Thursday, March 31, 2016


Yes socalled 'personal' posts are Freedom minded too.  It all adds up, like the soup I'm making this weekend, to a lot of ingredients which make up the whole.

I could have been cute and called this singleton, singletude or singularity etc.  But single is single.

I'm pleased that generally I'm left alone.  I mean that friends and family don't pry into my personal life.  Even people (Some fans even.  I have a few lol) I'm not around leave me be.

Alone is not lonely.  It is sovereignty.  You can be lonely in a crowd.  It's cliché but true.

Thank God I don't have one or a plethora of people trying to 'fix me up' either.  Match making might be well intentioned, but unnecessary at best and a downright pain in the keester otherwise.

Let's just say that stuff will take care of itself down the line.  And yes one can be independent and have a significant other.

So contemplate your own lives, single or not.  As said, everything comes together to make life complete.  Or at least 'addin' to' as life rolls along.

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