Thursday, April 30, 2009

Das Ding

There was a lotta fear in the 50's. Commies, atomic war, alien invasion, usually a metaphor re 'the red menace' as the commie threat was called.

I'm sure much was engendered to counter the threat, to allay any fears. In other words, it must be nonsense or the precursor of the 'tin hat' crowd. It was smoke and mirrors. OTOH, fear did run a merry race. Both approaches can be useful to enemies of Freedom.

There was (and is) a threat and sometimes films reflected the fact. Such is the case with The Thing From Another World. Remember that often a message can be gotten across in scifi better than, say 'The Red Menace', etc. I did rather enjoy Big Jim McClain with John Wayne and James Arness. That flick, though simplistic did point out that there was an apparat working hard on many levels to destroy the US.

Instead of the shapeshifting mutant that assimilates flesh (like some congresscritters?) in the original story, we have a creature based on vegetable life (like liberal sheeple). It is relentless carrying 'seeds' under its nails. As well, a whole creature can grow from a body part. These 'things' need blood to grow and live of course (like the irs -s-).

It crashes at a remote Arctic location, near a research facility. The 'saucer' blows up (self destruct?) but they manage to haul the pilot back. Accidentally thawed, our intrepid 'carrot' (nickname the Army guys give it) seeks blood and to colonize (overtly subversive).

The Army Air guys and most of the scientists devise ways to kill it. Shooting, fire (good scene) and finally electrocution are tried. Atempt three does the trick and the thing is destroyed, long with a severed arm and 'babies' that crave blood. For the time and budget, not bad sfx.

What I'm particularly aiming at is the determination of the humans to destroy such a virulent threat. They didn't run around going, 'What am I gonna do?'. It was life and death. They stuck to the fight til they won.

Also of interest is the liberal scientist played by Robert Cornthwaite. Of course, he wanted to study the creature, commenting how much wiser and advanced it was. Yep, just like the libs now, this reflected back on those who adore communism, how much better we'd be with a socialist matrix. Near the end he tried to reason with it. In response, the thing brained him. How like communism/fascism etc then and now.

All consuming government that seeks total domination, treating us as cattle. The Thing gets its point across. Little did some think there would be such rot from within.

How opposite of the Day The Earth Stood Still. Klaatu was a fascist official attempting to subdue the earth with robot police. That sounds familiar too n'est pas? We must bow to authority is the theme, since we cannot figure ourselves out.

Not the Thing. The lesson is WE decide our destiny. WE fight. If the threat is lethal, we become moreso. Survival or extinction. Which will we choose?

I suggest we heed the words of the reporter Scotty at the end and 'watch the skies' (now more at watch ourselves and the enemy). And devise ways to stop the real thing. It has spread way too far. Find its vulnerabilities. Truth, deny it sustenance, fight.

You all know the drill. The real thing wants us to be scared, give up, submit. Deny the enemy and stop the threat by facing it and never giving up.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


We all get nervous to some degree before a performance. I'm speaking of actors particularly. Some do well in rehearsals, then they foul up opening night. Others stutter through rehearsals, then do brilliantly that first night.

I've known performers who get quite spiky EVERY night. Then, they plunge in because once onstage, you're in the deep end of the pool. You sink or swim.

Of course, there can be flubs in an ongoing production. The trick as it were is to go on. The audience usually forgives gaffs. Even if they don't, go on. Is it life or death? Only psychologically -s-.

I can tell you that I get nervous like most others. Here is what I do.

Anything that wells up inside, I take and channel it into my performance. Energy is energy. Free acting lesson for ya. Stare it in the face and back it down as well.

In the real world, if you freeze or falter, it might be much costlier than a flubbed line. Life or death? Yep it could be.

When you have made a decision to plunge in, go for it. But first, be prepared. Rehearse. Practice practice practice.

And even before that, in the words of one of my heroes, David Crockett, 'Be sure you're right, then go ahead.'

Sunday, April 19, 2009

On The Green

Of course, my kids and I recalled what happened in Massachusetts April 19, 1775. They are a source of pride and inspiration to me. Whatsmore, they spread the word about Freedom.

They both stand up and out in their classes as they calmly yet passionately relay the facts concerning our Republic. My son, particularly has withstood ridicule from socialist dweeb classmates. He looks them in the eye and proceeds to dismantle their ever so predictable rhetoric.

These kids realize what happened 234 years ago. Whatever they do in life, they intend to hold up their end now and in the future.

I know there was a meeting on the Green at Lexington. I heard that people renewed their Oaths to protect and defend the Constitution and that some took an Oath as civilians to do the same.

An Oath is a solemn thing. It is not to be taken lightly. I have taken two (neither military nor police), and neither contradicts nor supercedes fighting for Restoration of this Republic.

My kids have yet to take any Oaths. But they know the reason for them. They are prepared to stand as before and for what comes.

My son will take an Oath as a Marine officer one day though. He plans to be a pilot and aerospace engineer. My daughter wants to be a singer and teacher. Each will do their duty as Americans, whether an Oath is taken or not. As Americans, we have a duty to follow the example of the men who stood on the Green.

Protecting and defending the Constitution against all enemies foreign and demestic is written on my heart. I am willing to publicly join with my sworn brothers and sisters and take that Oath before God and all who see.

"What a glorious morning this is!"

Samuel Adams to John Hancock at Lexington 1775

Indeed, each morning is glorious when we strive to restore this Constitutional Republic. Glorious to stand up to tyranny up to and including what those ancestors of us all did that day.

Til that day comes again, continue as I have suggested, to win as many hearts and minds as you can.

Our enemies are hoping Freedom will die out with many of us today. It is incumbent upon us to teach our kids well.

We will beat our enemies. So will our kids and theirs too.

I leave you with these words:

"But what do we mean by the American Revolution? Do we mean the American war? The Revolution was effected before the war commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people; a change in their religious sentiments, of their duties and obligations... This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments, and affections of the people was the real American Revolution."

--John Adams, letter to H. Niles, 13 February 1818

True then. True now.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mizzoo And RWE And Pirates

Pursuant to that inane notice from the fusion center in MO, though 'withdrawn' (Who knows if they might just issue a new covert one) leaves me with the following impressions re those of us who value Freedom.

We are enemies of the state. Agents of the state, cloaked in the purple of authority claim to speak for Freedom which is actually tyranny draped in that regal color. Neither is Freedom. Yet WE are the criminals we are the enemy to THEM. Not so. Any who claim such power over us and to interpret the Constitution and BoR for us have eschewed what this Republic stands for and IS. We reject them. All this fuss because we want the Republic back and to be left alone.

Tyranny never willingly lets go of power. Vis a vis:

"Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment."

By way of World Net Daily (several other sources too), Homeland Security rears its Roman Eagle head with the above.

MOS re those of us who value Freedom.

Interesting DHS says there is no specific info re plans of violence. RWEs are apparently attempting 'recruitment' by playing on fears of several current issues, not the least being election of an AfroAmerican President. Playing on fears. Sounds like ascription of the same methods Bradyites etc use. Slick.

Gun control, the economy, including loss of homes and jobs, illegal aliens, abortion, mismanagement of funds by corporations, increasing socialism, and so much more adding up to the destruction of our Republic are manipulated to lump us in with skin heads (no mention of blacks nor muslims etc) nazis cop killers etc as well as including US with the (to me put up jobs) nitwits who were seemingly targeting our now President (Pretender to the throne that I believe he is) before election.

Read it for yourself. See what all the buzz and what bs it is.

Demonization is valuable to tyranny. Then, if anything happens aka like Waco etal, DHS etc can say 'Aha! See!'! Swaying hearts and minds, in these cases, not to think.

Solution is simple. It is exposure which this birdcage liner is getting.

There is at least one gov report re 'left wing extremists'.

Lotta stuff re 'cyber attacks'. More cerebral? Also economic damage against perceived corporations and ecological damagers. Funny they don't mention violent guys like Ayers and Weathermen etc. Hmmmmmmm.

Anarchists are mentioned and they peg them as anticapitalist. That should tick off anarcho-capitalists or anarcho-libertarians! They seem drawn as the pre WW1 bunch. Taint so McGee, as Kent McManigal (of the anarcho-libertarian kind) can tell you at Kent's also the Albuquerque Libertarian Examiner.

Argghh! Pirates! (Couldn't help it. Amazing how Robert Newton as Long John Silver coined a stereotype. Kinda like that underrated actor Bela Lugosi's Dracula 'good Evenink").

My simple solution to solve the Somalian pirate problem: Arm the mariners!

Kudos to the Seal team nailing the scum holding an American Captain hostage. But gov cannot be the only solution. Just as there is no guarantee or obligation that cops/mil can protect us, so it is on the sea.

Once these sh****s get consistent resistance, they will be destroyed if they do not stop. As with corrupt gov so it is with these muslim bandits. Study the enemy! Shades of the 'shores of Tripoli' re Barbary pirates during Jefferson's Presidency. People can protect themselves at sea just as here. We can save the Marines etal for more dramatic missions.....

Saturday, April 11, 2009

If Only I Had A Gun

Or If I Only Had A Gun. I could truncate this and don't expect a long discussion here, by saying drivel. Which it is.

ABC does it again. Diane Sawyer as the quintessential bearer of bad tidings performs her ignorant (or calculated) yet slick expose of the perils of gun ownership/usage.

And again, if one suffers from a lack of critical thinking, one could buy this prestidigitation. My son does not suffer in the aforementioned way. He disgustedly switched it off. I stayed to the bitter end as did my daughter and her Mom.

Put up job comes to mind when ABC staged a 'shooting scenario' taking place at a lecture hall. Nice gullible kids were recruited for 'firearms training' It wasn't.

Everyone was dressed in padded outfits including gloves. Masks I could understand for sims training, but these guys looked like Commander Cody (As usual for those who don't know who he is look it up lol).

The guy running the show was a police 'expert' who also portrayed the assailant. How convenient. He knew where the armed kid was and targeted him. The kid couldn't get his gun out right away as it tangled in his long shirt. And the kid was told the event would come down later in the 'safety' lecture. It was almost immediate. He was an airball 'champ' who had practied for hours in his back yard shooting targets with an airsoft gun. So what? Not the same as training to shoot a real gun. More on that in a minute.

Another kid suffered the same surprise. He was a target shooter who had real guns and a lot of time at the range. He was caught in the deception and surprise as the first. Long time cops I know would have had trouble with this setup.

Yet another actually hit the 'perp' in the thigh and might have done some serious damage. But again with the rigged game this girl got shot albeit with sims.

If ABC had been truly impartial they would have had an equitable scenario. I would suggest F.R.I. or Jeff Cooper's old school, Gunsite among others. Take nothing for granted and be prepared to defend oneself.

They should have pointed out that the shooters pick defenseless places/people. The shooters hardly ever 'train'. They have a low hit average. They have a common M.O. of ambush. Someone who defends themself stands a very good chance of stopping the threat because the shooters fold when confronted (Yes the Columbine guys kept going but the armed guard, a well known bad shot, at least slowed them down and folded apparently because of homemade grenades the boys had. And the cops did not go in til after the shooting ceased.). When confronted they often kill themselves if not subdued/stopped.

And the gunfire is a warning to others. If armed, students could easily have countered the killer.

Not a word about the 2 and 1/2 million times a year armed people successfully defend themselves. This includes multi victim shootings stopped by armed citizens.

The cops were touted to be almost godlike IMO at being the 'only ones' who can handle guns well and defend us. This flies in the face of the facts that cops often have little firearms experience save for the yearly quals. Yep there are some exceptional cops who know how to handle guns. I know some. But far too many are lousy shots. And the fact cops are not legally impelled to protect us.

The brother of a girl killed at Virginia Tech was given 5000 bucks and let loose at a gunshow. He bought several guns. OK. The usual weak hand involving the 'loop hole' was invoked. Most criminals don't buy at gunshows. The brother was a legal adult buying legally. Nuff said. And he turned the guns he bought over to the police. What a waste (Unless some cops got some free guns -s-.).

Kids playing with guns was touched upon. Educated kids do not. Mine don't. Sure, we see some kids playing with guns. They never received training. It was a false lead. One guy was an attempted entrapment. He refused to participate further when he realized what ABC was doing aka baiting him and his kids.

There was even a kid who entreated our 'president' to do something. This kid was just that a kid and an uminformed one at that. Oh if only they asked my kids (They wouldn't once they saw how well educated they are). I should have them ask Washington to leave us alone.

And ahem, gangbangers were interviewed. What a testament to the fact that criminals don't obey laws. And of course they would love to have our guns take away, though these s*****s weren't allowed to say that.

Arguably the most egregious statement/moment was Sawyer's statement “If you are wondering where are all the studies about the effectiveness of guns used by ordinary Americans for self-defense, well keep searching, we could not find one reliable study and the ones we found were contradictory.”

Contradictory only for her/ABC, the antifreedom mongers etc. Overwhelming evidence exists refuting this pap. John Lott, not to mention Department of Justice reports and other writings clearly document the armed people are effective in stopping crime.

Clearly put Diane Sawyer is a liar, as are all the antigun liberty crushing fools who want a nanny state.

This whole affair was like taking a rotten corpse and dressing it in a freshly tailored suit. Nice flashy try. But the end product still stinks.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Bit By Bit

Ever had to inventory a prescription (RX) room in a pharmacy? Now they have electronic/computerized codes etc. I used to 'count stuff' with an adding machine and one other person (sometimes alone), once in a while with a crew of more than two.

Just like my Dad, I'd go row on row and count full and open bottles. Bit by bit. Tall, long rows of pills. Once in a while, in an old store, there would be small drawers crammed with modern drugs, falling out literally. This would invariably happen when I was tired, with numbers running in my head (Later in my dreams!).

For such a job, it's about mindset. Physical prep is important as one spends a lot of time on ones feet. But mindset is paramount. Row on row of bottles. Bit by bit. There are cost codes indicating what the owner paid. Those are the important numbers for inventory. What the owner actually owns. Oh yes, schedule 3 drugs aka narcotics, must be counted pill by pill. Bit by bit.

Mindset is important. It's late at night. You've been counting all day. There are those seemingly endless rows of bottles, pills. How much price/quantity? Don't psych yourself out. Count what's just in front of you. Kinda like looking down when climbing you might be tempted to look at all those rows and bottles. Don't. Count and move. Count and move. It'll get done. Otherwise, bogged down, if you don't give up you might be tempted to miscount by cheating. Don't. Be accurate. It's the only way to get the job done. Bit by bit.

I'll leave you to surmise where I'm going with this, with one exception.

With all the antifreedom propaganda coming at us, remember what I said re 'the enemy that never sleeps'. Bit by bit we reconstruct, just as our enemies have labored to deconstruct all that is good, true and dear to Americans. And since we can't be COMPLETELY sleepless (-s-), we'd best learn to sleep in shifts.

Palm And Cross

Popularity is a funny thing. Kinda like ratings. One week, you might be the sensation of the nation. The next, you become the vision of derision. Crowd mentality. Or ratings. The devil must be in the details.

Those who don't believe in Jesus please stick around. I'm not trying to convert. If one wanted to extrapolate, it would be God etc and ones own inclination that does that. Just a little missive on here today, banned tomorrow.

First, Jerusalem was a big enough town, not everyone greeted Jesus as King. The same would be true the next Friday re nailing him literally.

Now, there were probably some who did say yay then nay. Some who stood fast and stayed on Jesus' side and yet others who were dedicated to his destruction. More grey than black and white ie wishy washy. Or those who could care less. Or those who even betray aka Judas or deny aka Peter.

Betrayal can be its own topic. But there are reasons. Whether evil simply entered, well there was some kind of dry rot of the soul I think. Then it quietly gains footing and on and on. Again there are those categories I just mentioned. One thing is certain, doubt plays a major role in this story. The 'dry rot' or the tester.

Doubt like temptation comes to all in some form or other. We are tested. How much do we belive? Go with the crowd instead of thinking and letting what is right grow in your heart (balancing head and heart). Or stand apart and for what is true.

Denial springs from the same well. Again, it's easier to save your own skin than to stand. Or you might make a tactical withdrawal to fight or stand for truth another day. Talk about a grey area. It might make your hair fall out -s-.

When is the time right? Peter found out. Judas never did.

Lest you think I am hijacking a Christian Holy Day to make another point vis a vis Freedom and standing for same, there is no ulterior motive.

Freedom comes from God (or from nature if that is what you choose). It is a Right. There will come a time when we will stand for Freedom-or not.

Palm or Cross. Suffering is inevitable to reach beyond both. Our fight for Freedom is born of that struggle between good and evil.

And again, when is the time to stand for what's right? Now.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Good Grief

I thank god for all things because it is from all things we learn. A note to Mike V re his Dad dying.

'Mike, elsewhere you said writing is coping. I know it is for me as well. Lost a good friend in January. Life has been bumpy lately. My work keeps me focussed. My commitment to Freedom overshines my grief, even completes it as I work through it.

Absolved will be completed because you have that gift of determination. You finish what you start.

All the best and anything I can do, please let me know.' Mike H

I include it here because I care so much about Mike , Freedom, all of us.

Grief is good. We work out the loss, pain, loneliness. It binds us with love and makes us stronger, better. For Christians, it's Holy Week. Easter is next Sunday. My hope is for Freedom to live in our hearts. Whatever you think is the source, it is that which will make us strong again. It will renew us as a People.

Heartfelt regards for all who seek Restoration.