Monday, May 30, 2016


Oh how the Alinskyan trolls are rabidly attacking so much that is decent and honorable in these united States.  They are protecting the lies of collectivism.

It's the old point the finger routine.  Guilty, they obfuscate to detract from the obvious. 

Don't let it detract from the truth.  Concentrate.  Take the high ground.  'The enemy doesn't deserve a break.  Send them to hell, as Ltc Vandervoort said before D Day. 

It takes a personal level as well..

There is good and evil.  It evidences in spirit of course as well as flesh, though a lot of people dismiss or ignore the fact.  And there are those who embrace darkness just like we live in the Light.  And all the troll activity, to me, is part of that. 

Yep.  Collectivism spawned in hell or at least to those who don't believe that, it is hell on earth.

And whatever you believe, the very nature of evil reaches out to quash hope, to weigh down and isolate.  Even the thought of it leaves a kind of sticky humid feeling, a creep factor for the soul.

Don't underestimate it.  But don't overestimate it either.  Face it and burn it to the root with truth.

Wade through it all, find facts as they are stubborn things (TY John Adams) and do not just counter. take the fight to them.  Even the personal stuff.

If you're in it for any length of time, the trolls will come after you.  Don't think right's on your side.  Know what to do.

This is very akin to how character assassination works.  For every positive, the enemy counters with a negative.

I'd add to that, but I'd rather everyone contemplate where they are in our current events.

Besides, I have a very personal entry tomorrow.  We'll see if there is any of the above mentioned tactics with what I have to say.

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