Monday, September 30, 2013

Press Control

There is great hubbub about a proposed 'shield' law that would purportedly protect journalists from government incursion.  It seems people are walking on thin ice.

There is a great deal about this now on the internet.  Search and research as much as you like. 

I'm confining this mostly to comment, ie just a few cautionary thoughts.  I hope it's not sloppy journalism -s-.

I consider myself a journalist.  My major in college was Psychology, specifically Clinical.  But I have spent a great deal of time writing in school and since as a writer.  And btw, I am on the cusp of publication re my books.  I'll devote some space on a later post when it happens along with some reiteration of the 'ups and downs' involved. 

My caution rises when I see comments by the likes of Feinstein attempting to define what a journalist is.  It seems for her and for many that would be what we call Mainstream Media or MSM and especially those who support her and the others collectivist trash.  Oh-oh.  Guess she won't be in my corner lol.

It is a slippery slope arbitrating who is and is not a 'journalist'  Can it be anyone else besides those lopsided pundits and news folks who manipulate words to support corrupt government?  Again, looks like I'm biased huh?

Of course folks who invest time and money in a college career and even before with experience in school news sources should keep working.  But so should those who choose to report, opine and tell the news.

Seems gov wants to restrict us with wordy legerdemain so that the flow of opposing opinion is dried up.  Is it restricted to blogs (sic) or other places on the web such as Drudge?

I believe it is an assault on 1st Amendment rights as egregious as those upon the 2nd and the other much beleaguered articles in the BoR.

Read and research.  Don't take my word nor anyone else's without digging for truth.  don't go by what may sound right.  That's what the snow jobbers in gov want us to do.  Searchfor TRUTH.

That is what all of us should be about.  Many are not.  A throng steeped in Alinskyism etc seek to manipulate very carefully or even ham-fistedly to 'mold minds'.  Mold in the matrix of collectivism.  Or perhaps they seek to mold as in spoiled food.

My caveat in short is TRUTH.  What is it?  In re the BoR, it is the doorway of enumeration of basic rights.

If any are shining a light there and also on the darkness/lies/oppression hell bent on the Republic's destruction, that is the simple definition. 

And if so, then I don't care if it's an elder statesperson of the Fifth Estate or a 17 year old in pajamas.

Heck, I'm usually on the bed in my skivvies when I do any writing of any kind.  Don't let that vision scare you as October looms.

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teacher said...

Not scared. But now I imagine it lol.