Sunday, July 31, 2016

London Has Fallen

Perhaps.  We shall see and I think soon in a post.  I'm referring to the current Gerard Butler flick.

It's a great rollicking 90 minute adventure/action ride.

The premise is some tango goes psycho and plots the downfall of Western civilization re murdering world leaders in London at the funeral of the British Prime Minister. 

Butler reprises his role as the Secret Service agent in charge of personally watching over the President played by Aaron Eckhart.  Morgan Freeman repeats his role as Veep and several others as staff/cabinet.

It has a message in the ravioli re patriotism and the fidelity of keeping oaths.  When the Pres is captured and tortured, the tangos ask if he has last words.  He recites his Oath of Office.  Oddly he's cut off before he mentions 'constitution'. 

It does show the length and depth the SS is supposed to go re protection.  Markedly one of the Marine 1,2,3 choppers takes a stinger for the head guy.

I know it's a flick.  But I like the extent Butler's character goes to protect the POTUS.  Innocents are always tragically sadly murdered.  And it is a lesson for all.

Warfare is brutal and total.  Nothing is spared here.  Yes it shows collateral damage. I was touched by the white rose and the blood drop.  See the movie as to why.

Criticism is simple.  No mention of Islam, nor jihad.  It's all personal.  That's bs.  Now yes there may be some bloodline vendetta.  But the main emphasis is the distorted view of a god demanding murder.

I love the part where Butler's character is wailing on the jihadist son.  He says it's not a flag, nor building nor even one person.  And that the tangos have been at murdering us for a long time.  But 1,000 years from now we will predominate!

That's something we must remember.  Our loyalty is to the Constitution.  NOT to a person etc.

Freedom is never free.


nope said...

I'd resign if I had to protect the current pos.

nah said...

Imagine protecting her fullness and the rapist in chief...

founder's child said...

Philly. They rape our history.

reel leaders said...

Would you mourn any of the real 'leaders'?

shalom said...

Noticed Bibi or a fictional counterpart isn't mentioned.

Mike H said...

The occupier didn't attend Maggie Thatcher's funeral.

wingwak said...

He barely kept a straight (sic) face when Nancy Reagan died.

leninsux said...

Petty lil Marxist pimp.