Tuesday, October 29, 2013

To Those Interested Parties

To those interested parties:

 I'm rewriting a script/treatment titled Heart in the City. It concerns victims and those who help them. It's a longtime labor of love.

 Ruthann Popcheff, a dear friend of mine, was Director of the Victim Assistance Program at IPD. I'm keeping a promise to make a film about it.

 It won't be a documentary (Though one may well be made among the 'making of' features for a DVD), nor will it be a biography. The film will be inspired by Ruthann and so many others who are advocates for victims of violent crimes.

 I should have done this some time ago. However, I believe it's never too late. It has afforded me an opportunity to improve what I hope is a tribute to good concerned people and to the victims. From victim, to survivor, to victor!

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