Thursday, October 31, 2013

That's Entertainment!

Entertain some thoughts.  Not just amusement nor diversion.  Think on things.

As with much of our culture, the words 'entertain' and 'entertainment' have been detoured.  They do mean diversion and amusement, but they signify so much more.  As long as the public is so diverted, it is hoped by collectivists that they will commensurately not think.  Yukking it up and pursuing idle interests instead of truly recreating is the goal.  Put your mind on hold and do what you're told -s-.

Receive, consider, contemplate.  Maintain thought.  You choose the topic.  I believe you will make wise choices.  When you get past the frivolous, you can focus.

Now, I'm not suggesting we all be fuddy-duddies.  To rest and recreate is necessary, what with so many assaults on Liberty coalescing.  Far as I'm concerned, I like a good movie or TV show.

And there, in my chosen area of work, I promise you I will entertain.  Instead of bludgeoning, I hope to tell stories.  I may use humor and/or fantastic elements, but I will aim to get folks to think.

I have always dug for facts.  I look behind the scenes.  I will invite and show hospitality to those who care to peruse my films/shows. 

I just watched the 3 Stooges yesterday.  The Boys never fail to get me laughing.  There are messages in the ravioli there, but for sheer well done wit and slapstick together, you can't beat (sic) them.  When I was taking care of my dying Dad, I'd slip out and catch James Bond and other films, usually John Wayne or Steve McQueen.  It was respite indeed and though later in life I have delved into meaning under the surface, I took the opportunity to relax for a couple of hours.  It gave the strength and courage to continue helping Dad and take on the challenges of school and dating etc.

So, I hope you have been mildly entertained here and continue to stop by.  If I bore you, seek entertainment elsewhere.  I guarantee I will not make you wallow like the propaganda seeping out of MSM or Hollywood.

Pick and choose.  And being the self starters and thinking for yourselves, you will discover something somewhere that delights you.  At least, when there is solemnity, you will harken back to joy as we seek solutions to remedy the grievous faults assailing the Republic.

So, it's not at odds to say have fun and think!

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