Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Indianapolis hosted  the 84th annual meeting of the U.S. Conference of Mayors last weekend.  Up to 200 mayors of various sized cities were supposed to attend.  I didn't keep count.  I'm sure there were some Republican mayors in the mix.  Again, I didn't take note.

It seemed to be more of a Democrat mayors from failed socialist experiment cities parade.  The mayor of Baltimore is the conference president.  Uh-huh.  The Orlando mayor was due to speak.  There were others though the Chicago mayor wasn't present.  Probably too busy taking advantage of the murder crisis in that toddlin' town.

Absence of some was made up by Valerie Jarrett, the occupier of the Oval Office's chief advisor.  Advisor for communist subversion/destabilization of the Republic is more like it.  She preached the same droning antigun claptrap.  She's touting 'criminal justice reform' which means more criminals out and more terror for decent honest citizens.  Oh and gungrabbing disguised badly as usual as safety.

Yes, public safety, not politics was emphasized by the failed cities mayors.  The NOLA mayor said they were 'field generals'  (Sovietize much?) on the front line of fighting crime.  They rehash the hash.  It's gonna dry up soon, or will it?

And commie sense, um common sense solutions were mentioned at gag level proportions.

Joe Hogsett, Indy's new Demo mayor said Indiana exports more guns than any other state.  Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?  Define and supply real data not cooked stats please.  Mayors Against Illegal Guns is probably the source for this.  That's highly questionable right there.  Just love their fallacious statement how American guns are fueling Mexican gun crime.  Well maybe Fast and Furious Fed guns, but actually gunrunners fuel the cartel activities.

The mokes who met have one right idea.  Local gov and grassroots are key to change.  Now it depends on the kind of change suggested.  It boils down to more tyranny or renewed Freedom.

Mayors, good effective ones, can steer a town to good things.  Less control and more self determination is the key. 

The ones who met here last weekend are more like waterboys for the occupier and his collectivist ilk including many in Congress and 'outside' such as Bloomberg.

It's natural for collectivists of all stripes to lie and expound half truths.  Always dig for yourselves and look to David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh as well as his son Matt among others for truth.  Research and dig though.  Don't just settle because someone says so.  But truth and trust are on the side of the aforementioned guys and many more.

We may be tired of the claptrap. But it is incessant.

And don't get me started on the fact Hillary made an appearance like the wicked witch of the west poofing in an out in gushes of green fog.  Guess that's anti Hillary.  See Frothing my just previous post for something about that -s-.

And that incessant chanting will not go away unless we fight it on all levels.

As I say, we fight an enemy that never sleeps.  We must learn to sleep less.


jed clampett said...

How bout them there perks huh?

Mike H said...

Been to the Children's Museum. Driven round the 500. Football's not my thing. Been to Carmel. Hope all had a groovy time. We do have some wonderful attractions. Great town. Don't want to see it become another Chicago, Baltimore etc.