Friday, April 29, 2016

Indiana Comic Con

Amusing this annual event is taking place in Indianapolis this weekend/4/29-30-5/1.  It's yearly and has been around for a few.  I don't think it's an offshoot of Comic Con International.  Probably no copyright on comic or con.  But the title is ironic considering our Presidential primaries and election.  Interesting times.

Conventions, no matter how small, seem a big undertaking to me.  So much detail and events, one could get lost in the maelstrom, let alone wandering the actual proceedings.  The International Comic Con has been around since 1970 and is gargantuan. 

There are myriad booths and tables, selling items mostly for collectors  Also people share their talents with classes in leatherworking, dying, writing and other arts.

You never know who you might meet.  I've actually networked at conventions in the past.  Met Mark Lenard at one.  He liked my voice and that's how I started studying with him.  Got a free autograph too.

They all seemed to be free back then.  I don't collect them, nor photo ops.  So you have only my word I knew certain people and worked/studied with them.  Well save for their private numbers and those remain private even though many of my friends are gone.  Matter of trust and honor. 

The celebrities at Indiana Comic Con are charging for autographs/photo ops.  Maybe it's considered compensation.  I doubt they need the dough but I might be wrong.  Things have changed and gotten increasingly commercial.

I'm all for compensation.  I want it too.  And there have always been people who charged for autographs.  I think Paul Newman charged a buck apiece but he gave the money to charity.  It just seems a bit much.

Is it greed or desperation?  I don't know and I hope everybody has a good time being entertained.

Remember, these cons generally showcase science fiction and fantasy/horror.  There is many a message in the ravioli about Freedom and the perils of tyranny etc.

As with anything for sale just remember Caveat Emptor.


commander toad said...

There are loons at these things too.

Mike H said...

Yes. Just like those attending political inventions -s-.