Monday, June 27, 2016


The feeding frenzy is vicious after the jihad attack in Orlando.  Never letting a crisis go to waste, the collectivist gun/freedom grabbers try try again.  The attitude is well worn.  They are haughty, arrogant and totally self absorbed.

The repugnant feelings run deeply and generationally.  As we teach Freedom, thinking for oneself, analysis, truth, the liberals etc ingrain just the opposite in their children.  It's obvious, for instance in the occupier's behavior, whoever raised him.  Generational Marxism was brought to national notice on an old TV show, 'I Led Three Lives'.

The program showcased Herb Philbrick, who infiltrated a communist front org and proceeded to spy for the FBI.  Remember, we have Hollywood involved.  So, even though it was based on his work and even had him as a consultant, some liberties were taken for entertainment.  Most intel work is tedious, with little excitement.  It can be dangerous however.  But it's not very entertaining.

Ok, to make a short story long (-s-), there were instances of indoctrination.  Communist families spreading lies and half truths, say, of George Washington.  My, how that has become commonplace, thanks in great part to comrade Alinsky. 

And as for tradition, I have a specific instance.  Among all the other things happening it is quite insignificant.  But, a looksee says a lot.

I have several different kinds of friends on FB.  There are a few liberals and even a couple of outright commies.  Also true among showbiz people.  I like to know what people think lol.

All the turmoil re Orlando, as said, has unleashed a frothing mass of hatred for gunowners and guns.  It's the usual blame everything but the real cause syndrome, all to gain momentum for control.  And it passed down.

Kid on my friends list responded to the current debacle by saying, 'If you try to defend guns especially today (day of shooting) just unfriend me'.   I shook my head.  Knew he and his fam were liberal.  It took this incident to show his true colors, or lack of them.

I didn't do that.  I just kept posting pro Freedom items on my own page.  He dumped me.  Boohoo.

Also he altered his post to say f*** off.  Wow.  Such depth of expression.  So typical.

His Mom had unfriended and complained of a relative who was 'too anti-Hillary'.  Uh-huh.

How could someone be too anti-Hillary lol?

Arrogant Bertha Better'an Yous. 

This is greatly what we face.  Be prepared.  And don't be obligated to friend them.

With friends like that who needs enemies.

They already are


pop said...

Little twerp shoulda been spanked.

teacher said...

Spoiled self centered brat. Common of the ilk. Ungrateful.

Thaddeus said...

Why friend em? Why not tell em where to go?

Mike H said...

Cuz as said, I see what makes em tick. No biggie. And telling him off would just fuel his obtuse disdain. He's not worth it.

teacher said...

No reason to descend to his level.

Mike H said...

Precisely teach.

Ffred said...

Glad that's an 'h'.

Mike H said...

Yeah. People get rubbed the wrong way enough.