Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Election Reflection

Wow what a mud/poo slinging fest we have this time round.  I'd say it's the nastiest, but there have always been aspersions, true or false, cast upon candidates.

From the earliest days of the Republic, there have been plenty of examples of negative campaigning.  I suggest you go yet again to a search engine, type in negative campaigning or mud slinging and see what you get.

Both socalled traditional parties do it.  And one side claims the other is guilty in a kind of switcheroo sling.  Beware the liberals who try to make it look like it's all the conservatives' fault.  You'll have to filter through and decide for yourself what's going on. 

One thing for sure, stick to the facts.  Some may seem dirty like claiming someone is a commie for instance or another has cheated financially or socially, so see if it's true.  I don't care who nor what, authenticate.

It's a time for soul searching.  We can never find someone who fits the bill completely.  There is plenty of disagreement.  There always has been, always will be.  Simply figure out who serves the people and who does not.  It narrows the field considerably.

There's nothing golly gee about any of this.  Stick to the facts, no matter how brutal.  Our lives and the life of the Republic depend on it.

Don't be a headline browser who goes on a tangent.  Sure the Occupier of the Oval Office is a collectivist.  Don't take my word for it, look at the deeds done.  It's a lengthy list of treachery.  Check out who is a gungrabber.  Who serves Freedom?

And as much as I like some memes, make sure they're true.  If satire, ok because we all need a laugh.  Think for yourself.

We are being torn asunder.  Again, it's as old as the hills.  But make 'em tell the truth.  If they don't, you know what to do. 

Study the enemy.  Start briefly then continue expanding.  The more you know, the better prepared now and ever.

Election reflection?  What do you look for and what do you actually see?

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