Friday, July 29, 2016

Grandma's Shillelagh

Not mine.  It's Ruthie's Grandma.  She was Irish and a short wisp of a woman, I'm told.  I've also been told she was feisty and didn't tolerate fools.

She didn't go around willy nilly clubbing folks.  But she was more than ready to defend herself.  Thus, she was left alone.  Imagine a short old lady hobbling down the street.  Someone approaches with ill intent.  Suddenly her 'cane' rears up, smashing a hand.  You get it -s-.

Look up the history of shillelaghs.  There is martial art involved from our Irish friends.  A symbol of Ireland, it is legendary and still carried by some troops.

Grandma S was a symbol of Freedom herself.  She was independent and rankled when put upon.  If you left her alone, she didn't mess with you.  The opposite was true too -s-.

So my short short post should be obvious.

Walk softly and carry a shillelagh.

Pass it along.

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