Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Put some muscle in it, said the somewhat abusive supervisor.  Muscle was being put into it.  Apparently the overseer was taking out frustrations re his inadequacies on his workers.  Sometimes efforts just aren't good enough for some.  But they'll do.

Pretty broad word, efforts covers a lot of territory.  And it is the work we put into practically everything we do, for weal or woe.  Tools are tools and are used for good or evil.

Effort can be half a$$ed or full throttle, planned to a 'T'.  Some work/results appear effortless when in reality much has been invested.  Effortless may just be a start.  Or an end.

Some things are easier than others.  Some are more difficult.

Unless you're a baby bird waiting for parents to drop food in your mouths, efforts are life.  Well hey, even baby birds tweet and cry and open mouths -s-. 

Efforts to take back/restore the Republic.  Efforts to derail same.

Doing nothing is doing something.

Persevere.  How much, when, where will decide just what's good enough.

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