Wednesday, October 30, 2013


There are many for many reasons.  Usually it is because of abuse at home.  The girl who survived Robert Hansen is no exception.

Portrayed by Vanessa Hudgens in The Frozen Ground, she is Cindy Paulson, a teenager turned to hooking to make a living.  Again this is all too common.

As per my usual M.O., I'll leave it to the reader to study on the movie, real circumstances and runaways in general.  There is plenty of heartfelt data and I hope you will want to help those who survive.

In brief, Cindy got away from the serial killer, who tortured, raped and then literally hunted his victims in the wilds of Alaska.  With the help of a dedicated State Trooper (Glenn Flothe in real life), she helps bring the monster down.  He is serving 461 years plus life with NO chance of parole.

It is real heroism.  That as you might know, means overcoming fear and pushing ahead.  The temptation is to run from such things.

Many don't want to deal with such evil.  Ignoring it of course will NOT make it go away.  And it may reach out and swat anyone as a result.

As shown, Cindy was a runaway because of being sexually abused.  And though she escapes from the monster, she still runs.

First, in fear of not being believed, she goes back to the streets.  Several times she does this.  It is an old pattern.  Then, with Flothe's support, she IDs the perp and follows through.  She made a decision.  No more running.

The real life Cindy is doing well, resolved and determined not to let the past trap her.

Each of us may face something from which we are tempted to run or keep running.  I hope and pray whatever it takes, that each decides NOT to be a runaway any longer.

The hows and whys etc are individual and up to each.

May we as well offer real hope and strength for others.

Just a pre-Halloween thought at the time when we should contemplate fear, face and overcome it.

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