Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sipsey Sets Sail

Mike Vanderboegh's son, Matt has decided to end Sipsey Street Irregulars.  He has his reasons, kept to himself at least for now.  Respect it please.

I know many speculate.  It's almost inevitable.  It's a normal tendency.  My advice is don't worry about it.  Deal with the aftermath or as we say in showbiz, the given circumstances.

The site remains, not shut down, just not active.  While it's there, download at least some of Mike's wisdom.  I've done so throughout the years.  If you aren't too familiar with his stuff, then get busy.  Even if you are, it's worth preserving.

Learn well what it means to be a III%er.  There are many who have appropriated aka hijacked the term.  Be careful with whom you associate.  It's ok to be picky.

Some are feeling a bit disoriented.  First Mike goes.  Now the site is not continuing with new input.  Ok.  We deal with grief and loss.  But always WE must continue.  We owe it , not just to Mike, but to ourselves and our posterity to carry on.  We owe it to Freedom and restoration of this Republic. 

Ask yourself, 'what can I do?'.  We must all do our part.  That may vary but the emphasis and goal are the same.  Freedom.  Liberty.

Meet the enemy eye to eye.  It's brutal maybe even wounding.  Wear wounds and scars like medals.

Sleep less than an enemy that never sleeps.  Bit by bit, large or small.

Goals?  (Remember it's war and we fight battles great and small on all levels.)

What do you think?


teacher said...

Download, save books, everything you can. There is a storm of censorship coming.

6 of one said...

Watch your six.

Mike H said...

Always. U2.