Monday, October 28, 2013


Someone asked if I ever taught. Kinda broad. Never subbed as did my ex for high school. We home schooled our kids for years. Aren't parents the quintessential first teachers -s-? Actually taught them as in subjects etc. I did American and World History, Russian, German, Geography. Variation was Spanish for our daughter. We collaborated on Science/Math. Most important was emphasizing that isn't just a classroom thing. It's life. People, places, all experience adds to the learning curve -s-. The kids are self starters in and out of classrooms. Sometimes they are now the teachers -s-. And what they taught us when children is immeasurable.
Oh yes. I have guest lectured in business/supervision college classes and was a teaching assistant in college. Grading papers was one of the greatest responsibilities in that capacity. I also judged high school speech team members and did a bit of coaching there.

I've lectured, led seminars, retreats and even preached long ago lol.

There has been advice given re acting for not just my daughter but for a few others.
Producing experience will continue as I get Heart in the City up and running.

I look forward to directing one day after I revitalize my acting career.

And not the least, instructed the kids in outdoor activities, ie camping etc and self defense, both armed and unarmed.

So yeah, I guess I've 'taught'.

But that is in proportion to what I have learned.

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Teach the children well.