we do will tell who we are.

Monday, February 29, 2016


Carmen, Steve the dog's mate and our other friend, companion and protector, has now joined him in spirit as of 2/2 at 3am. 

When a human or animal dies, it's easy to get stuck at the point of illness and departure.  We can think of them as they were when we took care of them in sickness.  But we must always remember all of our time together, from when it began.

Carmen came to us in a similar but better way than Steve. 

She was one of a litter of pups that my wife found through an online association.  The pups were being offered for free to good homes.

I stayed home but Mom, the kids and Steve went to check out the litter.

The idea was to find a mate for Steve and have the girl dog be our daughter's pup,  Of course, she was a family friend.

The only female in a large litter, she was blondish and had white paw tips, like Steve.  Her mom was a Lab and her dad a Corgi!

She was scared at first leaving mom and bros behind.  Steve sniffed her and didn't get upset.  She shook all the way home, held by our daughter.

From the nervous lil girl who came home that night, Carmen quickly grew.  Steve's irritation with a pup grew to interest as she came of age.  They bonded as a couple and had incidentally been neutered and spayed.

She was a bright girl, learned quickly yet could be stubborn lol.  Down and sit were my contribution to her discipline.

She was as protective as she was loving.  A quiet girl, Carmen made it quite clear of her presence when people approached.

Like Steve she wandered the house, and would lie down just about anywhere, often keeping us company watching TV or on the computer.  Often she slept at the foot of our daughter's bed.

Of course, she always greeted us joyously, whether we were gone for a few minutes, a day or longer.
When we finally sent the kids to school after years f homeschooling, I'd ask her where my son was.  Wait for him?  She'd go sit at the back door and wait til he got home.  Or, and through the years, she parked herself at the front door, patiently napping til someone came back.  Bounding down the stairs was her other route to saying hello.

Til she got ill, she always trotted and bounced, never walked.  As she aged, her hips started becoming arthritic so she waddled.  even then she would climb the stairs, albeit always more slowly.

Carmen was smaller than Steve, but where he was wiry, she was built like a tank.  Not only that, she was brave and tenacious when it came to threats on her family or herself.  She was steadfast and always held her ground.

Last summer, just before she took a turn for the worse, she backed down a neighbor's Pitbull.  A fence between them, she stood and matched and excelled frenzy, and the Pit backed up!

A week or so later, one of the kids left the front door open next door.  The male Pit charged out, just as we got back from a ride.

He attacked, and Carmen went at it with him, causing him again to back off enough for Ruthie to put the male in a hold.  That was remarkable in itself!  And Carmen stayed right at her side, while I watched, not needing to intervene with my Glock.  Unforgettable!

As summer faded, so did Carmen.  It was slow then faster.  We took her to the vet and treated the arthritis, then diabetes.  But she had a brain tumor and there was no choice.

Her heart stopped and she just quit.  Quietly, literally gone to sleep.

Dog stories in these tumultuous times?

You bet!

Strength comes from all our love.  Carmen had been part of that for 10 and a half years.

Her courage and tenacity and personal strength could well be a lesson for humans.

We need all we can get.

She's free and reunited with Steve.  We believe it.  Love never dies.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Death Penalty

Ooh.  What a piquant topic.  Death is our constant companion. 

And I shouldn't even say the depths and heights this can take.

Capital crime must be punished.  How is the question.

There are sides pro and con re death or life imprisonment.

Why should some monster continue to live at taxpayers expense after murdering others?

Is all life sacred?

There is no quick fix here but I think it's a combination of mismanagement and moral laxity.

The prison system, along with the whole justice system, is corrupt and too often equivocal.  No wonder the process for those on death row takes years and fees and some kind of dance which is played to the music of money and power at the expense of victims' families and friends.  And justice.  it becomes just a word to be batted about like a tether ball.

Just offhand, I'm reminded of a child rapist, a big brute, who mutilated girls round the age of 7 so he could perform his evil.  He's now in prison.  Punished?  No.  He has become an enforcer in stir for certain criminal elements to exact punishment on members incarcerated.  It's an ugly thing, unspeakable.  Except we need to speak.

The above illustrates there are those, though in human form, are not human.  Psychopaths of course and if you will indulge me, the demonic or those who willingly embrace evil.  There is nothing sacrosanct there and they do not embrace all that is Light.

Word games have taken the place of action.  Supposedly that's so we don't all do something rash like, say, defend ourselves in location or even courts.

Justice, for anyone, is supposed to be timely.  It's guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.  But, like the rest of our Freedom, it has been turned into a process where said rights are bargained away.  Yes, I'm saying this is all part of rewriting the Republic into something dead opposite.

The 'system' needs to be overhauled.  It will be part of restoring the Republic.

It won't become some grim reaperesque monstrosity, though liberals would like to paint it that way.  Simple timely justice.  It is what we are all supposed to experience.

The rewiting of our BoR, when done completely, will strip it of efficacy, so the collectivists think.  They want a country which is just a part of a hive.  Punishment and courts will administer swiftly however.  It will be done in the style we have seen in communist/fascist/Islamist territories.  The state will make it so.  There will be no rights of man, so they 'hope'.

We must 'change' that.  We must bring it back bit by bit to effective individual justice.

The death penalty for murderers and rapists, as well as traitors etal, will be fair as it should be.  We cannot deny to one and not to another. 

Death is fair?  Yes, when the crime calls for it.  As cited above, not for changing faith or wishing or acting to establish Freedom.

Oh and traitors re death penalty.  It's perfectly reasonable and just.  They threaten the structure for all and can cause subsequent deaths among the people.

What will happen?  Death of the Republic or death to tyranny?