Thursday, September 26, 2013


I'm delaying by force as it were posting this.  This was not reticence on my part.  My computer frizzed. 

Thursday August 29th it froze then went blank.  And insteasd of editing myfirst novel, I read, wrote longhand and reflected about where I was in many places.  I gave a great deal of thought about how I have slowed or delayed some particulars in my life.

These remain my business, some literally.  But I will tell you that everything I need to do to effect positive change in my life is moving forward.  Some move faster than others.  Rest assured I will not use that old excuse of things taking time.  Indeed some do, but I will not drag my feet.

Reticence has cost me in the past.  By not getting on with my career, I have both lost friends and associates who helped and would still be supporting my efforts, as I would be backing them.  Opportunities do not last forever.

But if you are determined, you can make new ones.  I am doing so with my writing and as for other work, I'm seeing who wants to hire me.  That's it.

Details?  Again best left with me and my associates.  Plans are essential and time spent doing so important.  Just don't overdo it.

So, I won't waste any further time pontificating about what might have been nor what will be.

I will just do.

And one last thing.  My advice is don't wait til things get better.  You can 'improve' something into the ground.  Just learn from the warts and go on.

Things get better when things are done.

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