Friday, September 27, 2013

The Exorcist

Spooky then in '73 and spooky now and I wager always.

As Halloween month approaches and the mere fact I decided to view it again, I want to chat about it.

I commented elsewhere about it already.  Spooky the film is because it deals with the invisible, the spiritual.  The Exorcist illustrates how good and evil wend their ways through our lives every day, often in quiet rather mundane ways. 

I'll leave it to you to look up plot, making of etc.  Such facts are interesting and there are odd stories abounding such as the sets becoming preternaturally cold, accidents and even a couple of deaths associated with the production.

You may choose to believe such things happen/exist or not.  I say to people about any of my positions to agree, disagree or ignore.  Some also attack -s-.

One thing about the ending of the film is cautionary.  If an exorcist dies in the commission of the rite, the assistant can take over.  Once engaged, it would be very bad giving up, to say the least.  But inviting trouble as Father Karras did is horse hockey.  Remember of course that this is a movie.  It's based on actual events.

Curiously the real case was made into a tv movie called Possessed with Timothy Dalton as the principle exorcist.  It does more truthfully recount the story but deviates at times and has some grand show biz enhancements.

People become uncomfortable discussing such things.  For many, it's implausible.  Others believe but are afraid to face spiritual themes.  Facing fear is something most all can agree exists and must be dealt with.

For instance I believe that the spiritual is real.  I also see communism/collectivism as a great evil which rots on all levels but evidences itself in day to day politics.

Being afraid of anything and hiding under the covers won't get us anywhere.  We must face reality, no matter how fantastic it appears.

So, what I'm running around robin's red barn about is simply to have faith.  God vanquished evil and in our daily battles with such help we do so too.

Whatever level comes forth, so we must advance, shedding light on that subject at hand.

One final note.  No one can be possessed unless they want to be.  How is that possible?  Aside from some who openly embrace darkness, many can be made to feel alone, isolated and helpless.  Despair is a tool used in our surface world.

Look around at the fear and hopelessness produced in the US and the world.  We are urged to give up.  We are sent emissaries of hope and change who have neither, save for a change to collectivism.  Put your mind on hold and do what you're told is hypnotic.

Realize you are NOT alone.  We are in the fight for Freedom, spiritual and material, together.  Witness our unique history and rejoice!

But at the same time, kick evil in the teeth.

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