Saturday, May 28, 2016


No not long term food.  Nor hiding guns from goons.  It can mean anything from frozen food to surplus items.

My most obscure post yet?  Not really.  Maybe '6'.  Cost me a follower.  Then I don't worry about that.  Agree, disagree, ignore or unfriend etc, is my credo.  Long as I get my point across, that's all I need.

Ever had something seemingly forgotten pop to the surface again, usually suddenly?  Might be just a page from the past or a valuable lesson that wasn't 'triggered' til externals bade it forth.  It might be that memory was 'waiting' for the right moment.

No, I'm not talking about programming.  It's not robotized mind control.  It's actually free thinking and association.

There is a difference between delving into the past and living there.  Embrace the former and eschew the latter.

The good, the bad (ugly is as ugly does lol) all come to mind.  Horrible and heavenly each deliver lessons that may sustain us in times to come.

Memorial Day weekend should lend itself to this.

Remember, never forget and when the time is right/ripe go forth and do.

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