Saturday, July 30, 2016

Knowing Jack

I've been called a jack of all trades.  Perhaps.  I've known several.

Due to elicitation/HUMINT I'm refraining from specific people and their abilities.  But nonetheless, we are blessed in these united States with many 'jacks/jills'.

I have had many jobs, met many people.  I can identify with many ways of life.  Rich poor blue/white collar and an ability to talk with almost anyone.

It is an inability with most liberals/progressives/collectivists.  Ivory towers are disguised with mud-slinging. 

Psychopaths/sociopaths are unable to relate.  They only stir discord and hope people are stupid/naïve enough to swallow the poison. 

Myself and my Dad, my father in-law etal have/had that ability to relate to many.  it is passed onto the kids.

Such skills are not only an experience of jobs.  The jobs experience you.

Master of one -s-.

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