Thursday, October 31, 2013

That's Entertainment!

Entertain some thoughts.  Not just amusement nor diversion.  Think on things.

As with much of our culture, the words 'entertain' and 'entertainment' have been detoured.  They do mean diversion and amusement, but they signify so much more.  As long as the public is so diverted, it is hoped by collectivists that they will commensurately not think.  Yukking it up and pursuing idle interests instead of truly recreating is the goal.  Put your mind on hold and do what you're told -s-.

Receive, consider, contemplate.  Maintain thought.  You choose the topic.  I believe you will make wise choices.  When you get past the frivolous, you can focus.

Now, I'm not suggesting we all be fuddy-duddies.  To rest and recreate is necessary, what with so many assaults on Liberty coalescing.  Far as I'm concerned, I like a good movie or TV show.

And there, in my chosen area of work, I promise you I will entertain.  Instead of bludgeoning, I hope to tell stories.  I may use humor and/or fantastic elements, but I will aim to get folks to think.

I have always dug for facts.  I look behind the scenes.  I will invite and show hospitality to those who care to peruse my films/shows. 

I just watched the 3 Stooges yesterday.  The Boys never fail to get me laughing.  There are messages in the ravioli there, but for sheer well done wit and slapstick together, you can't beat (sic) them.  When I was taking care of my dying Dad, I'd slip out and catch James Bond and other films, usually John Wayne or Steve McQueen.  It was respite indeed and though later in life I have delved into meaning under the surface, I took the opportunity to relax for a couple of hours.  It gave the strength and courage to continue helping Dad and take on the challenges of school and dating etc.

So, I hope you have been mildly entertained here and continue to stop by.  If I bore you, seek entertainment elsewhere.  I guarantee I will not make you wallow like the propaganda seeping out of MSM or Hollywood.

Pick and choose.  And being the self starters and thinking for yourselves, you will discover something somewhere that delights you.  At least, when there is solemnity, you will harken back to joy as we seek solutions to remedy the grievous faults assailing the Republic.

So, it's not at odds to say have fun and think!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


There are many for many reasons.  Usually it is because of abuse at home.  The girl who survived Robert Hansen is no exception.

Portrayed by Vanessa Hudgens in The Frozen Ground, she is Cindy Paulson, a teenager turned to hooking to make a living.  Again this is all too common.

As per my usual M.O., I'll leave it to the reader to study on the movie, real circumstances and runaways in general.  There is plenty of heartfelt data and I hope you will want to help those who survive.

In brief, Cindy got away from the serial killer, who tortured, raped and then literally hunted his victims in the wilds of Alaska.  With the help of a dedicated State Trooper (Glenn Flothe in real life), she helps bring the monster down.  He is serving 461 years plus life with NO chance of parole.

It is real heroism.  That as you might know, means overcoming fear and pushing ahead.  The temptation is to run from such things.

Many don't want to deal with such evil.  Ignoring it of course will NOT make it go away.  And it may reach out and swat anyone as a result.

As shown, Cindy was a runaway because of being sexually abused.  And though she escapes from the monster, she still runs.

First, in fear of not being believed, she goes back to the streets.  Several times she does this.  It is an old pattern.  Then, with Flothe's support, she IDs the perp and follows through.  She made a decision.  No more running.

The real life Cindy is doing well, resolved and determined not to let the past trap her.

Each of us may face something from which we are tempted to run or keep running.  I hope and pray whatever it takes, that each decides NOT to be a runaway any longer.

The hows and whys etc are individual and up to each.

May we as well offer real hope and strength for others.

Just a pre-Halloween thought at the time when we should contemplate fear, face and overcome it.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

To Those Interested Parties

To those interested parties:

 I'm rewriting a script/treatment titled Heart in the City. It concerns victims and those who help them. It's a longtime labor of love.

 Ruthann Popcheff, a dear friend of mine, was Director of the Victim Assistance Program at IPD. I'm keeping a promise to make a film about it.

 It won't be a documentary (Though one may well be made among the 'making of' features for a DVD), nor will it be a biography. The film will be inspired by Ruthann and so many others who are advocates for victims of violent crimes.

 I should have done this some time ago. However, I believe it's never too late. It has afforded me an opportunity to improve what I hope is a tribute to good concerned people and to the victims. From victim, to survivor, to victor!

Monday, October 28, 2013


Someone asked if I ever taught. Kinda broad. Never subbed as did my ex for high school. We home schooled our kids for years. Aren't parents the quintessential first teachers -s-? Actually taught them as in subjects etc. I did American and World History, Russian, German, Geography. Variation was Spanish for our daughter. We collaborated on Science/Math. Most important was emphasizing that isn't just a classroom thing. It's life. People, places, all experience adds to the learning curve -s-. The kids are self starters in and out of classrooms. Sometimes they are now the teachers -s-. And what they taught us when children is immeasurable.
Oh yes. I have guest lectured in business/supervision college classes and was a teaching assistant in college. Grading papers was one of the greatest responsibilities in that capacity. I also judged high school speech team members and did a bit of coaching there.

I've lectured, led seminars, retreats and even preached long ago lol.

There has been advice given re acting for not just my daughter but for a few others.
Producing experience will continue as I get Heart in the City up and running.

I look forward to directing one day after I revitalize my acting career.

And not the least, instructed the kids in outdoor activities, ie camping etc and self defense, both armed and unarmed.

So yeah, I guess I've 'taught'.

But that is in proportion to what I have learned.