Thursday, April 28, 2016

Flag Pins

For some it's insignificant.  Some disdain it but wear them as a cover.  For many, it's a symbol of pride.  Flag pins have been a mainstay of expression since shortly after 911. 

I don't wear one with anything.  I am not against it.  I just don't.  I have a Gadsden flag t-shirt.  I have a Second Amendment Patriots (progun Indiana group) jacket featuring an American flag on the left breast.

It's not that I'm afraid.  Hardly.  It's not that I think it's ostentatious nor is it wearing patriotism on one's sleeve.  I just don't do it.

This may seem like a silly post.  I get notions and somehow they work out, usually.

What I DON'T like are people, well known to be antifreedom, who wear these symbols like some kind of free pass.  Their hoidy toidy minds think we are simpletons and wearing that pin will convince us they are ok.  It's not like they'd combust wearing them, -s-.  I have a vivid imagination lol.

Reminds me of people who go to church, nod and sing, then deliberately go out and do the opposite.  I'm not talking about 'sin' or missing the mark etc.  Everybody falls short. It's the ones who with malice aforethought just go through the motions, all the time undermining what they profess as true.

Often hand in hand with that falsity is a surface patriotism with the same intention.  Just look at the Freedom sucking ghouls who wear flag pins.  This includes the Occupier of course and all the usual collectivist cohorts.  Having an R D L or I is irrelevant.  That's another flimsy cover for traitorship, defiling sincere folks with those affiliations, though these days they are increasingly meaningless.

Doing and saying are often two different things.  I tried, flawed that I am, to keep my word as an example to my kids.  No excuses and promises made that are kept.  Exceptions would be circumstances that would derail a promise.  If so, I explained why etc something happened.  Those professing to care about the Republic, especially running for office, would do well to remember and emulate that.

So, wear a pin, fly a flag.  My Democrat neighbor displayed his every holiday.  He was a veteran and retired factory worker btw.

A last note.  I never had an inclination to have a Confederate battle flag until the recent collectivist attempt to erase/rewrite our history.  Now I want a t-shirt displaying one.

And tyranny in the form of religion interests me in acquiring a shirt with the likeness of a certain socalled prophet.  Do not tell me what NOT to wear.

Freedom of expression.  Mean it.

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