Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Front Affronts

Boo!  It's not even Halloween.  For collectivists every day is scary,

A bunch of loons (for that is exactly what all collectivists are) called revolutionary communist party are thumping the old soviet revolutionary tattoo.  They are everything you imagine soviets/Bolsheviks to be and then some.

I will not go on about them.  Go investigate yourself.  Best to study the enemy in all its permutations.  For that is what these mokes are, just one lil ole facet of the greater collectivist web.  There are orgs and offshoots all over the place, like choking weeds.

Now when I say loons, keep in mind they are dangerous.  Organized and bent on spreading dissension and subversion, they are front people for the greater bunch, those who work in gov and all walks of life.

Mind you, our progressives etc make no secret of their goals, except in Alinskyan denial.  But flag wavers are useful.  With enough of them running around literally and figuratively spouting revolution, it does two things.  It takes the heat off real subversion we see in gov and social institutions.  Also, it lends credence to the idea that communism is almost dead, that these nuts are fanatics and they are fringe.  They are the fodder for conspiracy theorists, so they are not documented by MSM.  Then again the liberal infested media under reports a great many things.

This gang was seen in Ferguson allegedly trying to stir up the populace.  They are labeled Maoist, which indicates they move among the 'peasants' and not in other circles. If you study communism btw, get ready for a long winding road.  Lotta flavors, all bitter.

Again in that instance, we had guys in obvious t-shirts at the front.  Behind it all there were actual subversives as well as mercenary rioters/demonstrators.  Of course, little is mentioned MSMwise and snopes, in my opinion a leftist apologist site, says the participation was limited at best.  It's meant to be sub rosa.

Of course, it's all one big collectivist miasma, a many tentacled octopus with very few people pulling the strings.

These fronts don't hide the others, they merely take off the heat.  Unless you are willing and able to look past the smoke and mirrors.

It's all an affront to Freedom and thinking for oneself as well as self control.

Or, if people fall for the front, they have already surrendered.


template said...

Isn't calling them loons letting them off easily?

Mike H said...

No. The front is perceived as loony. Collectivism, all of it, is quite evil.

flushing said...

Devious t^^ds aren't they?